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What To Do When You Feel Totally Unmotivated (A Guest Post By Coach Alisha Soper)

July 17th, 2013 | no comments

What To Do When You Feel Totally Unmotivated

So, I am going to be totally honest here. I am having some major resistance to writing this blog right now. You know the feeling in college that kept you up until the wee hours of the morning doing anything BUT writing the paper that is due in like 6 hours? Yeah, that kind of lack of motivation. But just like in college I have to bite the bullet and get it done.

We all have those times in our lives when that inner 2 year old rears her tantrum-y head and starts playing the “I DON’T WANNA!” game. And we all have to find a way to push through or face consequences right? So, what on earth do you do when you have a case of the “I don’t wanna’s”?

In mentor master class we learn lots of really great tools to help our clients when they feel stuck. And one of the really awesome things about these tools is that we get to practice using them on ourselves too. And as a matter of fact I am implementing one right now, getting myself to actually type words and not just stare at a blank screen. Yup, true story. I am feeling totally unmotivated and yet I am propelling myself forward into action.

When You Are Feeling Stuck Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

1.) What will happen if I do NOT take action? Sometimes not taking action doesn’t result in a massive consequence and sometimes it does but reacquainting yourself with what will happen if you don’t can get you in touch with the unpleasant reality that not doing something could cause a not so pleasant chain of events.

2.) What will happen if I DO take action? Just like it is good to remind yourself of the negative consequences of not taking action, it is also beneficial to check in with the positive side of things. I, for one, tend to get over whelmed by the negative side of things, so it is important that when I am feeling unmotivated to remember the positive results of taking action.

3.) What will I do to celebrate after I have taken action? Celebration is one of my favorite things to do with clients. I LOVE to help them celebrate and I love to help them find fun little ways to acknowledge what they have accomplished especially if they are dealing with lack of motivation. Because the part of us throwing the “I don’t wanna” tantrum is probably coming from our inner youngster, and when dealing with said youngster rewards work. Some may call it bribery but I call it celebration. When was the last time that you rewarded yourself with something that was nurturing. As we become adults a lot of the things that we do to celebrate can ultimately be harmful, drinking too much eating a whole cake, ordering a pizza etc. So actually taking the time to reward yourself for overcoming a challenge with something that is good for you is extremely important. It can be as small as a celebratory cup of tea or as large as a month long fancy yoga class. If it makes your heart skip a beat then it is a good celebration reward.

We All Have Times When We Feel Totally Unmotivated.

And we all have times where putting it off another day or not taking action just isn’t an option. So it is important to get in touch with the benefits of making sh*t happen for yourself instead of wasting hours looking at friends pictures on Facebook or funny cats on YouTube. Hell, maybe watching cats fall off of things on YouTube could be your celebration for finishing the task at hand. To celebrate writing this blog I plan on cooking a lovely dinner with my boy friend and sharing a bottle of wine and being very present in the moment while doing so.

I think that we should never neglect the opportunity to give ourselves the chance to celebrate our hard work. It is so important to reinforce how great it feels with some kind of a celebration. Why? Because in the act of celebration you are building a new positive habit and crowding out the old routine of procrastination.

What are you going to do to celebrate accomplishing a goal after overcoming a bout of the “I don’t wanna’s”? What motivates you more than the consequences of not taking action or the positive side of things if you DO take action? Share below in the comment section and maybe we can all find all sorts of fun new ways to motivate each other?




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