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What I learned at the Captivate Retreat for Coaches

June 24th, 2014 | no comments

Captivate Retreat for Coaches

The past weekend was one of the most memorable and heartfelt in my life. I was delighted to participate in Coach Jey’s Captivate Retreat for Coaches. I would have never imagined what I was getting into!

The event began with a performance in NYC where Coach Jey, Jeannine Yoder, took the stage to captivate her friends and sisters sharing her story, struggles, and inspirational moments as she journeyed her way to become Coach Jey. The performance was great, but most importantly the inspiration was unbelievable!

After gathering for cake with friends and sisters we headed to Connecticut for the Mentor Masterclass retreat. What was to come next was unbelievable, unforgettable and profoundly touching.

A group of sisters, mostly trainees at Mentor Masterclass, and mentors in the program came together to get deeply into the darkest places of our souls and stories to unravel our secret message and captivate the whole sisterhood. One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a coach is to overcome our fears to be judged, condemned or disliked. We all have those fears but for a coach it’s even more challenging because a big part of our work is to show others the value in their own stories, their gifts, and to help them to identify the path to their dreamed destination. As coaches we have to do our work first, and one of the hardest challenges is to walk our talk as human beings at peace with our own stories. And the truth is this is hard work. However, the support in sisterhood can crack open the outside shell and uncover the light on each coach. Inspired by the honesty, vulnerability and courage of Coach Jey, and supported by mentor coaches, in sisterhood we were able to bring our vulnerability, stories, fears, and dreams to ultimately experience that feeling of liberation. Yes, freedom!

I was in total awe to listen and witness the beauty shining from each human being in the retreat. I was humbled and inspired to learn about the stories from the sisters, stories that carry sadness, grief, disappointment, but also courage, vision, and inspiration. Witnessing a soul sharing this can be the most disarming, empowering and bonding experience. I got totally amazed by my sisters bravery and their unique messages. Everybody brought such a unique perspective and gift, and they were so generous to share them.

Of course the weekend had lots of surprises and adventures, including fun and laugh, healthy and yummy foods, a terrific and empowering workout with an amazing view to the ocean and unforgettable rituals. I’m pretty sure in my previous life I was a witch or shaman, as I was feeling in total bliss. I felt taken care of, loved and supported in such a beautiful way.

So, having described how it went, I’m ready to finally share the biggest lessons…

  • Women in circle and sisterhood can be extremely powerful and courageous and bring this power into their world and communities.
  • There is no more inspiring feeling that witnessing a person sharing her struggles and resolutions to overcome them and thrive.
  • The sisterhood feels like a return home. {twit this one please}
  • Coaches are human beings with their own stories that have come up to embrace them; uncover the powerful secret message in them, and ready to share their sacred messages with the world. Ah!
  • The power of holding the space for the unfolding resides in the ultimate liberation of the Spirit
  • There is a beautiful feeling of peace and freedom as one is able to bring all the truth into light and speak from a place of courage and wisdom.


Have you ever experience any of these? Are you interested in getting into sisterhood?

Coach Jey leads an amazing community. May you find your ‘home’ in sisterhood.

And so it is…






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