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Three Steps To Become The Person You Want to Be (Guest Post By Coach Alisha)

October 1st, 2013 | no comments

Three Steps To Become The Person You Want to Be (Guest Post By Coach Alisha)

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What Type Of Person Do You Believe Yourself To Be? And Can You Change Those Beliefs?

How do the thoughts we think affect our daily experience? Well I would say that our thoughts and beliefs define our experience of the world entirely. How do the thoughts you think about your limitations and definitions of the type of person you are affect your day to day experience? Um… A LOT!

After studying identity with Coach Jey in Mentor Master Class I haven’t been able to shake finding new connections to how I experience the world tied to the way that I define myself. Which is a good thing! I don’t want to shake that, I want to hold onto those connections and keep finding new ones. Because I have to tell you I’ve noticed some pretty awesome shifts happening.

We say all kinds of things throughout the day that limit or expand our options. While you may have a lot of experience to back up the statement “I’m not a morning person” or other seemingly harmless beliefs like that, I would venture to say that these types of statements are keeping you safe and holding you back more than you are letting on. And I say that because I have experienced it myself. I have seen it in action as a Life Coach and I have experienced it in my own life.

After the work we have been doing in Mentor Master Class and being reminded by a dear friend of the powerful tool of acting as if (A manifestation technique where you act as if the experience you are desiring has already come to be), I decided to put my money where my mouth was as a coach and see if I could turn some limiting identity beliefs around.

Here Are The 3 Simple Things That Have Caused Some Major Inspiration And Energy Shifts For Me:

1.) I AM THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO______________.
So let’s say I hate doing dishes and they pile up and I dread doing them and then when I go to wash my dishes I have a huge pile that is like playing dish Tetris. Let’s just pretend that is the case. 😉 I took the “I hate doing my dishes” belief, which wasn’t serving me and was actually causing unnecessary stress and I turned it into “I AM THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO ALWAYS WASHES MY DISHES” And you know what happened? I did my dishes, every day before bed and I woke up to a clean zen sink. I felt accomplished and like I had shifted a limiting belief, because I DID shift that belief to an empowering one.

Coach Jey asked us to do this and it is a powerful one! What do you define as your over all belief about life. “Work Hard Play Hard”, “Good things happen to everyone else”, “Good things come to those who wait”…? Dig deep and ask yourself what your Metaphor for your life is and flip it on its head! Its like a big ol’ master life affirmation. If you believe that you HAVE to work hard to succeed then that is what you will attract, a lot of hard work. Now there is nothing wrong with hard work. But do you want to be a magnet for it? “I have to work hard” can turn into “Life supports me and good experiences and opportunities flow to me with ease” or “Life is exciting and full of opportunities that present themselves easily” Its something you will need to remind yourself because chances are that your beliefs about how life works are pretty deeply entrenched. Writing it down and posting it in a place where you see it often is a good idea.

No really, just because someone else has decided to define their life experience through pain and struggle doesn’t mean that you have to jump on the band wagon of “Wah wah wah poor me” so they feel validated in their pain. It is tempting and addicting to start complaining when someone else does so they don’t feel alone, it is compassionate instinct gone wrong. Instead, share real compassion offer a simple “I’m sorry you are feeling that way” or “that sounds challenging” and then change the subject. And in doing so you will side step the woe is me pity party buffet.

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My Question For You Is, What Type Of Person Do You Believe You Are? And Can You Change It?

If you believe that you are a person who hates exercise or the type of person who never finds time to go to the gym what would happen if you started saying “I am the type of person who always finds time to go to the gym.” ? What would happen in your life if you started shifted those limiting believes into empowering ones?

Check in below and share how you are going to shift your “I’m not that kind of person…” into “I am the type of person who…”




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