Watch This Video and Meet 6 Inspirational Coaching Role Models

Role models give us a living, breathing, picture of what our lives can be like AFTER we’ve chosen to follow our heart’s calling and make the choices we want to make.

All of these women are part of the sisterhood inside Mentor Masterclass. They are either graduates of the program, or they’re current students.

Their stories all have a common thread: that success as a coach is as unique as we are!


Camila M.

“I love the way that Mentor Masterclass is divided and encourages a different focus each week with particular assignments to take action on. It provides a focus rather than a scattering of energy that I appreciate.”

Camila M.
Marste M.

“This is one of my favorite things about MMC, and was in fact part of the reason I signed up in the first place. The repetition of the steps every month means that if I miss a week, I haven’t lost all my opportunities, and at the same time, the fact that each step recurs every month gives me an opportunity to see what (if anything) I’m avoiding, and really step into the discomfort. And again, knowing that even if I fall down, I’ll have another opportunity the following month (or week, really!) is incredibly helpful.”

Marste M.
Orly L.

“It creates simplicity and flow. It organizes the month leading to less overwhelm.”

Orly L.

Video Testimonials

Some of the most valuable and useful skills that I have implemented in my life since beginning Mentor Masterclass range from daily rituals to shifts made in the way I picture and visualize my future. Daily meditation, yoga and intention have become part of my lifestyle. These rituals have helped to shift my thinking patterns to be much more positive and productive. This, as you learn in Mentor Masterclass, is critical in making the changes needed to become the "light warriors" that Coach Jey is helping us to become.  Also, the community of sisterhood is an empowering circle of women who encourage and support one another while we take the journey together.

Michelle Hulse, Life Coach
Nisha Moodley

Jeannine has a special talent for seeing people for their highest potential, then helping them see it, too. Whether you're looking to launch yourself as a brand new coach or take the stage for the hundredth time, she'll help you shine.

Nisha Moodley, Fierce Fabulous Free
Sarah Jenks

Jeannine is a bright light in the coaching world, guiding talented, yet slightly unsure women into a space of confidence and strength.  Her warmth and joy go way beyond what I've experienced in this industry and think she is an incredible role model for the next generation of coaches.

Sarah Jenks, Live More Weigh Less
Theresa Delano

“ I have become more visible to my ideal clients. I get ideal clients signing up to my list daily. “

Signing up to become a member of Mentor Masterclass was a no-brainer for me. I already had quite a bit of basic coaching experience. The biggest obstacle was that I was experiencing a major shift that I needed guidance in. I felt there was no better way to get guidance than entering a community of coaches who were on a similar journey as me. I put my nose in the workbook and started getting clients right away!

I have two training experiences that stand out above the rest. The life purpose exercise has really helped build clarity around what my soul’s purpose is. It has allowed me to align my actions with my purpose.

Another featured that I loved is during one class Jeannine set intentions for each member of the group. We were able to picture each person stepping into his or her own intention. The beauty of Masterclass is that each and every person in the groups wants to see overall success in their classmates lives. We practice the celebration technique on a regular basis and make sure each woman recognizes her strengths.

Each of the coaches in our group are at different stages in the program but each person has something powerful to bring to the table. We have formed a family of coaches who band together in hard times and celebrate in each success. The most delightful thing is that I have a new family to call my own!

1) I have become more visible to my ideal clients. I get ideal clients signing up to my list daily.

2) I have learned to open my listening ears to hear the true problem that people are telling me. I avoid giving excuses and have learned to hold myself accountable in many different areas.

3) I now have a full toolbelt of techniques I can pull out at any time during a coaching session, or even just when helping myself out of a situation.

Anyone who is looking to strengthen her coaching skills, this program is for you! If you are not looking to become a coach but you are looking to do something big in life, this class will give you the tools you need to get yourself out of any rut and expand your horizons. One promise I can make to you is even if you only do 1/4th of the work you will experience a huge shift.

If you are expecting a magic pill this may not be the right class for you. The course provides so much value and to get the best results you have to do some work. I encourage you to make the time to go through each step.

Theresa Delano, Life and Business Coach
Terena Barajas

“Life Coaching is not just about my clients it’s about loving and taking care of myself (Jeannine includes this in the course assignments) I love that.”

I overcame my confusion about how to become a life coach, my fear of making the wrong decision and feeling like I had to go with a more well-known or "official" training program by trusting my instinct and Jeannine.  I applied, got on a call with Jey and I instantly felt that this program would offer so much more than just coaching tools and techniques. It was absolutely worth the investment not only am I getting trained with Life Coaching skills, I have found a family that understands what I am going through and that offers unconditional support.  This is the only life coach training program I found with a soul.

Jeannine´s intuitive and strong leadership and the group´s support and sense of community has blown me away. I have no other Life Coaches in my life and even though my family is very supportive it can be hard sometimes and to have a group that is there no matter has been the most powerful experience.

1. Jeannine not only teaches us how to use tools for our clients but also for ourselves. I’ve learned Life Coaching is not just about my clients it is about me, loving myself, taking care of myself and Jeannine includes this in the course assignments and I love that.  She holds me accountable for working out, meditating, and all sorts of other things that enable me to be the best coach and person I can be.

2. I have gotten clearer on my vision of the future, aspects of my coaching business and of my life in general. Overall I feel and am much happier.

3. I have seen it is possible to support other people without envy or nasty competitiveness. This group is a testament to that and that has impacted my life and affected my behavior with others.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming a Life Coach for sure. I now look at the other courses I was considering taking on and feel that they have no soul, that I would not be making this kind of change, these connections, living the joy of this kind of community.

Mentor Masterclass is life-changing and you can reap all the benefits if you are ready to play and give it 100%!

Terena Barajas, Life Coach & EFT Miracle Worker
Alisha Soper

“It is a wonderful class whether your goal be to become a life coaching superstar or to gain tools to help you live a more authentic life in tune with your life purpose.”

My main obstacles were my lack of clarity and financial uncertainty. Coach Jey compassionately talked me through both and we came up with a game plan that felt comfortable. It was worth the investment because... Well... It is hard to put into words to be honest. It was worth it because I persevered through personal hardship and a very challenging year and completed the program. I overcame my own limiting beliefs surrounding HOW I was going to complete the program and just did it.

I love that we have lifetime access. It allowed me to go on my own personal journey within the program and be as interactive as I felt comfortable being. The sense of community and sisterhood within Mentor Masterclass is unlike anything I have experienced before.

I have to admit that I was very nervous about being paired with another coach in the program and coaching each other. However it ended up being a wonderful experience. It was so lovely to have someone to discuss the reading and practice the tools we were learning together. It was a wonderful safe space to connect with another sister going through the program.

I have started coaching clients that I work with on a weekly basis. I have gained knowledge and skills that I definitely didn't have previously. And most importantly I feel that I have gained a greater ability to trust and listen to my intuition. And that alone is invaluable.

I would absolutely recommend Mentor Masterclass! It is a beautiful, safe and inspiring place to learn to be a coach. It is so unique in that it is designed to be whatever you want it to be. You can play as big or as small as you are willing to. It is a wonderful class whether your goal be to become a life coaching superstar or to gain tools to help you live a more authentic life in tune with your life purpose.

Jeannine has the ability to relate to whatever you are going through like a best friend and yet push you to become the most fearless version of yourself. She exudes kindness, bravery, and a desire to make the world a better place in such a way that it is palpable even over the phone and across the country.

Alisha Soper, Lifestyle Coach
Cora Poage

“Jey is a true Light Worker, gifted at seeing the Innate beauty, talent, gifts, and potential in each person she meets.”

The first time I met Jeannine, I was deeply touched by her inner and outer beauty, and the way LIGHT emanated around her.  When we spoke, I felt truly seen, heard, and understood.  Jeannine is also deeply connected to her Soul and her Intuition, and she receives downloads and messages for me that directly apply to my life and healing journey.  She recently told my husband that “all overwhelm comes from the misunderstanding that there is EVER a lack of resources or support”.  He felt SO much better as he re-aligned with the limitless supply and abundance in the Universe, and that was EXACTLY what he needed to hear.

With Jeannine, I feel inspired to take giant leaps of faith, challenged to stretch beyond what I felt possible just moments before, and completely and totally embraced in support and unconditional love. I feel like I could tell Jeannine anything and she would respond without judgement, helping me see the learning opportunity in whatever I was sharing.

Jeannine walks her walk of authentic living, aligned with our unique sacred service to the world.  She is a true Light Worker, gifted at seeing the Innate beauty, talent, gifts, and potential in each person she meets.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to my mentor, teacher, Soul Sister, and Guide, Jeannine.

Cora Poage, President, Sexy Soul Wellness, Health & Wellness Coach
Kamari Guthri

“I am now so much more deeply connected and in tune with who I am and where I stand in my life and purpose.”

I had never before invested in myself, and I didn't know how to do something for myself - particularly BUY something - that would help me in the long term. I only knew about purchasing for immediate gratification. So, my fear of the unknown was a huge roadblock but I pushed through it and invested in Mentor Masterclass.

I was blown away by the meditations that Coach Jey opens each class with. While I'd always tried to meditate on my own, she enabled me to see how important and impactful it is to truly clear your mind and find the empty place within you -- the place where your focus and power lies. Tapping into that place truly helped me connect more closely with my authentic self.

The sisterhood of Mentor Masterclass is certainly delightful! Being surrounded by women who are encouraging, careful, purposeful, respectful and respectable has opened me up to friendships that mean far more than superficial relationships we often find in strangers. It was a breath of fresh air to walk into a "classroom" and feel completely supported and held throughout my journey.

As a result of Mentor Masterclass:

I am now so much more deeply connected and in tune with who I am and where I stand in my life and purpose

I recognize the power of sisterhood now, of being supportive and supported by genuine and powerful women. And I want to continue these types of relationships in my life.

My dedication to a larger purpose has now become clear, and for that I am eternally grateful. This class has been the guide that's walked me up to the front door of my purpose and given me the courage to open that door. I would have never identified this gift within myself had it not been for the class.

I would absolutely recommend Mentor Masterclass - not only to those pursuing a life coaching career but also to people looking to gain a better understanding of themselves, their challenges, their roadblocks and their perspective. Anyone can benefit from this class if they're truly seeking to unlock doors that have been locked in their life.

Kamari Guthri, Life Coach and Public Relations Manager
Bailey Heard

“Jeannine was affordable yet the quality of her material was priceless”

I didn't think I could afford life coach training. Jeannine was affordable yet the quality of her material was priceless. Jeannine helped build my confidence to take my coaching business from a dream to a reality.

Jeannine is such a wealth of knowledge. She is committed to her own self improvement and she shares all the tools and tips she learns generously.

Coach Jey is intuitive and great at getting to the root of the issue. She guides me to a place that creates the truth of the matter and inspires growth and change in my life.

Jeannine has helped build my confidence by pointing out my strengths as a coach, she's genuine and sincere in telling the class her step by step process of how she turned a hobby into a lucrative career and she shares all of the tools, resources that helped her get started.

I would recommend Coach Jey because she truly cares about her clients growth and progress. Her intuition helped guide me to my true genius as a life coach.  Mentor Masterclass is the real deal.

Bailey Heard, blogger for, speaker and writer
Ava Adinolfi

“I am in love with the community of sisterhood and support that comes with this class.”

I evaluated my self-limiting beliefs and then I looked at my money and came up with a budget so that I could join Mentor Masterclass and it was 100% worth the investment.  It was worth the investment because it was an investment in me.  It was an investment into realizing my dreams and there was no other option than to take the plunge!

Being able to connect with Coach Jey and everyone on the calls is such a heart centering experience.  You are put in the hot seat, which is scary but there is so much compassion from everyone that you can’t help but feel safe at the same time.

I am in love with the community of sisterhood and support that comes with this class.  Even if you can’t join all of the calls there is always this strong sense of belonging and compassion that is felt.

I am more motivated than ever to live my life’s passion and get my business up and running.  Using the pain and pleasure model that Jeannine taught me has really helped facilitate this motivation.

I would recommend Mentor Masterclass to any women feeling called to serve others through life coaching but maybe feel a little hesitant because of fear or even lack of support. Coach Jey really gives you the tools that you need to build your business and you have a great community to be there for you when things get scary.

I want everyone to know that Mentor Masterclass is not just a class that you show up for 3 Mondays a month but that it is happening all the time. Jeannine and the rest of the band are all there for you at any given time and will do what they can to help you succeed!

Ava Adinolfi

“I have been immersed in this type of work for over 10 years, and i find the content is exemplary and is the perfect combination of straightforward coaching models and intuitive learning”

Money almost prevented me from enrolling in mentor masterclass. I reorganized my priorities. It will help to give me the life i have always imagined full of freedom and abundance, and help me to give others the same.

I have been immersed in this type of work for over 10 years, and i find the content is exemplary and is the perfect combination of straightforward coaching models and intuitive learning. There is a ton of information, and it will take years to digest it. What a course!

Sometimes we equate someone who is  kind, loving, and is not "all business" as "weaker".  Somehow wrong! Jeannine, is so is loving (what an asset), however, wise, balanced, organized, and no pushover!

I’ve learned soo much more about myself (i thought i knew it all haha), i am finding out i am more valuable and more powerful than i imagined inside, and that i love life coaching!!!!!!

Absolutely would refer mentor masterclass to anyone who wants a gentle leader, but firm handed life coach when needed.

Jeannine is an uber fabulous woman that has built her business powerfully and continues to do so. She can help you do it too!

Gween, Transformational Coach, Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki Master
Lois Wong

“You'll find no one more genuinely committed to her clients' growth and expansion than Jeannine!”

Jeanine has a gentle tenacity and enduring fortitude informed by her life experiences that makes her an authentic, inspiring teacher and coach who leads by true example. She offers a potent balance of fun loving lightheartedness and humor with the skill to go deep when the situation calls for it.

Jeanine is living testimony that you can make anything of your life that you commit to regardless of circumstances and is perfectly suited to guide others on the journey of manifesting their full potential.  You'll find no one more genuinely committed to her clients' growth and expansion than Jeannine!

Lois Wong, Blogger/ Writer
Karen Campbell

The only obstacle that was in the way that could have prevented me from attending Mentor Masterclass was the monthly financial commitment.  Since I am juggling several jobs, finances are very tight.

I have learned so much about becoming a life coach from Mentor Masterclass.  Before the weekly classes I assumed that being a Life coach was easier, more like counseling.  But It is much more!  Helping people to change from being stuck and on auto pilot to dreaming and taking action sounds like and is a big responsibility!

I love the weekly group classes, going over first an idea and then using specific tools to practice driving the point home.

Other benefits are the question and answer session at the end of every class.  Also, connecting during the week with our accountability partners which allows us to practice even more.  And lastly, and maybe the most important, is having Coach Jey model the class after how she actually works with her clients.

I would recommend this class to anyone thinking about becoming a life coach.  This class is invaluable because it explains the coaching ideas, shows how to utilize tools and techniques with your future clients and models successful sessions to boot.

Jeannine has a great energy.  She has a rare combination of honesty, spirit, vulnerability, and an ability to motivate and extend her joy to others.

Karen Campbell, Life Coach
Sirena Bernal

“Your work with Jeannine will empower and equip you to become a first class leader and change-maker within your community.”

Upon hearing Jey’s personal journey and her call into becoming a life coach, I felt deeply inspired and in awe of her accomplishments. I strongly feel that her story and background is one of the reasons why she is such a powerful and effective coach - not only is she able to navigate the emotional realm with grace and beauty, but she has a way of teaching her students how to understand complex ideas and feelings with ease and compassion while also integrating them into their life.

Jey has a remarkable talent of manifesting her desires, and this is something that I have personally worked with her on in developing this skill into my own life and business.

Jey has pushed me to dig deeper, to feel deeper, and to love deeper. She has taught me how to ask the right - clear and specific - questions so that I can get a clear and specific answer. This tool has been invaluable to my personal and spiritual growth.

I find it much easier now to distinguish between my ego and my intuition, something I always struggled with when making important decisions. Jey shared with me a couple of specific techniques that helped me identify between my ego voice and my intuitive voice. Knowing this alone is worth all my time with her.

If you are a coach (or interested in becoming one) with a desire to step into your own spotlight and to have a positive and profound impact on the world, Jey is your girl. Your work with her will empower and equip you to become a first class leader and change-maker within your community.

Sirena Bernal, Nutrition and LIfestyle Expert
Jessika Baptist

“The things that we are learning should be taught as early as possible and to as many people as possible.”

I thought that I wouldn't have enough money or time to attend the class.

I overcame it by working extra and really committing to the belief that I can do this and can be successful if I truly want it to be that way.

It is well worth the investment because of the things we're learning; these are life skills that desperately need to be expressed in the world. Not to mention the fact that the program is training us to do what we do best while helping others do the same. Everyone wins.

The feature that blows my mind is our ability to connect from different areas of the world, the live Monday Morning classes and our experience coaching each other.

The biggest surprise and heartfelt delight I've experienced is realizing that there are other people in this world that want the same things I do and there's nothing wrong with it. I love knowing that I have a group of coaches by my side, fighting the good fight for good reasons. It's amazing to be reminded of this each time we interact.

My take on the world has shifted, the way I show up and the way I go about my business has definitely changed. Since taking on the class I've realized the need to let go of some of my obstacles once and for all.

I would definitely recommend the class to anyone seeking to gain more fulfillment or a career in self help such as authors, coaches, etc. I would also recommend it to anyone who deals in the service industries such as doctors and honestly, The Board of Education. The things that we are learning should be taught as early as possible and to as many people as possible.

This would only enhance the quality of living for us all.

It's really a great resource that can be used in your life regardless of where you find yourself. No matter what you do with the training, it will improve you and help you to be the best version of you possible. Don't sleep on this opportunity if its calling you; it will only haunt you until you sign up.

Jessika Baptist, Lifestyle Coach
Leah Grant

Enrolling in Mentor Masterclass has taught me so much about my own limiting beliefs and fears, but more importantly, it has given me the tools, strength of self, and confidence to face them. Coach Jey’s ability to bring together amazing individuals that provide encouragement and create a safe environment so that I may share my feelings and trepidations make the class stand out. Being able to work with such powerful and beautiful people, all interested in learning the tools and skills to reach out and help others in their own resolve to discover their life’s purpose, has been so eye opening. You not only get to work with Coach Jey, but receiving touching counsel from people all over the country.

I was initially afraid of the physical distance between everyone but have been blown away by the spiritual connection and energy we share while in class and as a group regardless of our physical locations.

I have benefited greatly by both listening and sharing during class, realizing how similar everyone’s experiences are despite the physical distance and ages differences. The desire to speak freely and openly about life’s challenges and willingness to accept our life’s purpose to serve others has brought us all together. I have become more open to the process of looking back in order to move forward, realizing we can gain knowledge about ourselves from our past experiences in order to make ourselves stand up stronger in the face of future challenges. I now make a practice of regularly evaluating my current position to see if it is inline with my core values. I speak with confidence and clarity when I share my feelings with other, feeling more in tune with their meaning than before. I believe Mentor Masterclass can teach us all to be more patient, peaceful, happy people. Everyone in the world deserves to find peace of mind and that contented feeling of understanding one’s life purpose. Mentor Masterclass offers that to people who seek to find more fulfillment and direction in life. It offers an open and safe environment for participants to dig deeper and ask challenging questions of themselves.

Everyone finds some way of discovering their purpose and connecting in life, whether it be through religion, psychology, family, The Enneagram, a job; but most importantly is that we find something. Working with Coach Jey and studying the RSVP method could be that for you.

Leah Grant, Life Coach and Pilates Instructor
Terena Barajas, Colombia

This is an online course that includes personal attention, support and a soul. It was absolutely worth the investment not only am I getting trained with Life Coaching skills, I have found a family that understands what I am going through and that offers unconditional support. I’ve learned Life Coaching is not just about my clients it is about me, loving myself, taking care of myself.

Terena Barajas, Colombia, Life Coach & EFT Miracle Worker
Cara Viana, Sisterhood Mastermind Testimonial

I was so excited that the Sisterhood Mastermind had such great structure.  What really delighted me was that Coach Jey gave us guided meditations, advice from experts in the field, lessons on goddesses and how to live a feminine life as a professional, and she even gave us business coaching!  It really is everything I needed all in one program! I was expecting to have to work with 3 or more coaches to get everything I need, and here Jey created a program that provides it all and more!

The sisterhood Mastermind was a place to express myself vulnerably with NO judgement. It also helped me create a more feminine way of being and viewing my life which I LOVE.  Lastly, Jey opened my eyes to many powerful principles and teachers that I have also benefited from and I am happy to report that the growth just continues.

I would recommend The Sisterhood Mastermind to inspiring, passionate women who are READY to BENFIT from authentic connection, because a group like SM can really support you in sharing your message with the world.  

I just can't say enough positive things about this program!


Cara Viana, Sisterhood Mastermind Testimonial, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation and Yoga