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Who Am I To Be A Successful Coach? (with Jacob Sokol)

May 31st, 2016 | 1 comment

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I to be doing this work?” To be following your dreams, living a life worthy of your full potential, and making the world better?

You know —those moments when you can feel the self-doubt creep into your thinking.

Well, it’s time to reframe that question! That’s what we’re talking about today in our Sneak Peek episode of Wake Up Wednesday, where I give you a peek inside my premium life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass.

It’s Time To Reframe Your Self-Doubt

I’ve got the perfect Mentor Masterclass guest mentor to help set us straight and rethink our perspective! (Notice I say “us” because I absolutely have my own moments of self doubt at times. Everyone does!)

Jacob Sokol is the founder of Sensophy, a life-coaching company with a shockingly fresh perspective that helps people in their 20s and 30s answer the question of “WTF should I do with my life?!”

He’s got a no-BS roadmap designed for people in this generation who want to create a life filled with happiness, success, and a deep sense of purpose.

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In This Interview, Jacob Doesn’t Hold Back

He’s got a lot to share with us, including:

  • Why “Who am I to be doing this?” is such a shitty question. And why you’ll probably never stop asking it, no matter how successful you become!
  • How the quality of our lives is determined by one very specific thing—and it’s not what you think.
  • What you can keep on doing to guarantee you’ll have a shitty life. (Jacob tells it like it is! It’s why he’s so beloved by all our students in Mentor Masterclass.)
  • What your job as a coach really is.
  • And more!

Feeling Ready for Jacob Sokol’s Brilliant Full-Length Interview?

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It’s time to start asking the right questions, reframe the negative ones, and bring your brilliance to the world like never before.

Click on the video above—why not start right now?

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