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Stop Playing Small: 3 Steps To Walk Your Talk

September 24th, 2014 | no comments

life coaching business womenGuest Blog By: Jessika Baptist

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with Jeannine Yoder and the ladies of Mentor Masterclass it’s this: in order to be an incredible, truly empowering coach, leader and entrepreneur you have to be able to Walk Your Talk and Walk Well.

It’s not some cute catch phrase that life coaches and entrepreneurs say to look good.

It’s a lifestyle that truly allows us to step into the spotlight, own our power AND be able to create the kind of impact we crave in the world, our businesses and our personal lives.

With these three steps, you can begin to Walk Your Talk, create the abundance YOU DESERVE and  gain the trust your clients require to hire you and know that they are in the company of that which serves their desires.

Define what it means to truly Walk Your Talk and why it’s significant to you.

Does Walking Your Talk mean creating results that last or truly being a coach or entrepreneur that can say they’ve been there and done that?

Why is that important for you?

When you avoid walking your talk what does that create in your life?

Does it immediately affect your ability to truly create the business and life you love?

Walk Your Talk and ask yourself what it means to you and why it’s significant for yourself and your business.

Design Your Lifestyle in way that allows you to Walk Your Talk and Walk Well.

Create a Vision of what Walking Your Talk would look like for you and be very specific about the way you feel, things you see, taste and experience.

Walk Your Talk through your vision using one day and clearly outline the activities you partake in or would like to, using your goals and specific desires.

Walk Your Talk.

Take your answers and use them to explore your ability to Walk Your Talk and Walk Well now that you’ve gained some clarity about what it is and what it looks like for you.

You have resources available to you within every opportunity; have you utilized all your resources in the way that best serves your life and your business?

What’s stopping you from using them?

Whether it’s making a phone call or signing up for that course you’ve been eyeing, take the time now to reframe your mindset about utilizing your resources and create one action step you can use to Walk Your Talk and Walk Well today.

Let me know how you’ll begin to Walk Your Talk today and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With Love,

Jessika Baptist

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