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Starting Out as a Life Coach and looking for your Secret Sauce? Stop Searching and Surrender Today

April 30th, 2014 | 3 comments
Tell Your Story Life Coaching

Guest blogger: Coach Alicia Catherine

When starting out as a life coach, it’s easy to get caught up in everything you don’t know. Between learning coaching techniques and tax code, to developing your business plan and actually finding clients, it’s easy to get absorbed in education. I used to spend a majority of my time and energy judging myself for everything I didn’t know, instead of focusing on what I did know. Ultimately I wasted months sabotaging my own success.

Learn from my mistakes and for the love of the Cosmos, stop searching.

Everything you’re supposed to know in this moment, you’ve already learned.

Only fear is telling you otherwise. It whispers in your ear: You don’t know enough. You don’t have enough. You aren’t enough. And the books, the programs, the endless influx of blog posts in your inbox, they feed this fear and instigate inaction.

So just stop. Breathe.

Put the videos on pause and the books on the shelf.

Unsubscribe from anything you can live without. Because it doesn’t matter how you run your business but why.

The secret for success isn’t out there, it’s in you.

Think about the life coaches you admire most. What draws you to them? My bet is it’s not the information they have but the way they make you feel. Some call this their “secret sauce” but simply put, it’s the way their words speak directly to your soul and inspire you to take immediate action. Marie Forleo, the mother of modern marketing, teaches “it’s not your product but the positioning.”  And it’s true, the secret to success when starting out as a life coach is to surrender to your story and step into the power of your unique perspective. Accept and embrace your past. Analyze the way it affects your present and use your knowledge to shift your perception. Everything you need to be successful, you already have; your story is your “secret sauce.”

Although it is challenging to feel grateful for all the shitty things that have happened, know this-

You are strong. You survived.

Each and every struggle blessed you with a lesson only you can share.

So do the work. Share your pain and bring others pleasure. The world needs your “secret sauce.” The world needs your story.


Here are 3 steps for surrender when starting out as a life coach


1. Rally Support. The key to successful shifts in your perception and way of life is support. Free yourself from relationships that do not uplift you and find a safe space where you can be 150% yourself. You need room to play as you step into your power. If you’re interested in playing more with me and the soul powered sisters of Mentor Masterclass contact Coach Jey– we’d love to support you as you learn to express your unique genius. 🙂


2. Practice radical acceptance. Your feelings are your feelings and your experiences are your experiences. Release yourself from shame and guilt.  Refuse to judge yourself for things you cannot change. Accept your emotions and see how acknowledgement can set you free.  Try writing one of the following mantras (3x) first thing in the morning for 7 days:

-I am whole, complete and perfect just the way I am. 

-I alone am whole and have everything I need; the money, resources and opportunities to take on the world.

3. Reflect and rethink. This month’s featured Celebrity Mentor Cora Poage, urges us to tap into our intuition. This is difficult when you’re starting out as a life coach because fear whispers to us, “you don’t know enough. You’re not ready.” Luckily, we always know more than we think. The subconscious is an ever expanding encyclopedia of experiences and emotions. And while we often ask others for answers, what we seek is almost always found within.  Next time you’re freaking out about how you’re going to find your “secret sauce” and stand out in a sea of coaches, I challenge you to surrender. Find a quiet space and journal on these questions:

When were you most on your knees in your life and could have used someone to help lift you back into the light? What helped you heal?

No one else in the world will answer these questions exactly like you. Surrender to your story, it is your power.

Let me know how this feels! Are you starting out as a life coach and struggling to find you “secret sauce?” Share your story below – the Mentor Masterclass sisterhood and I would love to support you as your step into your spotlight.

may you stretch to the stars my sister, xo

 Guest blogger: Coach Alicia Catherine

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3 people have commented
  1. Alicia,
    This is so spot on! My mantra these days is Trust, Surrender, Leap! Trust that I am enough, trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be, trust that every moment of my life has brought me to this place, to serve those I am meant to serve, trust that my struggles and victories, every course, book, person, relationship has brought me a unique gift that I can offer to support others in their journey. Surrender to the universe’s guidance, surrender to any attachment to the outcome. Leap into action!
    Beautiful sister!
    Casey ~xo

  2. Thank you for this beautiful blog! I know for me the underlying belief was “I am not enough”. I spent a lot of my time trying to “be enough” for other people, not even realizing that most people also struggled with he same belief, and they too were trying to “be enough” for others. This creates a world where people are trying to please others instead of being themselves. Once I realized “I am enough” I gave permission to myself to be me, but it gave others permission to be themselves too. This has also opened the doors for accepting where I am in exactly where I need to be. I am getting a little off topic, but it does all connect….being true to myself and believing that “I am enough” gives me the ability to build my business from the soul up. The universe will take care of the rest.

    Brianne Hawrylenko

  3. Loved this post Alicia 🙂 I’m going to try writing the mantras every morning, I loved them. And we do have the answers within, I think I need to let my intuition/subconscious guide me more 😉 xo

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