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Six Simple Steps To Becoming a Life Coach (guest post by Coach Terena Barajas)

July 17th, 2013 | no comments
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Six Simple Steps To Becoming a Life Coach

Guest Post By Coach Terena Barajas


When the idea of becoming a Life Coach first came to me, I didn’t know anyone else who did anything similar nor did any of my family or friends. Looking back at those first few months and the hours spent in front of a computer researching and wondering how I should go about it, I wish someone had been available to give me some guidance. I felt very much alone and at times, like I was undertaking something completely crazy!


There are no definitive steps in becoming a Life Coach, but the following are some things I figured out along the way that can make this transition smoother and more fun.


What Does Becoming a Life Coach Mean To You



Take a moment to think about what being a Life Coach means to you and why you want to be one.

Look at Life Coaching websites and read through the services each coach uniquely provides to get a sense of how it works.  Keep in mind that no two Coaches are alike.

Now think about how your strengths and weaknesses play into being a Life Coach and what aspects of your character you would need to work on in order to become a life coach. Doing this will give you a strategy and a sense of direction.

1. Test it

You know all those cheesy “are you a Life Coach personality” tests? Do one! They seem silly but just the physical act of going through the list of traits and abilities and identifying with them will make you feel more confident in taking the steps to becoming a Life Coach.

2. Share it

How do you feel about sharing this idea with others? If it feels nerve-wracking, try to uncover why that is and work through it. Then, share!! How do people react? This doesn’t mean that you should live your life according to what others think but it’s highly likely that people who know you well will recognize the qualities of a good coach in you and hearing that from someone else is a big boost and confirmation!

3. Learn it

Ah, the training conundrum. This is a tricky one, I know, and in fact it merits a whole blog post of its own. Try not to let this hold up everything else in the process of becoming a Life Coach. Yes, learning the skills is important and will arm you with you many tools you need but chances are, you already have a big part of what it takes so don’t allow this to become a stumbling block. Research other coaches’ experiences of the training options you are looking into for interesting and useful insights.

4. Own it

Yes, you may not be trained yet and while taking the steps in becoming a Life Coach you’re still thinking about your website/blog/twitter/FB page, but… there is a moment where it’s up to you to decide that this is what you’re doing and spread the word! I am a Life Coach as of today! Print your new business cards and start introducing yourself as one! You will feel empowered and driven and this will propel you forward to actually sign up for the education you will need to be an expert in the industry!

5. Nurture it

Even if you already have a good group of fellow coaching students as part of your training, the benefits of being part of a community of other people who love doing the same thing are invaluable!  I am fully inspired by the amazing group of women who are part of Coach Jey’s Mentor Masterclass. You will realize you are not alone, you will receive encouragement and support and in the best of cases you will have someone to hold you accountable. Not to mention the projects that may come out of being part of a community!

All of these steps are what led me to meeting Jeannine.  In my first 3 weeks working with Coach Jey I got 2 new paying clients and I’m learning new tools and techniques every week in Mentor Masterclass.

Where are you right now in the process of becoming a Life Coach?

What do you think may be holding you back from getting started? Share your story with us here in the comments below!



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