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Running a Life Coaching Business? 3 Easy Steps to Deal With Shoulding!

May 21st, 2014 | no comments

By Guest Blogger: Terena Barajas

I was recently shocked to realize that I had lost all interest and enthusiasm for doing things that up to that point had been a great source of joy in running a Life Coaching business.

I used to love writing my weekly newsletters, churning out 5 or 6 at a time on whatever was coming up for me the most that given day.

While blog-posting was never a piece of cake it was a challenge I eagerly took on, excited to see the ease that came with practice.

I was happily sharing away on Facebook and getting some good feedback too. Mostly other people’s quotes but still, it was fun and a great way to connect with people.

And then I stopped enjoying all this. I stopped because I heard some great advice from another

running a life coaching business

How to release overwhelm while running a life coaching business

coach, a much more experienced coach that was a guest mentor on Mentor Masterlcass, and decided to take on this advice and play it out to the extreme.

I decided that I needed to have a social media calendar where I would plan what I would be sharing through the different platforms. I decided that these publications should be linked through a common theme and this meant that all of a sudden I wasn’t going to be acting on the whim of inspiration but planning out a blog post to match a newsletter to match a product launch.

Needless to say I got completely and utterly stuck. And I think what happened here applies to any kind of venture, not just to those of you who are also running a Life Coaching business.

When you run our own business you are basically a one person team for a while there and it is easy to get caught up in the “shoulds”. Don’t get me wrong, not all “shoulds” are bad, but what is a mistake is taking what someone else has found works for them (and has probably gotten there in a more organic way, through a lot of trial and error), and applying it indiscriminately to your own business.

Here are 3 easy steps you can use to figure out if you are in the should-hole while running a Life Coaching business and how to get out of it:

  1. Is your heart in it? When you sit down to do whatever it is you think you are meant to be doing, does it feel exciting? Scary and exciting is good. Scary and void of life is not so good. Try to feel into this. If you are forcing yourself to take action in a way that is not expansive at all then don’t. Don’t do it.
  2. If your heart is not in it, where did you get the idea that this is what you should be doing? Go back to the source. Acknowledge the essence of the information you received. Don’t take it so literally. In my case, when I went back, I realized that the real nugget in what I had been exposed to was something along the lines of “don’t forget to share with your community when you have a new product or some spots for one on one coaching, don’t forget that social media goes beyond them getting to know you and don’t be shy to openly let people know how they can work with you”. Boom. That’s it. No need to take it to the extreme. And that feels like something that is easy to handle, no?
  3. What IS your heart in? Once you have checked in on the real message, think about what you LOVE to do in running your business. What really makes you feel like you are being of service and connecting? And now connect the dots. How can you do that and still apply what you feel is necessary? There is always a middle ground; we just don’t want to see it!

What is your experience of apply other people’s “shoulds” to running a Life Coaching or any other kind of business? How did you move past it? I’d love to know, please share in the comments below!


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