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Proceed with caution – Embarking on a Career as a Life Coach has it’s surprises

May 5th, 2014 | no comments

Who knew that my decision to take on a career as a Life Coach would not be approached unanimously by others in my life with excitement.

All the effort, all the risk of giving up my job, of believing that there was something better out there for me. I had no idea it would unsettle people. The day I figured it out, I literally ran outside crying with happiness. Corny I know, but true. I felt the most enormous relief. I had found my life´s purpose. No mean feat right? I genuinely thought everybody else´s reaction would be the same. I expected friends and family to support me and knew that they would not all agree with my approach or what I believed in but somehow thought it would be like when you go to watch your cousin in a play at school. You know you will be bored out of your mind, can´t wait to get out of there, but it´s worth it because they know you´re in the audience and feel loved and supported.

Fear of the woo-woo

The first thing I encountered when I started talking about my new career as a Life Coach was people thinking that I was now going to turn into a Buddhist or a Tarot freak or something along those lines. Nothing wrong with either, they are just things that fall into the realm of outer space for many people. Luckily they soon realized this was not the case. And for an extra element of surprise it turns out it took ME a while to be able to openly say all the things I was now thinking and feeling without fear of being thought corny, a cliché or just plain crazy.

Fear of being seen

fear of being seen, life coaching

Guest Blogger: Terena Bajaras

Having crossed that bridge, I got the worst for last. Close friends, close relatives, not many but a select few, having issues with my new career as a Life Coach. Issues being masked under “I don’t believe in tips for being happy”, “I think too much analysis can be a bad thing”; all pre-empting my supposed personality transplant where I would from here on out be an obsessive coach analyzing everything and everyone all day. I know that these fears and worries and concerns have nothing to do with me. I know they speak more of each of these people than of me. And I love them all anyway, even though I did not feel supported. But it´s still hard. I still want to look out and see smiling faces.

Balancing act

I do get it though. Aside from the fears they are having to face, they still want their friend and family member. So do I!! I don’t want to have to be perfect now or have to coach people when all I want to do is have a cocktail! So it’s a balancing act. They get to rant, I get to rant, and when they need advice they can ask for it. And every once in a while I will just offer it, as a friend, because this new career as a Life Coach has helped me grow so much and has given me the confidence to say things I wouldn’t have dared to before. A confidence that doesn’t come from the skills themselves, but rather how I have applied them to myself in order to shed fear, anxiety and worry.

It´s still me in here!!!

It’s hard to feel this apprehension because I don’t feel like this means change. For me, it feels like the real me gets to come out finally. And I really do believe that elements of this had always been present. When I told my best friend I realized I wanted to be a Life Coach, she said something along the lines of “well, duh”, which perfectly sums it up. I always had this in me. I was always watching, observing, analyzing, thinking about why people do the things they do. I was always being asked for advice, being confided in, being trusted with deep deep secrets and looked to for a grounded opinion. So it’s still me in here. I’m just happier now. Way happier. And I know will eventually be happy for me.

Guest Blogger: Terena Barajas

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