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Is it OK to get angry or sad as a coach? Find out Cora Poage’s illuminating answer.

April 1st, 2015 | 1 comment

Welcome to another wonderful Sneak Peek week featuring gems of wisdom from the celebrity mentor interviews you’ll find inside my Mentor Masterclass Life Coach Training Program.

Today’s mentor is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a specialist in intuitive coaching and intuitive living. Her name is Cora Poage, and she’s here to rock your world with some real talk about the way we experience our emotions – especially as coaches.

In this video, Cora dives into a subject that’s a stumbling block for countless friends and colleagues:

As leaders and guides, should we let our feelings take over? Or should we be (and stay) in control at all times?

For some of us, experiencing our strongest, deepest emotions can feel like a risk. For others, leaning into our feelings (and reacting in some way) is a must for releasing tension.

This part of her interview truly speaks to all coaches and humans in general, no matter what our stance might be.

There’s also a hilarious story about a baseball bat and one very, very happy client. But I won’t spoil that for you.

Ready love? Watch the video now!

Cora is an instructor at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition – the world’s largest nutrition school. She teaches two classes at the IIN – Intuitive Coaching and Authentic Entrepreneurship. She’s also a core mentor inside my signature coach training program, Mentor Masterclass.

Such a huge amount of Cora’s beautiful work focuses on using a deeper connection with ourselves to work more powerfully with our clients and businesses. It’s a big part of what she discusses in her fantastic Mentor Masterclass training.

If this little taste has you hungry for more, click here to take a peek at the self-study edition of Mentor Masterclass, where you can access her full-length interview.

The Mentor Masterclass Self Study features game-changing interviews and insider expertise from 24+ celebrity coaches you love, to help you build the coaching business you really want – without making all the usual mistakes along the way.

Come find out what’s possible for you.

And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to feel it all along the way.



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  1. I really resonated with what Cora said in this video. I am generally a very happy, centered, and grounded person but there are times when the strong emotions of anger and sadness are present and I find they can bring about some fear. Who wants to feel anger and sadness, right? Denying these feelings can create even greater tension and dis-ease in the body. Sitting with these kinds of emotions allows me to know that they are not me, they don’t define me, they are just how I am feeling in the moment. Thank you for sharing the video!

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