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Why You Should Never Feel Awkward Asking Clients to Sign Contracts

April 18th, 2017 | 1 comment

Especially when you’re first starting out as a coach and you’re grateful to begin landing clients, it can feel a little icky to also ask them to sign contracts to work with you! I felt that way back when I first started, too.

I no longer fear contracts, I LOVE them. I was reminded recently how important it is to have a healthy relationship with contracts early in your business, when my younger brother reached out to me for support with trouble he was having in correlation to taking his business to the next level.

My brother is amazing, he is a student of UCLA and started a business called Boxcamp (a moving and storage company for students on campus) his first year in college. Fast forward to his senior year, and one of his friends is suing him. Jerk!

Long story short, it all could have been avoided had he known that contracts, even between friends, is in the highest good for all. I hate to see him struggling with this side of business. But we both know he had to learn this lesson so he could learn the value of contracts for clarity moving forward as he goes on to start other companies.

Recently I created a very thorough and specific contract with our new Violet Care Partner to be sure we wrote everything out and talked about the details of our partnership. I LOVE a good contract and she loved that I was so organized and clear, too. I won’t begin a working relationship without one. Contracts open the door for a deeper connection and ability to serve. They save friendships and money.

As a new coach you want so badly to keep the relationship with a potential client, affiliate or joint venture partner very positive. And it feels like bringing out a contract will kill the mood, right? This actually couldn’t be further from the truth!

I’m so excited to share today’s Sneak Peek video where you get a front row seat in my premium life coaching course, Mentor Masterclass. You’ll get to meet two brilliant attorneys, Genavieve Shingle Jaffe and Lisa Fraley, who are both passionate about making the law accessible and fun. As guest mentors in Mentor Masterclass, they help women feel confident when it comes to protecting their businesses.

They’re also the dynamic duo in an online legal course, Damsel goes bare™, where they educate and empower female entrepreneurs with the legal side of their business.

Gena is our very own sparkly lawyer, here to help you cover your beautiful business booty with legit legal protection. She runs a law practice and believes in magic, unicorns, pink hair, and miracles.

Lisa is an attorney, health coach and life coach who believes taking legal steps protects you, your biz, and your brand in practical and energetic ways. She aligns key legal steps with the 7 chakras, and approaches the law with lots of “Legal Love.”

Today Gena and Lisa are helping us work through the reality that asking our clients and others who work with us can feel hard and awkward. It can feel like it’s chipping away at the trusting relationship you’re working so hard to create – but it’s not, at all. (Click the video below to learn why!)


In today’s Sneak Peek video you’ll also learn:

  • Why your contract is actually a gift to your clients and anyone else you work with. (Skip to the 0:08 point in the video to jump into this lesson right away.)

  • What specific things you should be getting clear about with your clients/partners in your contracts. (0:33)

  • How even Lisa and Gena have a contract with each other. (1:18)

  • And more!

Now I want to hear from you: do you use contracts in your business? Why or why not? What was your biggest takeaway from what Gena and Lisa shared today?

And if you’d like to dive into Gena and Lisa’s full-length legal lessons in Mentor Masterclass, click here to learn how you can apply!



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  1. After learning from Gena and Lisa I LOVE contracts! I have a service agreement for new clients, for program participants, for affiliate partners, for work exchanges – anything where I see that something could go sour if we don’t come to an agreement before we begin.

    It’s also a beautiful way to clearly set my own boundaries, and let others know what it means to be working with me.

    I helps me feel more confident and professional 🙂

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