“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~Tony Robbins

Discover the Self Confidence, Skills, and Inner Trust to Build a Coaching Practice with Heart, Soul, and Feminine Power

The missing step to thriving as a coach is as simple as flipping this “inner switch!”



How to Start And Grow a Thriving Coaching Business

In this LIVE FREE masterclass you’ll:

Discover the Self Confidence, Skills, and Inner Trust to Build a Coaching Practice with Heart, Soul, and Feminine Power


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“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” -Tony Robbins


According to world-famous Master Life Coach and best-selling author, Tony Robbins, our beliefs “have the power to create and the power to destroy.”

As coaches and soon-to-be coaches, why is this important?

Because a successful and thriving coaching business starts with believing in yourself first.

You probably know this intuitively already: we can’t help our clients if we don’t believe in ourselves.

But when we’re just getting started, believing in ourselves can be a major stumbling block. Our insecurities hold us back…

We feel a deep calling to help clients, but we’re scared we won’t know what to say when it’s time for a session…

We dream of owning a successful business, but we’re worried we don’t have what it takes…

We secretly fantasize about creating our own programs and launching them online, but the people around us criticize online business and say it’s not a “real” job or it’s “hard” work…

We feel alone and isolated, trying to learn new things on our own with no guidance – meanwhile our friends and family don’t understand or support us.

I get it! I’ve been there mama. Ugh.

Then I discovered

that all I really needed to do was flip the “inner switch” of my beliefs.

That’s when the miracles, synchronicities, and clients started showing up all around me.

I know that’s why my coaching practice was featured on the front page of the New York Times…

And I know that’s why I got paying clients my first week in business, filled my coaching practice quickly, then went on to help hundreds of women become successful coaching through my signature coach training program, Mentor Masterclass.

In Mentor Masterclass I support women intimately. Together, with a panel of celebrity lady boss CEO’s and a soul powered sisterhood, we will launch your unique brand as an influencer, master coach and feminine leader.

All because I finally flipped the “inner switch” of my beliefs.

It happened the minute I started believing I CAN, instead of I can’t.

Here’s how you can do the very same thing…starting right now!

Use the Success Cycle to Change Your Beliefs, Start Your Biz, & Grow Your Practice

“Once you feed your mind and adopt new, empowering beliefs and attitudes, you will activate your potential for greater and greater results.” -Tony Robbins

Take a look at the infographic I created for you below.
I learned this from my man-crush Tony.
It’s called the Success Cycle.

When you understand it you’ll have the power to get conscious about changing your beliefs. Something many people talk about and have no idea how to change.

Now you’ll know how to flip your own “inner switch” so you can find the self-confidence and inner trust you’re looking for, and learn the skills you need to build your own coaching practice – just like I did. Listen mama, if I can do it, you can do it.

Here’s how it works…

It starts with your core beliefs, because they shape your actions and results.

Your beliefs determine how you view what is possible to achieve or receive at any moment in your life.

This leads you to take actions that reflect how much (or how little) of your potential strength and talent you’re tapping into…

After that, your actions lead to your results, which then reinforce what you believe about yourself and the world.

This is what the Success Cycle looks like:

It’s a repeating cycle. Your beliefs shape your actions, which shape your results, which shape your beliefs, which determine your potential…and so on.

Now let’s dig deeper and see what this means when it comes to becoming a life coach…

BEFORE Mentor Masterclass

Here’s what happens when you DON’T believe in yourself:

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! It’s not your fault, and you’re not alone.

It’s how a LOT of women feel before they work with me in Mentor Masterclass.

Now let’s flip the “inner switch…”

AFTER Mentor Masterclass

Here’s what happens when you DO believe in yourself:

So there you have it!

You’ve proven to yourself that everything circles back to your beliefs.

Which means you’re probably already asking yourself the next question…


How do you change your beliefs so you can take the new actions and get the new results that help you become the coach, business owner, and feminine leader you’re called to become?

Tony Robbins says:

“You must combine the highest standards with the firmest beliefs and the greatest commitment to consistent action. And for that, you need someone who has walked the path of success and who can share with you the secrets of creating and sustaining massive results. You need a mentor who will be with you every step of the way, encouraging you and helping you to find the inner drive that will keep you racing toward your goals no matter what.”

When we dig deeper into this advice, we discover that it’s a simple recipe:

First, learn the secrets to create and sustain massive results…

Second, take new actions…

Third, follow and learn from mentors and role models…

And fourth, receive support.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? I thought so too!

And that’s why I took this advice to heart and then built my year-long, comprehensive coach training program based on this foundation…

It’s also why the women inside the program go through such deep personal transformation on their way to thriving as coaches…

Because everything we do uses the power of the Success Cycle to fill your mind with new, empowering beliefs that lead to new actions and new results.

Let’s dig deeper into Mentor Masterclass so you can see how to use it to flip your “inner switch” and finally become the coach you’re destined to be.

Believe in Yourself When You Learn the Secrets to Create & Sustain Massive Results

Use the RSVP Learning Method to Start & Grow Your Coaching Practice

Mentor Masterclass is a comprehensive, year-long, online coach training program for women who feel a deep calling to become a life coach.

My unique RSVP training method is the framework of Mentor Masterclass.

It’s designed to work on the intellectual level, the heart level, and the soul level.

For the mind, it’s based on a well-established and effective learning model called the Four Stages of Learning. It’s sometimes called the Four Stages of Competence. (More on that in a minute, so keep reading because it’s also a coaching tool you’ll use to become an expert coach! )

For the heart, it’s filled with personal connection, coaching, and mentoring from myself and others, live – every week.

And for the soul, it’s based on the deep inner knowing that your thoughts create your reality.

Which means that when you change your beliefs, you make changes at an energetic level so the Universe can more easily conspire to support you.

Mentor Masterclass is designed to work on all of these levels, so it’s effective if you’re brand new to coaching, or if you have other forms of coach training but still need the self-confidence and tools to quickly grow your practice from a place of softness and wholeness.

When you work the intellectual part of Mentor Masterclass you’ll learn the tools, techniques, and coaching models you need to start and grow a coaching practice quickly and consistently – possibly your first month in the program.

When you experience the heart-filled part of the program, you’ll be welcomed into our community of women devoted to caring for and supporting each other in our personal journeys. It’s truly a sisterhood because we’re there for each other, willing to cry and laugh, work through the mess and nurture the beautiful talent and endless strength that exists within us. (Including you!)

When you work the soulful part of the program you’ll learn how to create daily rituals and practices that lead to business and personal wholeness on a deeper level…

You’ll work with things like meditation, affirmation cards, morning pages, vision boards, and essential oils (just to name a few!). Our community is a safe space to talk about more personal and intimate ways to connect with magic, your calling, your higher power, and even the clients you’re here to serve.

In the program we bring these healing self-care practices into your life and business at a deeper, more soulful level.

Before we dig into Mentor Masterclass details, I want you to learn why I use this training method.

It’s important for you to know this because you’ll start to see how powerfully it works – even at a subconscious level – so you can flip that “inner switch” and change your beliefs effortlessly.

Why I Use This Coaching Tool to Teach Women How To Coach…

I based the Mentor Masterclass RVSP method on a learning model and coaching tool called The Four Stages of Learning.

I did this so that even without knowing it, you’re getting “coached” through the learning process while you’re learning how to become a successful coach.

This infographic explains it.

As you read, keep in mind it’s also the exact same process your clients go through when you work with them. (How beautiful is that?!)

Are you on a Red Moon or White Moon Cycle?

Why This Matters When Training to Become a Coach.

Years ago, I began studying the profound connections between the moon, women’s cycles, and how it plays a role in our daily lives. I was learning and implementing this knowledge in my own business model while running the original Mentor Masterclass beta group.

I quickly realized the identity and consciousness shift my clients were going through as they changed careers to become a life coach. These huge shifts were best supported when honoring planetary alignment and monthly moon rhythms. Since I was creating the foundational devotions of my signature life coach training program Mentor Masterclass at the same time, I was guided to bake this wisdom in.

As women, we repeat a monthly cycle that affects our mood and the way our brains function and focus. Every month, when women tried to work against their natural cycles to create success using my training, they would end up burnt-out and frustrated. While hustling got them ahead a little, this forceful way of going after goals set them back and cost them weeks of inspired action. I witnessed them as they went from motivated to struggling with their health and feeling battered and broken.

I shifted everything about the program to help women learn to harness their innate feminine wisdom by honoring their moon cycles. There was an immediate and rapid shift!

Suddenly inspired action is an easy constant as an MM student you will experience a deeper sense of ease and flow with all of your life and business commitments. This program will teach you how to not only honor your cycle but unconsciously use it as a power source for creating rapid success and making tough daily decisions.

I combined the wisdom of this with the R.S.V.P method to create a life coach training program that helps women tap into a natural power force that is within them.

Inside MM you will actually start tracking the moon and your cycle. I now believe it’s impossible for a woman to be happy as CEO and visionary of her own coaching business if she’s not trained to utilize this wisdom as a natural habit. You will become a master.

The Four Stages of Learning

Grow Your Self-Confidence as a Coach

Stage One:

Unconscious Incompetence – we don’t know a certain skill, and that skill is so new and unfamiliar that we’re not even aware that we don’t know it.

Stage Two:

Conscious Incompetence – we’ve learned something new, but since we’re new at it we’ve still got a lot to practice and learn.

Stage Three:

Conscious Competence – we’re much better at the new skill and are getting even better at it, although we’re not using it consistently or as a habit.

Stage Four:

Unconscious Competence – we are now using the new skill without effort, consistently and automatically, it’s become a part of us.


Inside the program, you’ll go through these four stages of learning – each and every month.

That way, you’re actually “coached” as you learn, practice, and master a new set of coaching tools, techniques, and methods.

Plus, you’ll learn how to apply these tools to your personal life – the central core of being an effective coach.

Which means you’ll learn and deepen into self-healing practices and expansion on a soul level, as you become a master expert in your field.

By the end of the year you’ll go through 12 learning cycles and learn 12 new coaching subjects – all key ingredients to a thriving practice.

This repeating monthly process is designed to get great results wherever you’re starting from – whether you’re new to coaching, or you’ve had some training and want to grow your business and client base more quickly.

That’s why it’s so effective…

Because every month you take new actions…leading to new results…leading to new beliefs about yourself and the gifts you have to share with the world as a coach.

And that’s how I built my coaching practice so quickly and fell madly in love with my life. I flipped the “inner switch” of my beliefs.

It works because it’s the Success Cycle, wrapped in the four stages of learning!

Here’s what you’ll accomplish when you flip the “inner switch” of new beliefs, inside Mentor Masterclass…

How we Use The R.S.V.P. Method And Your Monthly Moon Cycle Inside Mentor Masterclass

When the universe says “Here is a synchronistic moment that’s guiding you to your soul purpose,” the R.S.V.P method is how you can respond and integrate your desires. So not only are we connecting our hormones and moon magic in Mentor Masterclass, we are pursuing the support of conscious learning and manifestation.

Here’s how this plays out:


Reflect and Restore

(Week 1 focus of every month in Mentor Masterclass – Stage 1, Unconscious Incompetence)

This stage aligns with the week you’re bleeding and days 1-7 of your cycle on either White or Red moon.

We start each month learning a new set of coaching tools, techniques, and conservation models under one overarching theme. You’ll turn the focus inward and apply them to your own life. We call week 1 “Walking Our Talk.”

We can’t help others when we’re coming from a place of depletion or neglect. So during Week 1 of every month, you’ll practice “showing up” for yourself first. When you do that, you’ll have the power to run your coaching sessions from a place of authentic empathy, compassion, and understanding for your clients.

It starts with self-care. You’ll use the coaching tools like a mirror to reflect the focus onto yourself so you can go through the personal growth and transformation to become a better coach, better business owner, and leader.

When you do this, you’ll restore your true potential and be able to move into the next stage of learning without getting stuck.

And it’s perfectly aligned with the hormones that flood your body when you’re bleeding. During this time of the month you’re most tender, raw, and need the most rest. Your hormones are supporting your brain in processing life and using more of your full brain range.


Simplify and Share

(Week 2 of every month – Stage 2, Conscious Incompetence)

This stage of learning coincides perfectly with the follicular phase of your hormones which starts on the first day after your period ends (Day 7-14).

Physical energy and estrogen levels increase. Your brain’s penchant for creativity is highest in this phase. It’s a great time for brainstorming, starting new projects, and problem-solving. You feel more outgoing and upbeat. You’re most open to new experiences. Social events and meetings sound increasingly appealing.

In Mentor Masterclass, learning to step out of your comfort zone is important at this time, as new neuroconnections form most easily in the brain and “new” is very stimulating.

The second week of each month gives you the chance to move into a leadership role and start coaching. (Yes, already!)

We call Week 2 “Stepping into the Role of Coach.” Your new action is to take what you learned in Week 1 and share it with someone else. This step is all about practice, practice, practice.

Everyone inside the program is immediately assigned a coaching partner. During Week 2 of every month you’ll work directly with your partner as you lead them through practice coaching sessions.

After you work with your coaching partner, your next new action is to practice with a safe friend, family member, or colleague and take them through a similar sharing process.

Every time you lead someone through the coaching process, your skills become more natural. Meanwhile your confidence grows, which means it gets easier and easier to find and work with new clients. As you strengthen your beliefs, things begin to simplify.


Verify and Validate

(Week 3 of every month – Stage 3, Conscious Competence)

And what better time than the 3-4 days a month when you are OVULATING!

An egg is released and heads to the uterus; your uterine lining thickens. Testosterone surges and then drops. Connecting with community is your strong suit at this time. It’s the time to have important conversations, as your communication skills are heightened. You convey thoughts and opinions very clearly; you’re more receptive to those of others. You feel comfortable with “tough love” and challenging discussions.

It’s also the best time for first dates – you’re magnetic! You usually look and feel your best — leanest, fittest, most radiant, hottest. (Ideal time to snap that photo for your new website branding!) Plenty of natural energy, mood is stable. You generally feel super social.

In Week 3, your focus is building on what you accomplished during weeks 1 and 2.

Week 3 is “Prospecting Week” (which means getting new PAYING clients). For many of us that’s a scary term, but when you use the tools, techniques, suggestions, and mindset shifts you’ll learn inside the program, it gets easier (and more fun!) every month. Why? Because you’ll change your beliefs and know that you CAN do it!

Week 3 is important if you’re serious about growing your business. It fits the “80/20 rule” because it’s the 20 percent of your effort that creates 80 percent of your results. Getting new clients is one of the most important actions you can take to grow your business.

You’ll verify and validate what you accomplished in weeks 1 and 2 and build on it as you follow the workbook to learn about getting clients, growing your practice, and creating your loyal tribe. I’m going to be there to help you through it, sister. My favorite part of our year together is holding you accountable to your greatest potential.



(Week 4 of every month – Stage 4, Unconscious Competence)

The fourth week of every month is all about embracing your feminine power.

This theme coincides with your Luteal phase, which lasts 10-14 days. Physical energy starts to pique after ovulation and slowly declines throughout the week. Your energy begins to soften and turn inward. The desire to nest kicks in and it’s a great time for organizational and domestic chores. Estrogen-to-progesterone ratio makes you notice things you didn’t see before. Attention to detail is high, and so is annoyance with others for oversights. It’s a great time to do those chores you don’t feel like doing the rest of the month and to work on copy and marketing!

Week 4 is “Marketing Week.” It’s designed to help build your online business and master your marketing outreach to ideal clients. It’s all about maximizing your power to expand with a global mission and online success. You embrace your feminine power when you re-invest your energy into your coaching practice.

Celebration is also a big part of Week 4. It’s an important part of the Success Cycle because you acknowledge and celebrate your successes each month. Celebration strengthens your new beliefs, which leads to new actions, new results, and even more growth.

And when you reach this stage, magic happens. Because going forward in Mentor Masterclass, the learning curve starts over at this new level. You’re beginning to create habits!

Read what these students say about the RSVP process…

Paula F.

“The course structure helps me to grow organically as a coach. It invites me to transform my life and understand that process, so I could help other people to do the same. That knowledge is the foundation to finally get the confidence to build a business, which is one of the main goals of the program.” -Paula F.

Orly L.

“It creates simplicity and flow. It organizes the month leading to less overwhelm.” -Orly L.

Marste M.

“This is one of my favorite things about MMC, and was in fact part of the reason I signed up in the first place. The repetition of the steps every month means that if I miss a week, I haven’t lost all my opportunities, and at the same time, the fact that each step recurs every month gives me an opportunity to see what (if anything) I’m avoiding, and really step into the discomfort. And again, knowing that even if I fall down, I’ll have another opportunity the following month (or week, really!) is incredibly helpful.” -Marste M.

Camila M.

“I love the way that Mentor Masterclass is divided and encourages a different focus each week with particular assignments to take action on. It provides a focus rather than a scattering of energy that I appreciate.” -Camila M.

Embrace Your Feminine Power – What It’s Like to Follow Your Calling & Join Mentor Masterclass

Here’s what it’s like when you follow your calling and join Mentor Masterclass…

The program combines live group training calls, weekly Sister Circle meetings, coaching practice partners, in-depth workbooks, weekly action assignments, accountability and progress tracking tools, a supportive and nurturing sister-like learning community, wise real-world guidance from well-established role models and mentors, and personal attention and coaching from me throughout the year.

Here’s the breakdown of what you get when you enroll…

  • Live Group Training Calls: Meet with Jeannine and the Mentor Masterclass community as we learn, share, and support each other. We meet as a group for the first three Mondays of every month. (That’s 36 live training sessions!) The live training calls give you an opportunity to discuss the weekly lessons and action steps, get your questions answered, listen to live practice coaching sessions, experience love and connection from the women in our community, and receive live laser-like coaching and personal support from me throughout the year.

  • Celebrity Mentor Training: Learn from successful role models, thought leaders, and coaches. Learning by example is one of the most effective ways to quickly start and grow your coaching practice. Especially when experienced mentors give you clear and specific action steps to achieve your goals. Each month’s mentor training includes wise advice and guidance based on real-world examples taken from the mentors’ own coaching practices. All of the mentors give you homework and recommend action steps you can take to accomplish the same level of success they’ve achieved. You’ll also have the chance to network and form relationships with the mentors through social media, as you report your inspired action and get their encouragement in your growth and success.

  • In-depth Workbooks: Focus on a new core coaching module every month. Each monthly workbook is a stand-alone training module, each with a different focus. That means we’ll cover 12 different coaching topics over the year. The workbooks are designed to be your guide as you learn, practice, and integrate the lessons and concepts into your coaching practice. Each workbook contains between 12 and 75 coaching tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to start and grow your coaching practice. (That adds up to 358 over the year!) They also include specific action steps and assignments for self healing, expert growth, prospecting, and marketing.

  • Weekly Action Assignments: Take action on everything you learn. Follow the action assignments every week as they walk you through the deep self discovery, new behavior, and personal transformation that helps make you a better coach and helps reinforce your new beliefs about yourself, your coaching skills, and your life as a thriving coach making a difference in your clients’ lives.

  • Coaching Practice Partners: Practice and strengthen your coaching skills. Together you’ll take turns practicing the new coaching tools, techniques, and conversation models you learn each week. Because you’re both going through the program together, the practice sessions are a powerful way to receive support and encouragement from someone you deeply connect with and respect – and offer the same in return.

  • Sister Circle: Learn and grow in sisterhood and support. After you join Mentor Masterclass you’ll be thoughtfully placed in a sister circle, based on what seems to be a good fit for your unique personality and time zone. You’ll meet with your sister circle on a weekly basis, using Google Hangouts. Inside your sister circle you’ll find a safe space to learn from each other, teach each other, be vulnerable and authentic, and lean into your full feminine sovereignty. I’ll join your Sister Circle once a month, which means it’s another opportunity to get laser-like coaching from me to help you grow your practice and strengthen your beliefs. (I believe in you and by the end of the year, you will too!)

  • Progress Tracking & Celebration Tools: Use the “Play Full Out” (PFO) weekly checklist to help keep your focus and avoid overwhelm. (Plus, when you complete your checklists, you unlock extra bonus content each month!) The PFO Checklist guides you as you accomplish your learning goals, and helps make sure you’re caring for yourself physically. Use the group accountability and celebration spreadsheet to share your monthly goals with your sisters so you can stay accountable and receive the support and encouragement you need to keep your momentum and celebrate your accomplishments. You’ll also learn how to track your moon cycle, integrating feminine power at its deepest core. You’ll learn how your menstrual cycle relates to your business. Which means you’ll know when to take action based on your connection to Mother Nature, and how to align your emotions with your business actions.

  • Private FB Group: Get support from Jeannine and your sisters inside the Mentor Masterclass Facebook community. The private group is a 24/7 chance to ask questions, get answers, connect with your sisters, and lean into your new role as a coach and as a leader.

Your First Day in the Mentor Masterclass Sisterhood

The minute you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your login details. Just follow the link inside the email, and you’ll be taken to your new virtual home, inside the Member’s area.

The online classroom is friendly, welcoming, and easy to navigate. Once you’re inside, I’ll welcome you in the “Settle In” video, and walk you through the orientation steps so you can feel grounded and comfortable with the members’ area.

My team and I provide personal support, every step of the way. Mentor Masterclass is NOT just a virtual program, it’s a deeply connected experience.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish before class begins…

Meet your Sister Guides. The first thing you’ll do is meet your Sister Guides – two graduates of the Mentor Masterclass program who are here to support you throughout the year.

Connect with your new community. You’ll meet your coaching partner, your Sister Circle, and our community inside the private Facebook group. My team and I are in the Facebook group, so you’ll have easy access to us, right from the start.

Get clear on your vision. Next, you’ll be led through 9 action steps to take right away so you can lay out a clear vision and start forming your goals for your first month inside the program.

Lean in to guidance and support. As you get oriented I’ll give you some guidelines to keep your energy and attention focused so you can concentrate your power and get the most out of each day, week, and month of the program.

Learn Core Coaching Skills. As a warm up for our first live class session, you’ll jump into your first introduction to core coaching skills including key states of mind, service skills, and in-session skills.

(And remember, you’ll accomplish all of this before our first live training call!)

Comprehensive Coach Training – Month by Month

You can join Mentor Masterclass at any time of year.

Each of the coaching workbooks is designed to be a stand-alone module. Each module teaches an important core aspect of coaching.

Each module also contains prospecting and marketing tools to find clients, grow your tribe, and build your business each month.

Because the course is structured this way, you can enroll in the program and begin your training at the beginning of any month that has an available opening. That means we are running live all year long.

Class size is kept small to make sure everyone gets the focus, devotion, and personal attention to support their learning and personal transformation. Every sister must go through the application process so we are absolutely positive you are a perfect fit for the sisterhood and Mentor Masterclass is the only program for you.

Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll learn and accomplish each month…

Click each month to find out more (please note: the delivery order of this content may change):


Goal Setting & Health Coaching


Relationship Coaching


Inner and Outer Game Techniques


Massive Action


Career Coaching & Coaching Entrepreneurs


Identity & Accountability Coaching


Create Your Own Coaching Model


Metaphor & Archetype Coaching


The Keys to Motivation


Life Purpose


Time Management and Productivity


Power & Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to embrace new beliefs and learn the secrets to creating massive results as an empowered life coach?

Fill out an application for Mentor Masterclass here…



Important Note:

Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.

Once your application has been reviewed, we’ll let you know within 72 hours if you’ve been accepted. (Yes! Payment plans are available! Keep reading – pricing information is below.)

How to Fund Your Dreams and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose

If your heart says, “YES!” to becoming a coach, but your bank account doesn’t agree, then join me for this live Heal Your Money Story Masterclass now, there are multiple times to choose from and I am here to support you in becoming fiercely abundant.

You’ll learn how to let go of the money story you’ve been telling yourself so you can create a new reality based on abundance and use it to fund your dreams and fulfill your divine purpose.

It’s time to stop making excuses that keep you playing “small,” so you can start and grow the 6-figure coaching business you deserve. (YES! You deserve it, sister!)

It’s more important NOW than ever because paying clients are ALREADY out there…and they NEED your help in only the way that YOU can inspire them.

Follow this link to change your money story once and for all and join me for the live Heal Your Money Story Training!

Energize New Beliefs by Taking New Action

Mentor Masterclass “Before & After” Success Stories

Meet Marjorie and Emily…

Read what happened after they joined Mentor Masterclass and took new actions…

Emily C – Class of 2014

Emily, tell us what you were doing before joining Mentor Masterclass…

“Before Mentor Masterclass, I was working full-time in my first job after graduating from college. After a few months of working in the position full-time, I found myself feeling restless and had a knowing that I couldn’t do this forever, and that there was more for me to contribute to the world. I had always known I wanted to work for myself and have a flexible schedule that allowed for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, filled with lots of spaciousness, travel, the ability to work from home, and to create a positive impact in other’s lives.”

How has the Mentor Masterclass community shaped your beliefs about yourself and coaching?

“When you’re held in this container of sisterhood by Jeannine and the other women in the course, there’s a heightened sense of awareness and accountability to be in integrity with your truth and authenticity like you’ve never experienced before. You can’t help but feel empowered, fully capable, loved, well-resourced, supported, and unique when you constantly have inspiring (and inspired) women around you, even if they are virtual.
When you’re part of this sisterhood, you’re celebrated and praised for your uniqueness and thought leadership, and it is all welcomed and all valued. This sacred space gives you so much confidence and freedom to powerfully play with and develop your unique mission and business. To truly become the queen of your own life, and to be truly revolutionary.”

What are the biggest personal transformations you’ve gone through because of Mentor Masterclass?

“My life after joining Mentor Masterclass is truly a dream come true. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I kind of want someone to pinch me so I know it’s real. I always knew that this was the life I wanted to be living, but I thought it would take me YEARS to achieve this reality.
Instead, I’m 23, working from home coaching amazing women all over the world, feeling so fulfilled and abundant, getting massages on a Wednesday morning, feeling more loved and supported than I’ve ever felt in my life, walking my talk as a pillar for sisterhood in my personal life and my business, feeling incredibly grateful and vibrant every day.”



Marjorie W – Class of 2015

Marjorie, what was going on for you, before joining Mentor Masterclass?

“I was filled with a restless energy and wanted to use my gifts in a way that ‘made a difference’ in the world. I knew I wanted to leave a legacy and wasn’t sure what that would be. I was lonely, with no sense of sisterhood or community, especially since I left my colleagues and full time position. I had some idea of feminine leadership, and a sense there was lots for me to learn about this energy. I felt frustrated with how to make money on my own, as an entrepreneur (after being an employee for over 30 years).”

How has Mentor Masterclass helped you shift your beliefs about yourself in the world?

“I have seen shifts in how I see myself in the world. I see myself in my Queen energy, powerful and gracious at the same time. I am learning to receive and I realize I am a role model for the other women in my program (and the women in my life every day).
I have more confidence in my inner wisdom and I take time to listen to what my ‘wise woman’ is telling me. I have a sense of ‘magical trust’ in the abundance of the universe and I have seen how taking risks and ‘leaps’ yields powerful results in my life.”

Tell us about the biggest personal transformations you’ve gone through because of Mentor Masterclass…

“One of my biggest transformations is learning to receive. To ask for help, to not see myself as doing it all for everyone, to practice self-care daily and create space for me regularly. I am taking big ‘leaps’ in the area of investing in myself – I see myself as worthy of this investment and I am trusting that the Universe will provide with abundance.
I am filled with joy! I love my life! I am healthy, energetic and have the coaching clients that are bringing out my gifts in such tangible ways. And, I have enough money and time to do the things I love.
My husband and I are talking about our life in a way that creates possibility, and abundance. Instead of anxiety and a ‘lack mentality’. We read ‘self-help’ books together and get authentic about what is up for us in our marriage. My new view of life inspires my husband. He is kind of intrigued and surprised by me… I like that!”



Is it time for you to start taking new action, re-shape your beliefs, and achieve the same results as Emily and Marjorie?



Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.

Once your application has been reviewed, we’ll let you know within 72 hours if you’ve been accepted. (Yes! Payment plans are available! Keep reading – pricing information is below.)

Believe in Yourself as You Learn from Mentors & Role Models

Why Working with Mentors Leads to Better & Faster Results

We know intuitively that one of the best ways to learn is by watching people and learning from them. Especially when we’re new at something.

Research supports what we know intuitively…

For example, a Harvard research study showed that in the business world, people who have mentors are happier with their career progress, they get more pleasure from their work, and they tend to earn more money early on.

There’s another reason mentors are key to becoming a successful and thriving coach. It’s because coaching is an intimate, deep, and personal calling that we all answer in our own unique way.

Which means that learning from as many mentors and role models as possible gives you the chance to see all sorts of different ways of being a coach. There is no “one size fits all” in coaching.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. You resonate with your clients more authentically when you are purely you – as vulnerable and as real as you can be.

Effective Mentor Training Learn from Successful Role Models

Click on the Mentors to learn more about them and their Masterclass

Amanda Daley

Nicole Moore

Nicole Jardim

Gena Shingle Jaffe & Lisa Fraley

Nisha Moodley

Jacob Sokol

Erin Stutland

Elayne Kalila

Cora Poage

Kate Northrup

Lisa Fabrega

Danielle LaPorte

Read What Students Say About Learning from Their Mentors…

”This is one of my favorite parts of the program. I appreciate learning how they walk their talk, how they market themselves, and what question/tool they use most in coaching. I also appreciate getting many different perspectives because I’m a big believer in there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to success and this offers me different ideas to see which resonates most with me.” -Amanda J.

“To see others doing what you want to do makes it possible. If they can do it so can I. Having mentors that can share coaching techniques and business models that are working for them is such a gift. This has definitely been another part of MMC that has had a profound impact on me.” -Kelly H.

“I love that they each bring a different perspective to the table. No one mentor is like the other which has opened my mind to seeing things differently for my own business and not getting stuck in a cookie cutter, one size fits all practice.” -Elizabeth R.

“Learning from their experiences is amazing. Certain things worked for them and certain things didn’t and that’s a gift to learn from an open and honest coach. It shows me all the possibilities and gives me tools to try. I love hearing about how they started out and what it was like being the beginner. It reminds me that they too had to start somewhere and gives me courage that I can do the same.” -Orly L.

Want to learn from experienced mentors and role models who can teach you the secrets of creating and sustaining life-changing results as a coach?

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Important Note:

Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.

Once your application has been reviewed, we’ll let you know within 72 hours if you’ve been accepted. (Yes! Payment plans are available! Keep reading – pricing information is below.)

Receive Support as Others Believe in You Too

The Meaning of Sisterhood & Why It Makes a Difference

I learned the deep meaning of sisterhood from one of my personal role models, mentors, and now close friend, Nisha Moodley. (Nisha is also one of the mentors inside the program!)

Nisha tells the story of how sisterhood saved her, so she could find her freedom. She believes that, “For nearly all of human history, we have lived together in community, supporting one another. No matter what we were going through – good times or sad – there would be other women there to support, celebrate, encourage and care for us. When women come together to celebrate and support one another, shame and insecurity are brought into the light, and we work together for healthier communities and a better future. Sisterhood is the supportive structure that holds all of life together.”

We rely on sisterhood a lot inside the program because having this type of genuine, loving, meaningful connection is one of the best ways to reshape our beliefs.

In sisterhood, we’re encouraged and supported as we empower our beliefs about ourselves and our new coaching skills, then we see those new beliefs mirrored back to us.

We also gain confidence in ourselves and our skills when others see us in the new roles we’re growing into, and hold the space for us to become the better versions of ourselves as coaches and feminine leaders.

I believe sisterhood is the missing magic we need to bring us home to our own sovereignty and worth. With brutally honest communication and brilliant collaboration, we discover what we are truly capable of. We are inspired to take action with the fierceness and openness of our heart. We stop “powering through” in isolation and start receiving support and trusting in our feminine power.

Learn what sisterhood means to the women in the program…

“Sisterhood means a deepening of support, and not just when things get tough but also when it’s time to celebrate, which is something that is hard for me. It’s a safe space for all those feelings, a place to play without fear.” -Jo T.

“For me sisterhood means a powerhouse. A force that stands for growth, love and service. Our sisterhood is nourishing me with friendship, love, new wisdom, new resources, inspiration, accountability and business collaborations.” -Paula F.

“It means being able to be your real, true, raw, authentic self and know that you will be loved no matter what. It isn’t all hugs and rainbows; sometimes it dark. When you are trying to hide and make excuses the Sisterhood is there to call you out, with love, of the shadows and back into the light.” -Mary A.

“I value the support of like-minded women. It was the main reason why I joined MMC. I have never experienced this kind of support before and it has had a proofed influence on my growth this year both personally and within my business.” -Kelly H.

Are you ready to receive the nurturing, empowering, and belief-changing support of like-minded women so you can start and grow a thriving practice as a coach?

Fill out your Mentor Masterclass application here…


Keep in Mind:

Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.

Once your application has been reviewed, we’ll let you know within 72 hours if you’ve been accepted. (Yes! Payment plans are available! Keep reading – pricing information is below.)

Jump in now and fill out an exploration application for Mentor Masterclass:

Fill out your Mentor Masterclass application here…

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Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.

Once your application has been reviewed, we’ll let you know within 72 hours if you’ve been accepted. (Yes! Payment plans are available! Keep reading – pricing information is below.)

Making Your Decision – Is Mentor Masterclass Right for You

Once you read the answers to these questions, I’m confident you’ll know if Mentor Masterclass is right for you.

What is the Investment for Mentor Masterclass?

The investment for Mentor Masterclass is $11,400. This is the full investment for the year-long program, paid as a single payment. There is also a $250 enrollment fee. When you choose the single payment option you save over $1,850. You also receive bonus access to 12 more mentor training sessions, from 12 additional mentors and role models.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes. There are two payment plans available. When you choose to make this investment in yourself on the first payment plan, your investment will be made in 12 monthly installments of $949, with a $1,250 enrollment fee. When you choose to invest on the second payment plan, your investment will be made in 18 monthly installments of $625, with a $2,250 enrollment fee.

How do I enroll in Mentor Masterclass?

Your first step is to apply. All new students go through the same application process. My goal is to choose applicants who are a good fit for our close-knit, supportive, and nurturing community. Once your application has been accepted, you will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, based on payment of your tuition deposit. If we receive multiple applications for a limited number of class seats, your tuition deposit will secure your seat. (So make sure to get your deposit in as soon as you learn that you’ve been accepted to the program.)

I’m ready to start now! Do I have to wait until January?

Great news! You can start any time there’s a seat available. We cover a different core coaching subject every month, using a different workbook every month. Each of the workbooks is a stand-alone training module. That means you can start the program at the beginning of any month there’s a seat available. When you apply and if you are accepted you will get an email from our feminine care specialist letting you know our most immediate available start dates.

How Soon Should I Apply?

Apply right away. If you know you’re interested, it’s important that you apply right away. I keep the class size limited to provide the best experience for the women inside the program. That means there is often a waiting list. Once your application has been approved and your tuition deposit paid, you’ll get the next available opening based on a first-come-first-served basis.

Can I change my mind after I apply?

Yes. Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. Part of the application process is to give you time to fully commit and follow your calling. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

How does the application process work?

I will personally read your application. I review all applications when they come in. I spend time with each application and tune into your answers with both my mind and my heart. I deeply listen to my intuition as I’m going through the applications, and make my decision based on your needs as well as the needs of the women already inside the program. It’s my deepest intention to create a safe, sacred space for all of us inside this very special sisterhood.

There’s a TON of powerful content! How much time will I need each week?

Making a commitment is key. You’ll get the best (and fastest!) results in your new coaching business when you make a commitment to attend the live calls, follow the action steps, and practice with your coaching partner. I recommend that you dedicate roughly 10 hours per week to get the most out of Mentor Masterclass. (Of course, when you’re prospecting, more is better too because more prospecting equals more clients.) Our goal in Mentor Masterclass is to expand your resourcefulness, focus and peace of mind so that you have the experience of time in your life expanding.

Jeannine, I’m worried that I won’t have enough time. Help!

Time = emotion. OK, sister, time for some tough love. When you dig down deep, not having enough time is NOT the issue. When you “don’t have enough” time, what you’re really saying is that you’re not clear about your priorities. Or that you know your priorities, but you’re not honoring them because you’re doing other things instead. It all boils down to emotion and creating clarity about what you want and where you are focused. How are you connecting with your dreams and desires emotionally? One of the things you’ll learn inside Mentor Masterclass right away is how to tap into your emotions so you can stay true to your priorities. When your emotions match your priorities and actions, you’ll produce the results you want. This is why women in Mentor Masterclass feel they have MORE time for doing the things they love then ever, even with the added commitment to the course work and program.

OMG, 358 coaching tools, techniques, & conversation models! How will I remember all of them in client sessions?

Practicing with your coaching partner builds confidence. Every woman in the program is given a well-matched coaching partner to work with. So you are getting a one-on-one life coach as part of your investment in the program. Together you’ll take turns coaching each other, using what you learn each week. You’ll also be using the coaching tools in your own life so you know exactly what they’re for and when to use them. Inside Sister Circle you’ll also receive laser coaching from me, and listen to your sisters be coached. Plus, our weekly live training sessions have a coaching section, where you’ll listen to me individually coach each woman in the program, and give my feedback as we listen to members coach each other. Remember, you’ll have 12 months to take your time learning all of the tools, along with the action assignments that make them easy to understand, apply, and use in your sessions and programs. Believe me, over the year you’ll hear (and experience!) so much coaching that you’ll learn how to follow your intuition and your training. With practice you’ll have the self-confidence that you’ll know what to say, and when to say it.

Why do you keep the class size small?

Sisterhood means connection and support. When I created the course I wanted to make sure that every sister feels loved, honored, and supported. And that I could be fully present during every live call, Sister Circle, and in the private Facebook group. A big part of that is making sure that my team and I are fully able to respond to you as a sister would. A smaller class size means a more personal and connected experience for you.

How long is the program?

Mentor Masterclass is a one-year program. Every month we use the repeating RSVP process to learn, practice, and master a new set of coaching tools, techniques, and methods. By the end of the year we cover 12 distinct coaching subjects – all of which are key ingredients to a thriving practice. By following the RSVP learning steps each month, you take new actions…which lead to new results…which lead to new beliefs about yourself and the gifts you have to share with the world as a successful coach.

How soon can I start coaching?

You can start coaching right away, while you learn. In fact, you’ll actually start running practice sessions with your practice partner during your second week of training. In the RSVP training method, the second week of every month is devoted to practicing the coaching tools you’re learning. You’ll also be encouraged to offer free practice sessions to your family members, friends, and colleagues. Most women find that these practice sessions quickly lead to paid sessions. I intend for you to get paying clients your first 3 months in the program. This process prepares you to start right away and continue to grow with my support throughout the year.

How soon can I start charging money?

Prospecting brings paid clients. Week three of every month is “Prospecting Week.” We designate time every month for you to learn and strengthen your prospecting techniques and client skills to bring in paying clients. The more you practice, the more you believe in yourself, and the more new paying clients you attract. You’ll start using and applying these prospecting skills your first month in class as well.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, and I know you can do this! There is a 30 day money back guarantee IF you do all the work, join all the live calls and Sister Circles, and do the action assignments. If you’re still not happy, you’ll get a full refund and release from the program (minus the application fee). But know this: whenever we make changes in our lives we almost always have a moment (or lots of moments!) when we feel like quitting. There’s power underneath that, because it usually happens just before a major discovery or life-changing breakthrough. I’m fully committed to guiding and supporting you in your path as a coach. I’m going to challenge you to make that same commitment to yourself, your family, and your future clients (who really need you!). So even though there’s a 30 day window to get a refund, I still consider Mentor Masterclass is a “no-refund, no-quitting” program. You can do this! I believe in you and I want you to believe in yourself too.

Still Have Questions About the Program?

Click here to listen to the Dream Business Clarity Live call with Coach Jey.

We discuss the full-length program in more detail and help you get clarity about starting and running your dream coaching business.


Sister, Here’s What I Believe Is Possible for You as a Coach…

According to the International Coach Federation, most personal coaches charge between $100 and $300 per hour. The average fee for a 1-hour session is $229.

Specialized coaches easily charge $500 hundred dollars an hour, or more. Highly specialized coaches sometimes charge into the thousands (per hour), depending on the specialty and their client success record.

And that’s just for individual coaching sessions.

The Coaching Federation also found that most coaches offer at least one other product or service, along with their 1-on-1 sessions.

Things like group training programs, online programs, or both. Which means most coaches have multiple streams of income, in addition to their individual sessions.

But here’s my favorite part…

It’s really what coaching is all about, on a deeper level…

It’s also the real reason I created my program – and probably the same reason you’re here too…

It’s because Mentor Masterclass is designed for a treasured group of women who know they’re looking for more than just the financial rewards that coaching can provide. (Although they know the power to create financial security as a coach is important too.)

My program is designed for women like you who want to start and grow your business in a way that’s congruent with your values, personality, and the needs of your family.

It’s for you if you want the time freedom, time flexibility, and the power to choose who you work with, and what you work on…

It’s for you if you’re here to be of soulful service to others as you do meaningful work that’s driven by heart and intuition…

It’s for you if you’re ready to embrace your feminine self rule and personal power so you can feel deeply connected to both your brilliance and your softness as a woman – kind, confident, and open to new possibilities and new delights on a daily basis…

It’s for you if you want to feel seen and accepted, wherever you’re starting from, with no judgment – only love, sisterhood, and respect.

If you resonate with what I’m saying, and feel this is the transformative, nurturing coach training program you’re looking for – then I invite you to join us now.

Fill out your Mentor Masterclass application here…




Your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join. When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.

Once your application has been reviewed, we’ll let you know within 72 hours if you’ve been accepted. (Yes! Payment plans are available! Keep reading – pricing information is below.)

The 2020 investment in Mentor Masterclass is as follows:


I’m here to change your life, and help you launch a meaningful business that will help you put your amazing work out into the world.

That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to fully participate in Mentor Masterclass for 30 days, commitment-free. Don’t feel like the program delivers? I’ll happily give you your money back.

NOTE: Because of the in-depth nature of the course, all cancellations require proof that you’ve completed your homework, and every action item is required to be completed in the workbook and the PFO checklist.

Why? Because I know that if you do the Mentor Masterclass work, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and don’t get value? That’s on us – and we’ll refund every cent.


A Note on Class Size:

I limit class size to make sure you have the best experience possible and I’m fully present to support your progress.

New spots open up as women graduate. Because we fill the available spots on a first-come / first-decide basis, it’s in your best interest to fill out an application now.

Once the class fills we’ll start a waiting list.

Special Bonuses for the Waiting List too!

Here’s the great news…

If you fill out your application now, get accepted, and make a deposit for one of the upcoming spots, then we’ll honor all of the bonuses we’re offering right now.

So in other words, you can still get all of the bonuses if you’re on the waiting list for one of the next openings.

If you’re ready to take the next step, fill out your exploration application now:

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Watch This Video and Meet 6 Inspirational Coaching Role Models

Role models give us a living, breathing, picture of what our lives can be like AFTER we’ve chosen to follow our heart’s calling and make the choices we want to make.

All of these women are part of the sisterhood inside Mentor Masterclass. They are either graduates of the program, or they’re current students.

Their stories all have a common thread: that success as a coach is as unique as we are!