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What Does It Mean To “Be” Your Brand?

July 5th, 2016 | 2 comments

As a life coach (or future life coach), you’re running a deeply personal business.

In fact, you’ve probably heard that your brand is really YOU! And if you feel a little uncomfortable with that sometimes, you’re not alone.

I get these questions all the time from my students in Mentor Masterclass:

  • What does it really mean to “be” my brand?
  • What if my personality is a little boring or I’m going through a dark time in my life right now? Should I still try to be my brand?
  • Shouldn’t I try to have a brand that appeals to the most people?

These are great questions! And today, we’ve got answers. Just press play on the video below!

In this sneak peek inside Mentor Masterclass, my all-in life coach training program, I’m introducing you to the incredible Michelle Goldblum. In today’s video she shares her expertise and teaches you the simple, everyday things you should be keeping an eye out for in your life…because they’ll reveal what your one-of-a-kind brand should really look like!

Michelle is the CEO & Founder of I AM. creative, a full service brand development agency specializing in the mind/body/spirit, wellness, self-improvement and self-empowerment space. Michelle’s agency has helped craft the brands of more than 100 life coaches and other thought leaders.

Our students inside Mentor Masterclass rave about how Michelle helps them get into the essence of their personal brands. Today’s video is a must-see, so PRESS PLAY to check it out!

Want to learn even more when you dive into Michelle’s full-length interview?

Check out the Mentor Masterclass Virtual Self-Study Celebrity Series. You’ll get to dive into the high-level wisdom of 24+ international celebrity leaders and put their teachings into action the moment you’re ready.

For now, press play on the video above and start getting into the essence of YOU!

All my love,


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2 people have commented
  1. Love what Michelle said about there always being an audience for YOUR brand and that it takes so much energy to step into a brand that isn’t authentic to who you are. Great stuff, Jey!

  2. Michelle has such a simple, clear, and powerful message here.

    In week one of each month of Mentor Masterclass we learn to “walk our talk”. And here we uncover layers of ourselves learning more about who we are – and who our brand is. What I’m also learning, is that this can evolve we we grow and shift and become brand new over and over again. A shift in identity, might mean a shift in brand!

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