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How to Manage That Feeling of Always Wanting More

June 13th, 2017 | no comments

When is it time to stop focusing on growth?

This year has been a very strange year in my life, compared to the 32 years before it. My birthday is in 11 days and I’m reflecting.

When I say strange, what I actually mean is it’s been the best year of my life and somehow that has made me feel depressed.

I’m going to try to put words to something I’m only just beginning to understand. Will you hold space for me to open my heart and be clear? Okay, thanks!

This is the first year in my life that I’m experiencing the feeling of having everything I want (or that I thought I wanted).

  • I’m in love and married to a handsome and brilliant man.

  • I have a healthy, witty, beautiful little girl.

  • We share a home on the beach that we love and make memories in.

  • We have time, location, and financial FREEDOM.

  • I love my work. I feel on purpose, of service, and confident.

  • My business is successful (by my standards of success). Six-figure income, brilliant team support, clients I love to work with, automated systems, passive income.

  • I have a circle of brilliant and supportive sisters who are always here for me.

I could honestly celebrate in gratitude so much more and go on and on. The sneaky mess behind it all is that I don’t know how to handle a life without big goals, dreams and massive things I’m waiting to accomplish.

At this moment, all my big dreams have come true.

  • So, should I dig deep and create more goals?

  • Am I living a lie and these things are not what I wanted and that’s why I’m not feeling how I thought I’d feel when I got to this point in my life?

  • Or is that a self-sabotaging thought I’ve invented to create more dreams to aspire to, so that I’m always working toward something?

As a life coach (or an aspiring one) you’ve probably felt that inner tug on your heart – the one that wants you to strive for more in your business and your life. It’s a powerful motivator!

But can there be too much of a good thing? How can you learn to balance the feeling of wanting more with the peaceful joy of savoring where you are in your business, as it exists right in this moment?

In this week’s Wake Up Wednesday episode, I’m giving you a sneak peek inside my premium life coaching course, Mentor Masterclass. In the video below, you’ll drop right into the middle of an insightful conversation with one of our celebrity guest mentors, life and fitness coach (and dear friend!) Erin Stutland. She digs deep to discuss how to manage that feeling of always wanting more – PRESS PLAY on the video below!


Erin is the creator of the Glamour Magazine + Crunch featured mind/body workout Shrink Session: Tone Your Body, Expand Your Mind and the online goal setting course, Magical Manifesters: Less Hustle, More Flow.

She’s combined her love for movement, spirituality, self development and creativity into a coaching business that helps people create movement in their bodies and movement in their lives. Erin has a knack for inspiring everyone from rooms full of people to the students in Mentor Masterclass and beyond.

In the video above, Erin shares her insight on how growth really works and why you wouldn’t necessarily even want to go from zero to 20,000 followers overnight! Success is longer-lasting when you take the time to grow into it emotionally and spiritually. Be devoted to enjoying exactly where you’re at.

Do you have 5 clients? Well, that’s where you’re at right now, it’s what you’re holding space for…and at the same time, you can still be ready for 7 or even 10 clients.

The question soon becomes, how do you know when to stop?

If you’re always looking ahead, can you ever really be happy where you are? How do you avoid getting sucked into a vicious cycle of always wanting more?

Erin shares a go-to gesture she uses to physically embody balancing both sides of herself – the side that’s happy where she is, and the side that’s always wanting more. (PRESS PLAY on the video above to watch her demonstrate this.)

You’ll notice Erin is placing one hand on her heart with her other palm outstretched in front of her. Try it! The hand on your heart is saying, “I’m satisfied with where I am,” while your outstretched palm is saying, “…And I’m ready for more.”

Two things are happening at once! You’re avoiding the trap of staying stuck where you are, and you’re also pulling yourself out of the mindset where you’re always wondering what’s next and you forget to enjoy where you are.

You can be satisfied where you are and ready for more.

In your coaching practice you might find times when it’s important to stay right where you are in terms of growth, savoring the moment. Other times you’ll feel it’s time to switch into that go-go-go part of yourself that’s ready to strive for more.

Want to dig even deeper with Erin and all of the celebrity guest mentors in Mentor Masterclass? Click here to learn more about how you can apply!

All my love,


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