Mentor Masterclass Life Coach Training

You are the girl everybody comes to for advice (and you secretly LOVE it).

You are the woman who has overcome adversity and thrived, where many chose to stay stuck or give in.

You have always had the sense you were meant for bigger things (your life experience has prepared you to be a leader).

You believe in pursuing a career you’re passionate about that makes a difference in the world.

You can’t ignore the signs that Life Coaching may be your Life Purpose.







I’m on a mission

to help women like you step out of your insecurities, stand up for your powerful purpose and start changing the world the way only you can.  But I get it. You’re not quite sure you’ve got what it takes to lead paying clients in a session and run your own business.  We need you to recognize your gifts and I’m here to support you in making your dreams a “pinch me I can’t believe I really did it” reality.

If you’ve been wondering

“Do I have what it takes to become a life coach?”

“Where can I learn the skills I need to coach paying clients in on going sessions and achieve making 6 figures- even if I know nothing about business!”?”

“How can I learn to speak my fearless truth and inspire bigger audiences with my story and message?”

“Where can I get quality training I can afford, expand my spiritual connection and master financial abundance?”


I’ve been there too, and I’m here to support your sweet cheeks.

That’s why I’ve designed this program to arm you with everything you need to know…. for an investment that you can actually handle.

I created this course because I know you want to learn exactly how to deal with every part of your coaching business; from clients, to potential conflict, to cash money, honey.




So… why am I the girl to help you?

I’m a master life coach and mentor, totally in love with helping coaches and thought leaders find their unique zone of genius and launch their coaching business.

The crazy part: I was 23 when I started my coaching business.

In just one year, I went from insecure, small, lost and broke, to coaching celebrities, making 6-figures and being featured on the cover of The New York Times.

Nowadays, I work with women around the world, including students of Mentor Masterclass from Nigeria to New Jersey.

How did I do it?

With discipline, attention to detail, a foundation of simple coaching techniques, a strong mentor, sisterhood, and a conscious response to a deeper calling and shift within my personal power.

Now, I’m here with a panel of world-changing experts to help you experience what you’re really capable of.




Nisha Moodley

Jeannine has a special talent for seeing people for their highest potential, then helping them see it, too. Whether you're looking to launch yourself as a brand new coach or take the stage for the hundredth time, she'll help you shine.

Nisha Moodley, Fierce Fabulous Free


Welcome home, gorgeous.
You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime.


The Mentor Masterclass is the only all women’s life coach training and business course, taught online, and over the phone, offering an intimate sisterhood and personal support from 12+ global leaders in the field (and yours truly!)

… and it’s so much more than that.



  • The rundown of what it really means to be an incredible coach, run a badass biz, and change lives for the better

  • How to deepen your work if you’re already a coach, and how to get started if you’re a coach-in-training with the kind of expertise and confidence that initiates a buzz in the industry where everybody is dying to know who you are

  • The top tools, techniques, and conversation models every coach must know to be effective, and masterful at transforming lives

  • What it’s really like to have a coach. I’ll be working with you to help you blast through any doubts or obstacles that keep you from fiercely launching your coaching business and taking the stage with your message

  • Exactly how to put what you learn to work in the real world, with different client personalities needs

  • How 12 of the industry’s top thought leaders climbed the ladder – and get their exclusive support to help you do the same

  • Tactics for tackling every speed bump on your road to running and launching your crazy successful coaching biz.



This is your one-stop-shop for learning the intuitive skills, professional techniques, and business smarts you need to become a top-tier coach – no matter how old you are.

You’ll get attention from me, PLUS inside secrets from 12 celebrity mentors who share their exclusive stories, business model, and world-rockin’ leadership strategies.

The goal? To help you launch, or take your coaching practice to the next level (and beyond) – without straining your bank account to get there.  I’m determined to help you find the feminine business model that compliments your passion and strengths.

I believe you deserve more then the cookie cutter way of doing things and I’m here to lay your options out on a shiny golden platter.

It’s your turn to feel completely held and spoiled.  Yes, you do deserve it.

If You're Ready Right Now

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Terena Barajas

“Life Coaching is not just about my clients it’s about loving and taking care of myself (Jeannine includes this in the course assignments) I love that.”

I overcame my confusion about how to become a life coach, my fear of making the wrong decision and feeling like I had to go with a more well-known or "official" training program by trusting my instinct and Jeannine.  I applied, got on a call with Jey and I instantly felt that this program would offer so much more than just coaching tools and techniques. It was absolutely worth the investment not only am I getting trained with Life Coaching skills, I have found a family that understands what I am going through and that offers unconditional support.  This is the only life coach training program I found with a soul.

Jeannine´s intuitive and strong leadership and the group´s support and sense of community has blown me away. I have no other Life Coaches in my life and even though my family is very supportive it can be hard sometimes and to have a group that is there no matter has been the most powerful experience.

1. Jeannine not only teaches us how to use tools for our clients but also for ourselves. I’ve learned Life Coaching is not just about my clients it is about me, loving myself, taking care of myself and Jeannine includes this in the course assignments and I love that.  She holds me accountable for working out, meditating, and all sorts of other things that enable me to be the best coach and person I can be.

2. I have gotten clearer on my vision of the future, aspects of my coaching business and of my life in general. Overall I feel and am much happier.

3. I have seen it is possible to support other people without envy or nasty competitiveness. This group is a testament to that and that has impacted my life and affected my behavior with others.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming a Life Coach for sure. I now look at the other courses I was considering taking on and feel that they have no soul, that I would not be making this kind of change, these connections, living the joy of this kind of community.

Mentor Masterclass is life-changing and you can reap all the benefits if you are ready to play and give it 100%!

Terena Barajas, Life Coach & EFT Miracle Worker


Mentor Master Class What’s inside (at a glance):



Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get in this program:

(for a full peek at all the coaching techniques you’ll learn in the program, enter your email above, we’ll email you the full course breakdown)

  • 12 months of life coach and business training so you’re ready to kick off an incredible career, armed with everything you need to coach with confidence and ease

  • Exclusive expertise from 12 celebrity coaches who are changing the game with their brilliance, and can’t wait to help you do the same

  • Private access to all 12 PDF workbooks – packed with 100+ high level coaching skills, techniques, strategies, conversation models, and business marketing tools in a step-by-step, action based layout

  • 3 live monthly group training calls with me and the Mentor Masterclass women in your new supportive community

  • Personal coaching from me through the workbooks and group calls to help you gain personal experience and results from having a coach of your own, and using your new tools in your personal life

  • Call scripts, assessments, contracts, and syntax guides to use in building your business and with your paying clients

  • Feedback from me live in class (I’ll listen to you lead a live coaching session), so I can help you improve and celebrating your new coaching skills

  • Client prospecting strategies & marketing tools to name, price, create and launch your coaching services

  • Exercises, meditations, and personal work to further your inner journey, and equip you with a firm foundation of self-understanding before you sell out your services

  • Weekly homework and daily accountability to help you take consistent action and achieve jaw dropping results

  • Private lifetime access to Mentor Masterclass Facebook Group

  • Private lifetime access to a recorded session replay of every class training

  • An open lifetime invitation to join the live training calls at any time for FREE (even after completion of 1-year commitment)

  • An accountability partner to practice your coaching in a super comfortable and safe space

  • Doable, steady action steps to help you raise your standards & create a new embodied style of leadership

  • Weekly ‘Play Full Out’ Checklists and graphs to track your progress, and integrate playful competition with your sister coaches

  • Printed charts for personal and client use

  • The confidence, skills and training you need to start your business & believe you are an expert Life Coach



Meet The Mentors

Amanda Daley

Nicole Moore

Nicole Jardim

Nicole Jardim

Lisa Fraley & Gena Shingle Jaffe

Nisha Moodley

Jacob Sokol

Jacob Sokol

Erin Stutland

Elayne Doughty

Elayne Kalila

Cora Poage

Kate Northrup

Kate Northrup

Lisa Fabrega

Danielle LaPorte




Here’s how to join us:

The course is open enrollment, which means you can enroll at the beginning of any month.

It’s completely virtual and you can participate from around the world!

The class takes place the first three Mondays of every month at 10am EST on a free conference line.

Can’t make the class? No worries. We have many women who work 9-5 while transitioning into their full time biz.  These fierce ladies get plenty of connection through our sister circle calls, private FB community and 1-on-1 partner sessions.  

A recorded replay of our group calls will be sent directly to your provided each Monday by 5 PM EST.



What’s inside (every detail):

To give you a clear picture of just how much value is packed into this course, I’ve broken it down into estimated values.


36 Group Training Calls

($8,100 Value)


Not sure how a specific tool applies to your coaching client? This is the only life coach training program that offers intimate and personal time for you to receive coaching and feedback live on the line with an industry expert.  Need help pricing your service? I can help – live on the line.

For three Mondays of every month we meet up to:

  • Practice meditation, and get into the deepest parts of connection, sisterhood, and accountability

  • Review the workbook section we’re going over that week

  • Demonstrate the techniques you’re learning, using the tools and topics live on the training calls.


I’ll be leading you every step of the way.


You’ll have full access to me and my team via email, between class sessions.

Miss a class? No problem.  Recordings of every Masterclass call will be sent to your inbox after we wrap.

12 Internet Marketing Resources & Challenges

($2000 Value)


I know you’re crazy busy – so I’ve built in one extra implementation week each month.

But don’t think you won’t be learning along the way! These weeks are all about giving you time to catch up, and take massive action.

You’ll get internet marketing training and action challenges provided in your workbook every month in week 4.  It’s a great way to learn how to position yourself and your business online to bring in clients while you sleep.

This program is designed to give you plenty of time and space to make progress. So, get some R&R if you need it, or get to work building your online empire.

12 All-Inclusive Masterclass Workbooks

($2,500 Value)

Each weekly workbook is packed full of Life Coach tools, techniques, coaching skills, and conversation models.

Over the 12 months you’ll learn Health Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Career Coaching, Entrepreneur Business Coaching, NLP, Law of Attraction, Productivity, Time Management, Inner and Outer Game, Motivational, Life Purpose, Archetypal Healing, Identity, Metaphor, Hypnosis and Intuitive Coaching Techniques.  Plus, so much more!

These high-power guides will help you stay focused through all 12 months, and serve as your “coaching textbook”, that you can refer back to time and time again.

Every workbook revolves around an overall niche of coaching to master. Every week I carefully direct your power and focus in creating clarity in a specific area vital for coaching success (in your personal life, in a session with clients, prospecting and marketing).  We complete each week with powerful action steps and assignments for fully implementing and practicing each week’s lesson.

As we wrap every month, I also include:

  • Bonus business building tips

  • Prospecting techniques

  • Marketing strategies focused on building a successful coaching business.

Sister Circles


Work closely with fellow students to practice your skills, and form incredible new bonds.

I carefully organize the Mentor Masterclass community into smaller groups of like-minded coaches who meet up each week. This is where magical friendships, accountability partnerships, and soulful sisterhood connections are born.

I join in on a call with your sister circle every month to offer 1:1 support and laser coaching, to help you tackle any problems you might be having, and help you blast through your obstacles with strategy and ease.

I am determined to get plenty of connecting time with you throughout our year together and I can’t wait to get to know everything about you and focus in on solidifying your unique niche and purpose when it comes to the tribe you are here to lead.

Accountability Partner

($1,800 Value)

You’ll be partnered up with an amazing woman who’ll become your life coach, client, colleague and (inevitably) your soul sister.

As part of your homework, you’ll meet weekly with an accountability sister on a recorded phone call. To keep you on your toes and honing your skills, you’ll switch partners every 3 months to practice working with different personalities.

You’ll also have me as your life coach for 12 months, along with 4 other life coaches who’ll support you as you work through obstacles, conquer challenges, and really learn how to walk your talk.

This is about taking the skills you’re learning off the pages of your workbooks, and putting them to the test in a safe practice zone.

Monthly Bonuses


Each month, you’ll have an opportunity to win access to bonus materials!

BUT, there’s a catch: you have to play full out, follow through on all homework, and turn in your weekly checklists.

Rocking out your action steps deserves serious reward. So I’ll be giving it away like Oprah’s Christmas special, awarding additional contracts, PDF’s, conversation models and industry secrets every time you succeed in hitting your target goals each month (I know how much you love to win).

Feedback/Training From Me

($2,700 Value)

Get personalized feedback from me to help you step your game up – and keep going.

I’ll share feedback with you to give you pointers about your strengths, improvements you can make, and to help you grow and expand as a coach.  Once a month I choose a pair of coaches to focus on live in class.  I’ll listen to you coach your partner and share constructive feedback with you.

Exclusive Content From 12 Celebrity Mentors


Every month features a celebrity mentor to rock your world, and give you a whole new perspective on coaching and business.

These mentors will be rockin’ it out on Google+ for hour-long interviews recorded in advance, packed with exclusive insights, advice, and tips to help you take it higher.

Here’s a sneak peek at what they’ll be dishing out:

1. The real world tools these coaches use to walk their talk

2. Their absolute favorite strategies, conversation models, and techniques to use with clients.

3. Tried n’ true techniques they use to prospecting and get a full roster of paying clients

4. Marketing secrets and strategies that helped them create amazing 6-figure coaching businesses.


  • Weekly simplified action steps
  • An exclusive gift from each mentor


Unlimited Access to Email Support From Me

($5,000 Value)

We leave the lines open to you!

Because I’m absolutely dedicated to your success, I keep email lines open to answer any questions you might have! This is exclusive support is offered in the Mentor Masterclass.

Lifetime Membership to Private FB Group


Join the exclusive Facebook community to get even more of the support you need.

When you’re part of the Mentor Masterclass, you never have to go it alone. You can drop into the members area to leave comments, share stories, and and get feedback from myself, my team, Mentor Masterclass graduates, and your fellow sisters.

The best part? Once you’re in the MM community, you have a supportive sisterhood that’ll carry you for the rest of your life.

This sisterhood will change your life.

So be prepared to make new friends. Get ready to immerse yourself in like-minded brilliance, and level up your sense of connection to yourself, and the kind of women who know how to give as much as they receive from you.

You deserve the support you need from a community of women who can handle your depth and meet you with the same magical intuitive brilliance you naturally offer.

Unlimited Access to Membership Area Training/Workbooks and Community

($5,000 Value)

You’re invited to continue and repeat Mentor Masterclass as many times as your heart desires, with access to the membership area, workbooks, and masterclass community even after you complete the full year.

Headed to India on a spiritual mission, getting married or having a baby? Don’t worry. You can’t “miss out” or “fall behind”, because you get lifetime access to learn at your own pace. The training materials will be there as long as you need them.

NOTE: because of all the butt-kicking content included in this option, a minimum commitment of 10 hours a week is required.

Can’t commit to that time frame? No problem! Check out our other go-at-your-own-pace options here and here.

Coaches in their first year will be given 1:1 feedback from me, accountability partners, sister circles and access to the mentors. Unfortunately, because of the way enrollment works, returning students will only have access to all materials and not live support after graduation.

Discounted Enrollment For The Annual Captivate Retreat

($800 value)

A weekend of deep connection, soul sisterhood, and wisdom from industry leaders. Meet Jey in person, mingle with your favorite thought leaders and connect with your community live on the East Coast. Step into the spotlight. Speak your truth. Create a life & coaching practice you love.  As a Mentor Masterclass coach you get a discount on this in person adventure.

Total Masterclass Value:

Over $23,000

Your investment:

Under $9,000


When you join Mentor Masterclass by July 1st, 2017 you will receive:

  • A hard copy of Danielle LaPorte’s brand new book: “White Hot Truth”.
  • A beautiful welcome box full of Jey’s favorite things to support you in building your business with feminine leadership.
  • The opportunity to connect with Danielle Laporte and receive her guidance live!

I’ll personally review your application. Spaces in Mentor Masterclass are limited, and this sisterhood is carefully curated in devotion to your expansion.  Don’t miss out by waiting.





“I have been immersed in this type of work for over 10 years, and i find the content is exemplary and is the perfect combination of straightforward coaching models and intuitive learning”

Money almost prevented me from enrolling in mentor masterclass. I reorganized my priorities. It will help to give me the life i have always imagined full of freedom and abundance, and help me to give others the same.

I have been immersed in this type of work for over 10 years, and i find the content is exemplary and is the perfect combination of straightforward coaching models and intuitive learning. There is a ton of information, and it will take years to digest it. What a course!

Sometimes we equate someone who is  kind, loving, and is not "all business" as "weaker".  Somehow wrong! Jeannine, is so is loving (what an asset), however, wise, balanced, organized, and no pushover!

I’ve learned soo much more about myself (i thought i knew it all haha), i am finding out i am more valuable and more powerful than i imagined inside, and that i love life coaching!!!!!!

Absolutely would refer mentor masterclass to anyone who wants a gentle leader, but firm handed life coach when needed.

Jeannine is an uber fabulous woman that has built her business powerfully and continues to do so. She can help you do it too!

Gween, Transformational Coach, Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki Master



  • You want 1:1 personal training and attention from a coach who really cares (me!)

  • Are ready to add coaching to your current profession or business

  • Can put coaching to use as an additional skill set (fitness pros, consultants, managers, health professionals, creatives, etc.)

  • Want to discover if coaching is right for you, without sinking thousands into training

  • Feel ready to learn the ropes in a safe & comfortable training environment

  • Realize that the industry is flooded with new coaches daily & you want to carve out a space for yourself in a rapidly growing field

  • Already run a coaching business but want to refresh on specific training tools, and learn the latest skills to take your business to the next level

  • Crave a loving sisterhood of fellow coaches to connect with, share insight, ask questions & practice alongside

  • Are eager to be seen as a leader in the coaching industry

  • Want training in starting your business, & becoming an internet marketing superstar

  • Have an interest in being hired on a team of coaches, under the coaching process l created R.S.V.P. (optional)


  • Prefer to be an invisible face in the learning environment

  • Dislike 1:1 attention

  • Don’t work well as part of a close and engaged community

  • Enjoy content all provided instantly

  • Aren’t ready to discover & work through your own limitations

  • Can’t set aside at least 8 hours per week to focus on building your business


I’m  here to change your life, and help you launch a meaningful business that will help you put your amazing work out into the world.

That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to fully participate in Mentor Masterclass for 30 days, commitment-free. Don’t feel like the program delivers? I’ll happily give you your money back.

NOTE: Because of the in-depth nature of the course, all cancellations require proof that you’ve completed your homework, and every action item is required to be completed in the workbook and the PFO checklist.

Why? Because I know that if you do the Mentor Masterclass work, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and don’t get value? That’s on us – and we’ll refund every cent.


Ava Adinolfi

“I am in love with the community of sisterhood and support that comes with this class.”

I evaluated my self-limiting beliefs and then I looked at my money and came up with a budget so that I could join Mentor Masterclass and it was 100% worth the investment.  It was worth the investment because it was an investment in me.  It was an investment into realizing my dreams and there was no other option than to take the plunge!

Being able to connect with Coach Jey and everyone on the calls is such a heart centering experience.  You are put in the hot seat, which is scary but there is so much compassion from everyone that you can’t help but feel safe at the same time.

I am in love with the community of sisterhood and support that comes with this class.  Even if you can’t join all of the calls there is always this strong sense of belonging and compassion that is felt.

I am more motivated than ever to live my life’s passion and get my business up and running.  Using the pain and pleasure model that Jeannine taught me has really helped facilitate this motivation.

I would recommend Mentor Masterclass to any women feeling called to serve others through life coaching but maybe feel a little hesitant because of fear or even lack of support. Coach Jey really gives you the tools that you need to build your business and you have a great community to be there for you when things get scary.

I want everyone to know that Mentor Masterclass is not just a class that you show up for 3 Mondays a month but that it is happening all the time. Jeannine and the rest of the band are all there for you at any given time and will do what they can to help you succeed!

Ava Adinolfi