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Let the guru out ! How to not be intimidated by the leading coaches in the industry

June 2nd, 2014 | no comments

How to not be intimidated by the leading coaches in the industry

not be intimidated by the leading coaches

Guest Blogger: Terena Barajas

Don’t over-think it

Most of us are wired to think that good things are a result of hard work and long hours and while this is not far from the truth, we also attach to this a great number of limiting beliefs which basically lead us to the idea that: good things don’t just happen without suffering, bad things have to happen first, you have to prepare really really well before you go out there, and all of this takes a REALLY long time.

I recently realized that most of this is complete nonsense. We have associated success with stress and suffering and years and years of toil and we end up feeling like we are only productive when we are stressed. We feel like whoever stays at the office working into the night will get brownie points and get competitive about who has had a tougher day.

That used to be my life before I decided to enroll in Mentor Masterclass and become a Life Coach. While I have left that life behind, there are traces of it that rear their ugly head every now and then.

Don´t worry about the hows

When we worry about the hows too much, how do I do this exactly, maybe I can´t do it perfectly well, I don´t know the exact steps; we are just placing obstacles between ourselves and success as coaches. The leading coaches in the industry can be a tremendous source of inspiration but we sabotage ourselves when we fall into the trap of comparison. She must have read every book out there, she must have studied for years, or had a huge breakthrough etc. We are used to looking for the “right way” to do things and convince ourselves that if we find it we will find success.

You are enough just as you are – you are a leading coach in the industry!

What we don’t realize, or at least I didn’t at first, is that we have what it takes already. Just like it´s common place to say now that you can´t expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself, I believe that the talent, the gift is already within us and we need to embrace that. We need to let that inner guru as coaches shine through and trust our instinct and intuition because I will bet you serious money that is a large part of what the leading coaches in the industry did to get where they are.

They stopped obsessing about the hows and whens and let their inner guide show them the way. And that’s where the magic begins to happen. What hows do you find yourself obsessing about? What would happen if you just stopped and released that anxiety? What would the guru within you say? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

Guest Blogger: Terena Barajas

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