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How To Instantly Bring Love Into Your Day (And Your Business)

February 14th, 2017 | no comments

I’m actually writing this a few days before I go to Disneyland with my daughter Violet. I still think it’s so amazing how I can go to the happiest place on earth and serve you with really exciting resources at the same time!

We’re so lucky to have systems that work for us and resources available to fulfill our wants and needs, aren’t we?

Sometimes the resources we need are technical systems that allow us to automate and schedule business-related things while we’re experiencing life. Other times, the resource you need is self-care based. You need a way to switch from fear-based thoughts to empowerment and love. And that’s what this week’s Wake Up Wednesday is all about.

I’m bringing you a sneak peek into my premium life coach training course, Mentor Masterclass. You’ll get to experience what women are learning as they become master life coaches.

I can’t wait to introduce you to our Mentor Masterclass February Mentor, Nicole Moore. She’s a Love & Relationship Coach, an NYU-certified life coach, and founder of Love Works.

Nicole believes everyone deserves amazing, soul-shaking love and connection, and that everyone is worthy of True Love. She’s passionate about helping women everywhere find True Love and transform their relationships, especially the ones they have with themselves.

In today’s sneak peek inside Nicole’s full-length Mentor Masterclass training, Nicole is teaching us how we can instantly bring love into our lives and businesses. And what could be more important than that?

As Nicole tells us, her whole life and business are oriented around the question: How can I increase the love? And the best part is, Nicole has an answer to that all-important question!


In today’s video, you’ll also learn:

  • Some must-have basics around the topic of love. For instance – what is a miracle, anyway? Nicole explains it perfectly. (You can jump to the 0:25 point in the video if you’d like to find out right now.)

  • What Nicole tells her clients who come to her and ask, “Why is it so easy for other people to find love, but not me?” (0:33)

  • How to distinguish “love thoughts” from “fear thoughts” and why it’s so important. (1:11)

  • The exercise you can do every day to see all situations (even mistakes in your business!) with love. (1:44)

And that’s just the beginning of what Nicole has to teach us. So go ahead and press PLAY!

All my love,


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