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The Most Important Question a Coach Can Ask Her Client

July 3rd, 2017 | no comments

Yesterday was so much fun. I love fireworks, family and freedom! The reason WHY I love July 4th is because of community and intention. Every year growing up, we would have a huge block party where all of our neighbors would be outside throwing parties and connecting. It’s the only holiday that had a casual feel.

My dad is a huge planner.

Our family is intense, so holidays usually equal chaos and drama.

My family obsesses over food.

My dad wakes up at 5am on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter to start cooking. That means he’d be in our room screaming at us to get up and help.

July 4th never had that same intensity. It’s always been a time of ease, fun, play, loud noises, lots of energy and food on the barbeque. Easy to cook and enjoy.

And now that I live on the East Coast I’ve carried that same tradition and energy. We live on the beach in CT and have the perfect setting for enjoying the outdoors and epic displays of freedom that light up the sky.

I love the summer. I take it easy in my business with new creations and time commitments so I feel especially free.


There’s a reason I’m sharing this story with you.

  1. I’m reflecting on the amazing time we had yesterday celebrating and I’m wondering how you feel during this holiday.
  2. When we ask the question “Why?” and take time to explain, deeper connections are made.

It’s Sneak Peek week here on Wake Up Wednesday, when we drop into a premium training inside my all-in life coach training course, Mentor Masterclass.

In today’s video clip one our mentors in the program, Isabel Foxen Duke, will be sharing the most important question a coach can ask a new client. It’s so beautifully simple, and yet even the most experienced life coaches may not have thought to ask this!

Isabel is a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women make peace with their bodies, so they can stop obsessing about food and get back to living awesome lives. Her areas of expertise include binge-eating, emotional eating and chronic unsuccessful dieting.

After years of trying to overcome emotional eating through “traditional” and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their food issues once and for all. She’s changing the way women think about food and their bodies from the ground up — not just by shifting the mindsets of individuals, but by creating a greater cultural revolution.

In today’s video clip Isabel dives into the importance of asking your client why.

Isabel points out that when a client comes to her for help, the desire to be thin (for example) is often making a deeper why.

When you drop into our conversation, you’ll notice Isabel is using food and weight as an example since it’s her area of expertise. But what’s beautiful is that this same idea can be applied to any topic your client has come to you for help with.

Ask your client your own version of: “Why is __ so important to you? What meaning do you attach to it?”

(Press PLAY on the video below as Isabel lays it all out for us.)

Things like food and weight, for instance, don’t have much meaning in and of themselves. When you were a baby, these ideas didn’t have baggage! They only have meaning now, because of cultural stories we attach to them.

When Isabel asks her clients why being thin is important to them, she often uncovers their deeper desires:

  • When I’m thin I’ll get a husband.

  • When I’m then I can take gorgeous photos for my website.

  • When I’m thin I’ll get more clients.

  • When I’m thin I can finally start my business.

When you take a few steps back to ask your client “Why is ___ so important to you, and how do you think life will change if you get a handle on this?” you begin to realize the things she’s really afraid of – the things she really wants for her life.

Soon you’re really starting to talk about what your client desires in the world. Best of all, you have the power to begin helping your client make these things happen in her life. Sometimes the issue your client tells you she wants to focus on is just noise, keeping her from talking about (and doing anything about) what really matters to her.

Isabel teaches this like no one else, so press PLAY on the video above to drop into our conversation!

If you want to access Isabel’s full training (along with all of our Mentor Masterclass celebrity mentors), click here.

All my love,


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