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I’m A Motivational Coach And I Didn’t Even Know It! (Guest Post By Coach Jordan)

October 8th, 2013 | no comments

I’m A Motivational Coach And I Didn’t Even Know It!

Last week I became a motivational coach and I didn’t even know it! I was asked a few months ago to give a presentation at local organization that helps women learn job skills and find jobs. The women’s backgrounds ranged from victims of domestic violence who are trying to start a new life for themselves to women who gave up careers in other countries to move to America and now have been out of the work force for over a decade. They receive interview clothing, computer classes attend many workshops to help them gain the skills they will need. Over the course of the six week program they are taught by heads of HR, CEO’s and now me…how could this be?

I was so pleasantly surprised when they asked me to teach a workshop on organizational skills. After telling them that I was not only a professional organizer but also a life coach, they told me to run with it and that I could turn my hour and a half slot into anything I wanted. I wrote and practiced everything I knew about organizing in an office but when the day arrived, I somehow transformed into a motivational coach.

I Know How To Be A Motivational Coach?

Seriously, who knew! I started the class with a brainstorming technique where all of the women would get into small groups and take exactly two minutes to write down everything they knew about being organized. They came up with many ideas I had not even thought to bring up which was great because now I had more to talk about.

As I ended the tips and tricks I had prepared on organization and answered their organizing questions I switched over to the second part I had planned…this was the part I was nervous about. I had written it just in case I ran out of time and honestly didn’t know if I would get to it. This part was entitled “tips and techniques for staying motivated at work.”

I had not introduced myself as a motivational coach so they probably didn’t realize what they were in store for. I explained to them tips for staying motivated like how to take 20 seconds every 20 minutes to recharge their brains. I explained to them that the brainstorming technique at the beginning of the workshop was actually a great tool whenever they are feeling stuck at work because forcing their brains to work in a limited amount of time would produce many ideas. Then my favorite part of all came, I was standing in front of a room of women, most, at least, twice my age and they were excited to be there, they were soaking it all in and they were asking lots of questions but I could tell they were still unsure that they had what it took to survive their new jobs.

So What Did This Motivational Coach Say?

I told them to be proud of themselves and that they deserved to be there, that they did have the answers inside of them and that someone already recognized that. I told them that if they weren’t the perfect person for the job they wouldn’t have been hired. I told them to write it on a hot pink post-it note and stick it to their desks.

Then, we celebrated them! I taught them the importance of celebrating themselves and of realizing what they have accomplished. I asked for some examples and LOVED one women’s answer. She said, “if I keep my files in order each week, then Friday night I’m having dessert!” All of the women thought this was fantastic and started to share their goals too.

So there I was in front of this room full of women, transforming myself just as much as they were. I became a motivational coach and i’m not gonna lie…I liked it. I received the feedback from my class yesterday and reading it almost brought me to tears. These incredible women, who are out their getting it done, took the the time to write their feedback and let me know that my class inspired them not only to stay organized but to celebrate and value themselves.

I never thought I would be a motivational coach, but after my first workshop I am passionate about adding it to my repertoire. I am proud of myself and I am definitely going to celebrate!

Since beginning Mentor Masterclass, I saw Coach Jey as a motivational coach. I did not however see myself as one. Motivational to my individual clients, yes, but motivational to a room full of women, not really. So now I want to hear from you, have you had a great experience motivating others? I would love to hear about it, please leave a comment!


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