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I Need My Multiple Personalities! The Hardest Part Of A Career As A Life Coach (Guest Post By Coach Terena)

October 7th, 2013 | no comments

I Need My Multiple Personalities! The Hardest Part Of A Career As A Life Coach

Death By Day Job

When I gave up my last proper day job, I was tired of so many things. I was tired of being physically tied to the office all day, I was tired of never having enough time to think and strategize, of always having to rush everything, of having to squeeze in time to concentrate in between endless meetings and deadlines.

I dreamt of the day when I would be my own boss, when I would control my time and work around the things that were important to me. I dreamt of being able to work out in the morning and call the shots on my day, taking a long lunch if I wanted to or working into the night. I imagined what it would be like to wake up every day and look forward to doing something I loved with every bone in my body.

I wondered if I had it in me to be disciplined and work from home. I worried that TV and life in general would be a distraction and get in the way. Even when I figured out that I wanted a career as a life coach I was concerned about the logistics, the computer-related stuff that I would have to get my head around, the prospecting, the website, the training, the list went on.

It’s Always Different To What You Expect – Discovering My Career As A Life Coach

All of those worries were unfounded. Not because I never worry about anything, but because I have found such discipline that even I am constantly surprised at myself. I feel alive and connected, my mind is constantly spinning and brainstorming but I also allow myself downtime and cherish the moments when I decide to exercise or read or just be, it’s so much more than just a career as a life coach.

I feel determined and have a constant rhythm propelling me forward. I believe in this like I have never believed in anything before. I even tackle internet and techy stuff, that 2 years ago I would have avoided like the plague, with joy and patience. I believe I was born to have a career as a Life Coach.

And yet there is one aspect that is difficult for me to get my head around in this career as a life coach. I am my business. At this point, I don’t have a team yet and well, it can be rather lonely. I feel connected in so many ways; with my clients, with my fellow coaches in Mentor Masterclass who provide amazing support and teach me great things. But there are some moments, especially when something has turned out not quite how I expected, where I really wish I could sit around a table with a few other people who would all agree that that we can do this.

Except there is no team. I am the owner, the manager, the creative, the accountant, the assistant, the researcher, the internet expert, the copy-writer, oh and the Life Coach!. Recently this has been overwhelming to me and I am shocked. And for while there I was completely stumped as to how to deal with this.

Multiple Personalities Come In Handy – I Have The Tools To Get Through This

There is so much learning going on in Mentor Masterclass I sometimes forget to use these tools in every area of my life too, in addition to my career as a life coach. It suddenly dawned on me that I need to allow my multiple personalities to come out and play.

We all have personality archetypes that we disowned at some point or don’t tap into as much because at some point in life we decided we were this way or that. When I got to thinking about what that dream team would say I realized that they all represented different archetypes and that their unique perspective was what I was craving.

So what was my solution to the loneliness and overwhelm of being the only member on my team? I played pretend!

I literally sat down and thought what each person would say to me, applying the tool learned in class. What would the gung-ho (warrior) member say about a specific situation? What would the quite but strong and wise (wizard) one say? What would my “friend” (lover) on the team say? Crazy as it may seem, I gave myself the support and pep talk I needed and best of all, it all came from within me! I had the tools I needed to get through this! Which actually has to be the best part of this career as a life coach

Let’s play the archetype game! I would love for you to share a problem you may be having in the comments here below so we can get creative!





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