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How Women Can Use The Phases of Your Cycle To Run Your Life Coaching Business With More Grace And Ease

April 24th, 2018 | no comments

I’m excited to meet up with you here for another Sneak Peek Week, where I share a look inside my all-in premium life coaching program, Mentor Masterclass.

I cannot wait to introduce you to today’s Mentor Masterclass guest mentor and teacher, Nicole Jardim. She’s a women’s hormonal health coach, writer, speaker and professional period-fixer.

Nicole’s groundbreaking work has been featured in MindBodyGreen, Yoganonymous, Female Entrepreneur Association, Bella Life, and many others. And she’s my go-to coach whenever I have questions about my body, my hormones, and my monthly cycles.

Nicole and I first met at a New York City wellness industry event. Over the years our friendship has grown and now we rely on each other for business advice – and of course she’s THE woman I rely on for anything to do with my hormones and natural health.

Between the ups and downs of pregnancy, becoming a new mom, breastfeeding (which I’m still doing – we’re down to just one feeding a day now), Nicole and her expertise are always there for me. More recently, Nicole has come through for me when my daughter and I both became very sick on our recent Disney Trip. I don’t know what I’d do without Nicole!

When it comes to any kind of natural remedies that improve my health, Nicole is a master at sharing it with me in a way that makes perfect sense. I’ve been amazed at everything I’ve learned from Nicole around how to sync my period with my business, and the women inside Mentor Masterclass feel the same way! It’s powerful, powerful stuff. (If you hurry, there are still some spots in Mentor Masterclass open to begin in May – click here to apply!)

And inside her own program, Fix Your Period, Nicole teaches that suffering related to your menstrual cycle is unnecessary and is not normal. It might be statistically normal, but it’s actually not the way your body was designed. Your symptoms point to an underlying hormonal imbalance, and they’re your body’s way of trying to tell you something is wrong.

Fix Your Period guides you through an easy step-by-step process to treat the root cause of your symptoms, so you can regain your sanity and have normal, healthy periods again – without pills or surgery. (Want to learn more about Nicole’s work and this powerful program? Just click here.)

For today, you’re going to love today’s sneak peek video where Nicole shares two simple steps you can start with today that will have a huge impact on your life and your business.

I know you’ll be as inspired as I was — click on the video below and come join me, sister!


In the sneak peek video, Nicole walks us through exactly how and why to track your period…and then what to do next. When we’re paying attention to what’s happening in our bodies, we’re able to accomplish huge things! Nicole even gives us tips for a sneaky little experiment we can tackle without anyone knowing…and trust me, it’s brilliant fun!

All my love,


P.S. Want to learn more about repairing your health and hormones with Nicole’s revolutionary program, Fix Your Period? Just click here.

Feeling called to learn more about Nicole’s training (and all our other celebrity coach mentors) inside Mentor Masterclass? Learn more about applying right here!


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