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How I Found A Community of Coaches (Guest Post by Coach Jordan Bloom)

August 13th, 2013 | no comments

How I Found A Community of Coaches

(Guest Post by Coach Jordan)

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Where to Begin!

A community of coaches is a must-have for anyone aspiring and training to become a life coach, business coach, relationship coach or any type of coach! When I first started thinking about becoming a life coach I had no idea where to begin. Not only did I not know where to start but I was nervous, and I mean NERVOUS. I didn’t know anyone that was a coach let alone someone I was close to. So, I set out to find communities of coaches who were all aiming for the same goal.

I expected to find a group of coaches, maybe fellow students in a class or a networking group somewhere near where I lived, but what I found was so much better. After researching and reading and getting more and more excited about becoming a coach, I stumbled upon Coach Jey’s website. I was completely intrigued by her RSVP method and was even more excited when I saw she had a Mentor Masterclass to train women to be life coaches.

I Was Hooked!

Up until finding Coach Jey’s class I had considered many other options such as week long courses, reading countless books or taking an impersonal online course, but nothing felt right. The one thing that was missing from all of this was a community of coaches, a group of people all going through the same experiences as I was.

Community is one of the most important things to me and I now feel like I have a true community of coaches, friends and strong empowered women to go to for advice, coaching or even just to share successes with.

A Community of Coaches for the Long Haul

I am only about a month and a half into my journey in Coach Jey’s Mentor Masterclass and I already feel like I can trust each and every woman in this community. I feel that I will have relationships with these women forever and we will continue to work together and support each other throughout our careers as coaches.

I will always have a place to go for sincere coaching advice, business advice or for a friendly ear. A community of coaches is a non-negotiable for someone looking to start their coaching journey. Coaching is all about connections and relationships, but not only with clients.

Every life coach should have a community to turn to, to hold them accountable and to help them achieve their goals with their business and their clients.

Have you found a community yet? If you haven’t, go searching for one or create your own. Find people to hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Know anyone who may find this post helpful? Please pass it along to them.





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