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How Choosing a Career in Science Lead Me To Become A Life Coach

May 27th, 2014 | no comments

Guest Blog Post By: Fernanda Lodeiro

When I made the decision at 18 to pursue a career in science, I had no idea it would lead me to become a life coach.

how a science career lead me to become a life coach

I grew up in a small town in rural area in Argentina. At that point there were only few careers as options. I was very clear about my deep desire to contribute, and to help people. I initially considered medicine but somehow there was in me already a Sherlock Holmes wanting to get deeper, digging, discovering mysteries, uncover what wasn’t apparent.

I eventually decided to pursue a career in Biochemistry, considering that I could do research after graduation. And I did. After graduating I pursued grad school researching molecular virology and later pursued a postdoc in the US studying mitochondrial biology. All that was a fascinating period. I was able to study how our beautiful body and mind work, how viruses carry on their infections and viral cycles and how we produce energy, the source to keep the show on. Super cool stuff!

how science lead me to become a life coachAs a scientist I also had the opportunity to elaborate hypothesis, test them and either prove, or disprove them, make new ones, and try to test them. I also interacted with lots of amazing people, professors, colleagues and students that I mentored. The last has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of being involved in science, mentoring.

There was a moment when I realized that my desire to help people was still unfulfilled. While I continue to work in science with the hope that I can make a meaningful contribution that can help people a part of me was urging me to get closer to people, to help them in another, more pragmatic way. I knew I had the ability to relate with people due to my many years of experience as a fitness instructor, but I wanted to work more one on one.

Over the last few years I had also enormously benefited from coaching. No matter how smart we are and how clear we are about our goals sometimes we have a “blind spot” where we loose perspective. With this in mind, and all my experience as a biochemist, I pursued training as a holistic health coach and later, when I heard about Mentor Masterclass, I had no doubts I had to answer that call, and began my training to become a life coach with Jeannine Yoder. I knew that combining the skills of life coaching and my skills as a mentor and a scientist I could help many amazing people. One of the things I love the most about my mentor and her approach is how she encourages every woman in the program to find that zone of genius. I had moments in which I was hesitant about jumping into a new area. However thanks to Jeannine’s mindful and brilliantly creative approach I was able to see where I can use my skills and add value to the people I serve. She shed light in my blind spot!

This experience has taught me how to bring this into my own coaching because everyone can get some extra clarity. As a coach I love to ask one of my favorite questions, Why? I also dig with my clients to see which theories there are holding to, where they come from, and whether they are worth keeping or we should go a test some new ones. We also do research, design steps to follow and celebrate the shifts, just like scientists!!! I can’t tell how fun this is, and how fulfilling is to see people gaining clarity, owning their dreams, designing steps and following through. In the other side I get to meet the inspired heroes they are meant to be. Love them!

My invitation to you is to take a moment and check in. Are there any repetitive experiences in your life that seem to have a common underlying trait? Could that be a theory you are holding on to? Is that theory serving you or you rather create a new one?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Have beautiful theories! Much love,

Guest Blogger, Fernanda


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