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Overcoming Your Fear as a Woman’s Coach Fear According to Sarah Jenks

January 6th, 2015 | 7 comments

Hello, fabulous loves!

If you’re just joining us this round, you’ve stumbled across my new show where we gather weekly in a circle of sisterhood. My mission is to bring you in-the-know solutions to support your woman’s coaching business and leadership. So you are the most masterful coach in town.

This week, I have something very, very special for you guys: a sneak peek into a Mentor Training from the Mentor Masterclass.

The Mentor Masterclass is the only all-women’s life coach training and business course, taught online, and over the phone, offering an intimate sisterhood and personal support from 12+ global leaders in the field (and yours truly!)

Over the last year, I’ve interviewed more than 24 thought leaders, to help female coaches learn from the best, launch their coaching business with ease, and step into the soul power of sisterhood.

Inside these high-level trainings, the Masterclass mentors reveal their secrets to walking their talk in real life, the tools and techniques they use with their clients, and how to prospect and market in a way that aligns with your vision of success.

So today, I want to give you a tasty little slice of the magical experience that is this training for coaches.

Sarah Jenks is the celebrity mentor teaching inside the Mentor Masterclass this month.

Sarah Jenks helps women who’ve been struggling with weight for years finally have a life and body they love (even if they’ve tried everything) by helping them create a life that’s a frickin’ blast so they no longer rely on food to make them happy.

Here’s a look at what Sarah had to say:

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During her full hour class, included for woman who join us in Mentor Masterclass, Sarah and I did a deep dive into the root cause of what makes some coaches want to give up: fear. Fear that there are too many women coaches, or they’re not good enough.

“The reality is,” Sarah says, “I believe that everyone could really benefit from having a coach. There are a lot of people in this country who do, so we really need as many as we can get.

And, as a female coach, you can only work with so many people – of course, everything is scalable, but there’s such a need for people in this area. The key to remember here is that you bring a completely unique talent, energy, and way of working with you to the table that nobody else has.

And that [originality] is a beautiful opportunity. Being a coach is a very rare career in which you get to be completely yourself…There’s a lot of room to play and bring your unique talent to the table. Because of that, there’s always space for you.”

Press play on the video above for the longer version. Plus, hearing Sarah speak is always just incredible!

Liked what you saw here? There’s so, so much more to come. Every month, I’ll bring you sneak peaks from the mentors inside Mentor Masterclass.

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And now, the circle of sisterhood begins! I have a question for you, dear reader.

What’s your biggest doubt holding you back from becoming a coach or truly stepping into your spotlight as a powerhouse coach?

And I’d love for you to share your responses in the comments below. Let’s get this convo going – you truly never know who you might inspire!

Until next week, my loves.

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7 people have commented
    • Melanie this was one of my favorite interviews and of all the 24 I did it’s the only one with a slight delay. But it’s worth it. Can’t wait to share the whole interview with you too. Are you planning to join Mentor Masterclass or get the Self Study? I don’t see you on my calendar for a consult yet. Let me know and look forward to going deeper with you sister. 🙂

  1. Thank you for this great (and very timely) Wake Up Wednesday! I literally awoke this morning feeling a deep, black cloud of fear over my bed doubting myself and what I want to create in the world. This was such a beautiful inspiration to be reminded that there is plenty of room out there for ALL of us to bring our own unique gifts to the table! And, I think the biggest takeaway from this sneak peak for me was that coaching, unlike so many other careers, allow us to completely be ourselves and do things in our own unique way. I suppose that could seem pretty obvious, but the way Jeannine and Sarah put it in this video really resonated with me in a whole new way. Again, thank you!

    • Aww Amanda I have had those days sister. And I’m so excited to hear the intention of this show is being felt. That’s why I call it Wake up Wednesday. Sometimes we need a simple and nurturing smack to help us snap out of it. Welcome back to your power sister. I feel you hear. I can’t wait to see you shining bright, bringing your unique essence and flavor into the world. Guaranteed there is a tribe waiting for you and I’m so thankful you’re here. Cheering you on!

  2. I am not a coach and though I think that the message that I have could be presented through a coaching program, I’m not sure how to go about it. I believe it would but I guess my biggest fear is that I wouldn’t be trusted to not try to get others to take on my perspective of things. I have a vital relationship with Jesus Christ who is the source of my power and truth. I want to help women in very real ways without being religious. I believe the church as a whole has poorly represented the unconditional love of God and repelled more people than attracting them to the truth of His love. I don’t want anyone to feel that I am trying to convert them but also do not want to shy away from being honest about my beliefs. Bottom line is that it is love that heals and God is love. I think that a coaching program can teach me how to help others learn to value and love themselves and others without religion or judgment and see Jesus as that source. I realize that there are those that would not be interested in hearing my message but I also believe that there are many that need to be freed from the bondages, guilt and condemnation that they have experienced within church walls falsely in the name of Jesus who did not come to condemn the world but to give it life. Giving a message that leaves room or choosing Jesus as the universal energy that exists in all things but not demanding it is what I desire to offer. After listening to the free Monday Mentor MasterClass I was able to apply what was shared in a real way with my beliefs that I have not found in the church but is very much needed for believers to embrace a life from their heart free to be loved and to love rather than from their religious minds.

    • Diane this is incredible. My favorite thing you shared here was ” Bottom line is that it is love that heals and God is love.”. I share this belief with you sister. I love what Sarah said in this video that there are women out there looking for years for someone who understands them and shared the same belief. I see that you are very clear about how you feel and I also see that you have deep awareness and consciousness of letting other decide what they believe and there path. I know there is a perfect way to express yourself so that women who are struggling with finding love, after finding it poorly represented in some religious constraints will be so thrilled to find you speaking out about this from universal truth. Please keep sharing and searching for ways to be an open vessel of the truth sister and thank you for the service you bring to the world. 🙂

      • Thank you or your encouraging reply and I am so looking forward to our one on one conversation. You have set my fears to rest about whether this was the program for me. I feel confident that it is and very excited about it. I believe God has made provision for me for it. Blessings!

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