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The Foundation That Every Successful Coaching Biz Needs with Jo-Ná Williams

November 4th, 2015 | 2 comments

Welcome back, love! It’s time for another Sneak Peek Week. I’m so glad you’re here, because today’s video features one of my faves: attorney and coach Jo-Ná Williams.

Jo-Ná’s career began 15 years ago as a background vocalist for independent artists. But she saw the dark side of business one day when she wasn’t credited or compensated for her work. Now she educates and protects creative business owners and entrepreneurs through her work as an attorney and coach specializing in business, branding, and marketing.

In today’s video, Jo-Ná talks about what you MUST do to set yourself up with a proper business foundation.

Especially if you’re a newer coach and business owner, a topic like this could sound a little intimidating, right? Not with Jo-Ná!

She’s dedicated her law practice and coaching career to standing up for–and empowering–creative entrepreneurs just like you!

Jo-Ná gets us. She understands exactly what we need in our business, and when. And she gets right to it with a priceless tip in today’s video sneak peek, where you’ll learn why it’s important to assemble a “financial dream team.”

You’re gonna love it!

And Jo-Ná has tons more to share inside the Mentor Masterclass.

She’s full of business and legal information that sets you up for success, and she shares her message with such passion and heart!

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But for now, make sure you check out Jo-Na’s legal wisdom.

Enjoy the sneak peek!



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2 people have commented
  1. I love Jo’Na’s enthusiasm for finances and the legal side of starting a coaching business. This is absolutely something that intimidates me, but hearing her speak and feeling her enthusiasm makes me want to jump into this and take the steps in my business to build my financial dream team. I’m stoked to learn more from Jo-Na this month!

  2. As a self employed person I’ve already felt the burn a few times when I don’t have things set up properly. Jo’Na’s advice is the SOUND foundation to protect yourself and to come across as a professional to your clients!

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