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How To Find Your Writing Alter Ego

December 20th, 2016 | no comments

You’ve probably heard lots of conflicting writing advice over the years, right?

Your teachers wanted you to write in a formal, academic way. Now as a new or aspiring life coach and business owner, you’ve probably been told it’s important to write the way you speak (which is a lot harder than it sounds!).

Which one is correct? Or is there another way entirely to connect to your tribe through your writing?

It’s a Sneak Peek edition of Wake Up Wednesday where I take you inside Mentor Masterclass so one of our featured mentors can share her wisdom, just like she does in my full-length, all-in life training course.

This week’s mentor is Isabel Foxen Duke, a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women make peace with their bodies so they can stop obsessing about food and get back to living awesome lives. What could be better than that?

After years of trying to overcome emotional eating through “traditional” and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their food issues once and for all. She’s changing the way women think about emotional eating, food in general, and their bodies from the ground up — not just by shifting the mindsets of individual clients, but by creating a greater cultural revolution.

Yep, she’s amazing! You’re going to love her.

And in today’s sneak peek, Isabel shares how she perfected her one-of-a-kind writing voice that helps her convert like crazy, sell out her programs, and connect instantly with women from around the world who need her expertise. Want to know how you can do it, too? PRESS PLAY below to get started!

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • The very first thing you should do if you’re trying to find your writing voice, but you’re feeling lost. (You can jump to the 0:14 point in the video to find out.)

  • What to do if you write differently than you speak. (0:45)

  • What it means to have a specific voice in your writing. It’s been key to Isabel’s success and she describes it perfectly! (1:39)

Isabel’s advice is so actionable, you’ll feel empowered to run over to your keyboard and get started connecting with your tribe in a way that feels natural. So PRESS PLAY above and soak in Isabel’s teachings.

All my love,

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