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7 Days of Soulful Practices to Help You Become A Successful Life Coach:

Do You Need Training to Become a Life Coach?

July 29th, 2019 | no comments

If you want to know what training it takes to become a life coach, this is part one of a 4-part podcast series, Become A Life Coach: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Grow a Successful Coaching Business + Clear Action Steps to Begin Today.

I’ve also written out everything you would want to know, related to answering your question: “Do you need training to become a life coach?”

Listen to the entire podcast episode and read all four parts here

Or, keep on reading as we dive into the question: “Do you need training to become a life coach?”

If we haven’t met, I’m Jeannine Yoder, creator and founder of the most personal, high-touch and soulful life coach training and certification program for women, Mentor Masterclass.  My free Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week, seven days of soulful practices to help you become a successful life coach, is one of the most popular free online coach training programs available to new and established coaches. 

There are four main questions every human who wants to know how to become a life coach must answer in order to know how to get started as a coach: 

  • What does a life coach do?

  • Do you need training to become a life coach? (The question we’ll be diving into today!)

  • How long does it take to become a life coach? 

  • How much do life coaches make? 

If you want to become a highly skilled, master-level coach, you’ll need training to become a coach that allows you to deepen into all the layers of coaching. There’s no set academic program for life coaches, but you want to be professionally trained in communication, counseling, goal-setting, developing the client-coach relationship, and teaching the techniques of the mind, soul, body and spirit. You aren’t going to be confident enough to hold space and call in paying clients if you don’t feel confident about your own skills and knowledge in learning how to coach and lead a coaching client session.

The best, fastest and surefire way to get legitimate training is to enroll in a life coach training school that uniquely satisfies your lifestyle. I’ll share with you how the training works for my signature life coach training program, and what kind of training I believe you need in order to be successful and how to make 6-figures or more, your first year becoming a coach. 

Do You Need Training to Become a Life Coach?

The Best Training To Become A Coach Will Teach You To Walk Your Talk

First of all, you need to get training to become a coach that will showcase how to walk your talk in order to make it through the first stage of learning anything. You don’t know what you don’t know about coaching and working with clients yet. When choosing a life coach training program you want to know that you are going to get intimate coaching and personal support building your business.

Getting thrown in a training program that has a basic model and doesn’t include mentor support is going to prove to be very challenging in meeting your unique needs. Going through this stage of walking your talk, where you take high-level, mastery level coaching techniques and learn them in a container where you have a coach and a trainer and mentor, help you learn exactly where you have your own blocks — and how life coaching techniques take you through a self-discovery and life-changing process. 

(Want to hear me chat about this now? Skip to the 27:13 point in the episode.)

As a result, your life is going to change. You’re going to become more confident. You’ll recognize that you can’t help others when you’re coming from a place of depletion.   This is what we focus on in week one of every month in my signature life coach training program for women, Mentor Masterclass. I cap the number of women in this program to 46, to ensure every student is getting personal attention and mentorship from me, the founder and creator of the program.  This is why my students graduate making great money as a coach and why many women come to me after spending thousands of dollars and coach training programs that did not teach them what life coaches do and how to make money as a life coach.

The Four Stages of Learning It Takes To Become A Trained Life Coach

Week 1: Unconscious Incompetence

In week one of every month in Mentor Masterclass, I use the theme of Reflect and Restore as I take my students through walking their talk. They go through this first stage of what’s called unconscious incompetence to recognize what they need to know to become a powerful coach as they use the coaching techniques they are learning in our monthly workbook on themselves first.   As a result their life transforms, they learn how the coaching techniques work and people in their lives are starting to feel captivated and interested in what they are doing and how they can help them to achieve these kinds of results too.

Week Two: Conscious Incompetence

In the second week of every month of the life coach training program, we get to the stage of learning called conscious incompetence. This is when my clients become aware of what you don’t know and you start actively learning it. I teach you how to be in a leadership role and start coaching as you step into the role of the coach. 

You practice real mastery level life coaching techniques with a woman in the program, stepping into a coaching session and feeling into where your gifts and talents are as you gain experience, clarity and confidence.  You start to learn how to take the tools you are learning out of a workbook and into an actual coaching session so that you memorize them and they become a part of your tool belt. 

Week Three: Discovering Your Unique Niche

At this point, I teach you how to discover your unique niche as a coach. And this is where all your training comes in.  You’ll practice your coaching live in class, receive my guidance and feedback to get clear on your gifts and talents as a coach, and receive supported feedback from the women training beside you.

(I explain this more at the 29:42 mark in the episode.)

If you don’t know what makes you special as a coach, you won’t stand out in the crowded coaching industry marketplace. 

Mentor Masterclass Life Coach Training helps you learn where you’re uniquely gifted as a coach. 

There are so many different types of coaches, including:

  • General life coaches

  • Life balance coaches

  • Health coaches

  • Executive coaches

  • Finance coaches

  • Relationship coaches

  • Intuitive coaches 

  • Impact coaches

  • Accountability coaches

  • Business coaches. 

  • Spiritual coaches

  • And so many more…

So really coaches work with all types of clients, from people who know what they want and are specifically looking for something, to those who want more general coaching. 

In week three, I help you focus on taking what you’ve accomplished and walking your talk and stepping into the role of the coach. You learn how to get paying clients as you move through the intricacies of what it takes to market yourself as a coach and discovery who you are uniquely qualified to work with.

Week Four: Unconscious Competence

At this point in training with me, you unconsciously know what to do as a coach. This fourth week is about embracing your feminine power as a woman. You have a unique gift with your intuition, your body, and your cycle your period — each month syncs with the moon. It gives you different energy levels and ways of running your business. 

We’ll dive into embracing your feminine power and reinvesting your energy into your coaching practice and building a model that really works for your life first, so you can embrace what it’s like to follow your calling.

The Exact Training You Need To Become a Life Coach: 12 Mastery Level Coaching Techniques All Trained Coaches Must Know

In Mentor Masterclass, I believe these 12 themes are the basic foundation for mastery level skills as a life coach.  In addition to NLP coaching techniques, in session skills, post session service skills, prospecting and marketing for business this is what I teach my students as part of their life coach certification: 

  • Goal Setting & Health Coaching. Health challenges are different for each client. For some it may be nutrition, for some it may be exercise, and for others it may be specific physical illness. But regardless of each client’s individual needs, our job as coaches is to serve by helping them replace unhealthy patterns with healthy ones. This month we focus on teaching people how to create new patterns of self care so they can feel healthy, clean, energized, organized, unstuck, and motivated. You’ll learn and work with 37 tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to help your clients take new actions, get new results, and shift their beliefs about their choices, their bodies, and their health.

  • Relationship Coaching. The longest relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship with yourself. Which means you’ll start this month as an opportunity to nurture a deeper understanding of your attitudes, actions, motivations, needs, and responses to life. Next you’ll look at intimate relationships, which can spark a range of emotions and experiences ranging from our greatest fears of loss, to our deepest feelings of connection and passions for existence – or anywhere in between You’ll learn 75 new tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to help your clients in different phases of romantic relationship. From finding the perfect mate, to nurturing and strengthening an existing relationship, to letting go and healing after a breakup.

  • Inner and Outer Game Techniques. Managing our inner game means managing the thoughts and internal conversations we have with ourselves. When we manage our inner game we have the power to re-shape our language patterns, our beliefs, and even our physiology and physical sensations. Which means inner game techniques are another powerful set of tools we can use for ourselves and our clients. Managing our outer game is related. It means learning a set of tools and techniques that help you change the world around you – your “outside” world. Knowing how to have a positive impact on your outer world is empowering. Having the skills to help clients change their outer world is rewarding – for both them and you. You’ll learn and work with 61 tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to help clients bring about life-changing results in their internal states and their external world.

  • Massive Action. An effective action coach gets people to take the actions necessary to achieve the results they want. When you’re great at action coaching, it means you’re nearly guaranteed of being an effective coach because you help your clients actually do something different to change their lives for the better. Action coaching is based in accountability – starting with yourself first, and then for your clients. You’ll learn and work with 23 tools, techniques, and conversation models that help you get your clients out of their old patterns and excuses, and into new, effective actions that lead to new, positive results.

  • Career Coaching & Coaching Entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how to coach clients who need help with professional challenges. From entrepreneurs and start-up business owners, to home-based business owners, to clients who are going through a career transition. Since one third of our entire adult lives will be spent at work, career coaching is an extremely important and in-demand specialty. You’ll learn and work with 51 tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to help clients achieve their business goals, find solutions to struggles at work, and take the actions they need to find or create their dream job.

  • Identity & Accountability Coaching. Our identity is shaped by the roles we play in different situations. These roles often mirror our beliefs about ourselves. The good news is that we have the power – in every single moment – to play different roles, leading to different outcomes, which help us shape new beliefs. (Sound familiar?) You’ll learn and work with 15 new tools, techniques, and conversation models that give you the power to help your clients get honest about their beliefs so they can change the roles they’re playing, and ultimately get different results in their lives.

  • Create Your Own Coaching Model. The RSVP model is also an effective way to help your clients get the results they’re looking for. This month we go deeper into the background of this model, and how to apply it to your coaching practice in new ways. Since I created the RSVP model myself, I’ll also share the steps I used so you can follow them yourself if you feel called to create your own coaching method. You’ll learn and work with 16 tools, techniques, and conversation models that build on the RSVP process. That way, you’ll have the power to help your clients Restore their potential, Simplify their lives, Verify their beliefs, and step into their Power.

  • Metaphor & Archetype Coaching. Great coaches find effective ways to help clients let go of old patterns and habits that are no longer in their best interest. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to offer clients new frames of reference and models to substitute for the troublesome ones. We get a little “woo woo.” You’ll learn about working with goddesses and how to coach from a “soul mission” approach. (It’s OK if you want to skip this part too! This is a safe space to do what’s right for you.) You’ll learn and work with 13 new tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to help your clients break free from their limiting patterns and create new patterns that fill them with hope, optimism, and excitement for the future.

  • The Keys to Motivation. At a core level, much of our behavior is motivated by the avoidance of pain or the seeking of pleasure – or a combination of the two. Which means that as coaches we’re most effective when we have tools that help our clients uncover their true motivations. You’ll learn and work with 12 tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to shine a light on what’s really driving your clients. Uncovering these deep motivations can be a powerful force that helps clients start making more conscious choices about their attitudes and behaviors, ultimately leading to better results in their lives.

  • Life Purpose. One of our deepest longings is to discover a purpose that brings meaning and fulfillment to our lives. There are three stages of life purpose, and this month you’ll learn what they are and how to coach clients along their unique path to finding and living their unique calling. You’ll learn and work with 15 tools, techniques, and conversation models that give you the power to help clients uncover their life purpose, craft a purpose statement they can use as daily guidance, and start to envision (and act on!) what it means to live their true calling.

  • Time Management and Productivity. There is a secret to ALL fast results. There are also distinct ways to understand time and its relationship to productivity. These tools allow us to create time freedom, financial abundance, and results in our lives that we’re proud to celebrate. As coaches we can help our clients create these things for themselves too. You’ll learn and work with 22 time and productivity tools that empower you to make better use of your time and get more of the satisfying results and outcomes you desire. Mastering these tools means you’ll have another set of skills to share with clients as well.

  • Power & Leadership Coaching. We all have access to the same sources of power in our lives, regardless of our individual circumstances. When we learn how to access these sources of power, we begin to live our lives with feminine authority. As coaches, once we understand and tap into these sources of power for ourselves, we’re able to help clients do the same. We’ll be embracing and working with 18 tools, techniques, and methods to help your clients re-shape their beliefs at the deepest levels so they can take new actions, leading to new results – living the fullest reflection of an empowered life.

On top of all this, there’s a prospecting workbook that walks you through everything about the new client intake process, how to have an application and assessment to bring your clients in, and training to really understand leadership skills. 

You’ll know what to do before a session, during a session and after a session, and what a coaching strategy session will look like when you graduate Mentor Masterclass. You’ll come to deeply understand the exact questions to ask, conversation models to use, and how to follow up with clients post-session. We’ll also dive into leadership skills, debate techniques, leadership, managerial skills, as well as emotional leadership for yourself, your clients, and your business. 

(I explain this all at the 32:56 point in the episode.)

The training you need to become a successful life coach must teach you all of this and also must walk you through how to prospect for clients, what to do during a prospecting session, the order of prospecting, and following up. You’ll master what to say, how to build rapport with clients, pricing, defining your niche, and coaching skills for inside your session in Mentor Masterclass. 

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn — there are actually many more essential skills that I cover in Mentor Masterclass! 

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And now that we’re connected, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own and you don’t have to power through the next steps to becoming a life coach. You’re about to learn what all the women inside Mentor Masterclass have already discovered, if you are willing to take the next step. 

To fully understand the power of my signature coach training process you have to experience it for yourself. So go ahead and sign up for my free training. I’ll send you your first video for my 7-day free Self Discovery Week training and teach you the four distinct steps you need to take in order to start your coaching business today.

I hope to go through the self-discovery week with you! You can also subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay connected, receive free weekly resources, and to get access to the next podcast episode in this series! 

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