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Core Beliefs That Hold Us Back With Lisa Fabrega

March 1st, 2016 | 3 comments

Hello, Love! It’s time for another sneak peek episode of Wake Up Wednesday, where I give you a look inside some of the full-length trainings from my life coach and business course, Mentor Masterclass.

Today, we’re featuring the unstoppable Lisa Fabrega.

She’s a life detox coach, a truth-speaker, and a writer. She works with women who want to detox everything in their lives that holds them back from living their purpose.

In today’s video sneak peek, Lisa teaches us about what it really means to hold onto core beliefs that actually hold us back, and why the work we do as coaches is so damn important as we help people embody their full potential and live more fulfilling lives. (She even works with not one, but two coaches of her own!)


You may have seen Lisa on CNN, The Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! News, the Associated Press, and more.

Lisa says: “I think that if everybody in the world had a coach, that everyone would be living their potential. I think that coaching is SO intensely important.”

Lisa also shares the 3 points she gives her clients to help them overcome any limiting core beliefs that they’re holding onto.

This is some seriously inspirational stuff! If you’ve been looking for a little motivational boost today, this is exactly what you need.

And don’t forget: the sisterhood experience happens in the comments! So let me know:

Do you have any core beliefs that might be holding you back?

Share it with us in the comments below!

Until next week, Love!



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3 people have commented
  1. I appreciate the encouragement for tribe and what is available through Mentor Masterclass. I went through the Holiday Challenge and desire to be part of this program. I haven’t been able to join as of yet because of finances but my desire has only increased while waiting for the appointed time. I have been learning as much as I can from different sources on the internet spending 8-14 hours a day on my own but I know that it isn’t the same quality that I will get when I’m able to be part of the Mentor Masterclass. I get inundated with so many emails and info and so much time is spent deciphering what and who to listen to. It can at times be overwhelming. During the challenge I felt that each step built my confidence and had me feeling better about myself and taught me to really take care of myself. Jey’s guide to a morning ritual was life- changing for me and I am so looking forward to beginning class with all the other coaches as well. Thank you Jey for your generosity is sharing and your loving encouragement.

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