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7 Days of Soulful Practices to Help You Become A Successful Life Coach:

Conquer Fear by Stepping Into Your FIERCE with Erin Stutland

September 2nd, 2015 | no comments

Today’s interview is a powerful one all about conquering fear, stepping into your awesome power, and letting your message fly free in front of thousands.

Our special Sneak Peek guest mentor today is none other than the extraordinary Erin Stutland.

Erin is a coach, fitness professional, and AFAA-certified instructor. She is also the creator of the popular workout program, Shrink Session. She’s been featured on top-rated shows like The Today Show and The Dr. Oz Show. And, her fitness program has appeared in Glamour Magazine, Hello Giggles, and

Erin is also an exciting new mentor inside the full-length coach training program, Mentor Masterclass. But today, she’s here to help you find the confidence to step forward and conquer the fears that may hold you back from major success.

What makes Erin’s work so awesome is that it focuses on what happens inside, mentally and emotionally, when you start to attract more readers, fans, and clients with your words, programs, and ideas.

Because, the reality is, soulful success isn’t all meditation and vision boards. Sometimes you have to tap into your inner fierce energy and rev yourself up to take the stage!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In her full-length interview inside Mentor Masterclass, Erin talks all about what it really takes to be willing to grow and expand your business, while holding space for more and more clients.

It’s a really beautiful interview. And it’s just one of a whole bundle of 24+ celebrity coach trainings you can explore inside my Virtual Self-Study Mentor Masterclass.

Click here to learn more and get access to these incredible trainings that can help YOU take your coaching business to the next level, and beyond.

But first, I’ll let Erin share this little sample of her wisdom with you. She’s a genius at explaining the internal shifts we need to take so we can be willing to receive the success we’re looking for.

Watch today’s video and go be fearless, fabulous sisters!

‘Til next time,


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