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What If Your Client Isn’t “Getting Better”? Nisha Moodley Shares What To Do

May 16th, 2017 | no comments

If we’ve been hanging out for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about my dear friend, mentor, and soul sister Nisha Moodley. You may remember Brent and I leaving our home here in Connecticut for two months to escape the winter, shift our routine and enjoy the time and location freedom we’ve created.

This year we traveled the coast of California and completed our journey with a trip to see Nisha and Noah in Utah and meet her baby boy, Raven. We had so much fun connecting as mommies and enjoying the Summit community.

Over the past five years I’ve traveled across the U.S and to Peru, Bali and Costa Rica with Nisha. We’ve had super high highs and really challenging lows. We’ve held each other when we’re feeling on top of the world and when, despite all advice and resources, life is just feeling hard. We’ve transitioned with a willingness to be open and present, honoring every emotional response as valid.

I’m so honored to have Nisha as a celebrity mentor in my life coaching course, Mentor Masterclass. She deeply believes that when a woman feels truly free in her life, it expands her capacity to make a massive difference in the world, and she equips the ladies in the program with practical tools to become truly sought-after life coaches.

Today is Sneak Peek week on Wake Up Wednesday, where you’ll go behind the scenes of Mentor Masterclass while you feel into some of Nisha’s experience and wisdom.

Nisha’s sharing how to handle it like a pro when your client doesn’t seem to be improving – instead, she’s going through a tough emotional time when everything’s not okay. What can you possibly do as a coach in a situation like this?

PRESS PLAY on the video below and learn straight from Nisha the best ways to make your client sessions hugely successful, even when your client is going through a very tough time.


In today’s video, you’ll learn:

  • The MOST important thing Nisha’s learned about working with clients. (Jump to the 0:24 point in the video.)

  • What made Nisha feel like she was a failure as a new coach. (0:50)

  • Why you might be unintentionally dishonoring your client’s journey, and what to do instead. (1:37)

  • How to “hold a frame” for your clients, and what this really means. (2:40)

  • The ways your client’s mindset can change when you let her know that it’s okay if life sucks sometimes! (3:25)

  • Nisha’s insight on bringing a session to a close on a positive note when your client is upset or emotional – this is huge! (4:27)

To see the rest of Nisha’s training, along with all the other celebrity mentors in my all-in premium life coaching course, Mentor Masterclass, click here to apply. I can’t wait to read your application and learn more about you and your journey. Come join us, sister!

All my love,


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