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7 Days of Soulful Practices to Help You Become A Successful Life Coach:

How to build beautiful emotional connections with your brand.

May 6th, 2015 | no comments

Welcome to another episode of Wake Up Wednesday – it’s Sneak Peek week!

I’m so glad you’re joining us, because this week’s video features one of the most brilliant and joyful people I know: Michelle Goldblum.

Today, Michelle dives into what it really means to walk your talk with your brand.

She also unveils the secrets of consciously crafting an authentic experience that speaks to your readers and potential clients on a deeply emotional level and keeps them coming back for more.

I’m thrilled that Michelle is also a core mentor inside my signature coach training program, Mentor Masterclass.

Her contribution to the program is extremely unique because she comes from the advertising world, rather than the coaching world.

She left behind a successful career in pharmaceutical advertising and started her own soulful business as a brand strategist for experts and coaches in the wellness and mind-body industry.

Inside Mentor Masterclass, Michelle teaches coaches how to embody what it means to “be” their brand. This helps coaches (and coaches-in-training!) fully embrace who they are, so that they can start living the essence of their own brand identity and serve their clients with authenticity.

Adored what Michelle had to say? Catching yourself craving more of that killer smile?

You can access her full interview NOW inside the Mentor Masterclass Virtual Self Study Celebrity Series.

Haven’t heard of the self-study yet? It features 24+ game-changing interviews from industry celebs you know and love, Michelle included. They’re dishing up all their best wisdom and savvy know-how to help YOU take your work to the next level (and beyond).

But before you go, remember: in the grand scheme of digital business, good, authentic branding truly is everything. It establishes trust, attracts the right people to you, and helps you put more of your incredible message out there on the global stage.

Your brand truly is meant to be a celebration of your gifts and keep your tribe coming back again and again.

So check out what Michelle has to say, and think about how you can create experiences in your business that come from the heart and start a ripple effect you can be proud of.


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