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She Boldly Asked This Question About Becoming a Life Coach in Mentor Masterclass

January 16th, 2018 | no comments

The number of times we lose ourselves and find ourselves in a lifetime is no joke. Forget a lifetime! It happens every year, once a day, maybe even several times in an hour.  

Then there are those rare moments when you are neither lost nor found, but meet the subtle beauty of who you truly are and why you’re here.

I had this moment today as my pink pen moved across the gold glittered celebration note I was writing for a woman who just enrolled in the Mentor Masterclass life coach training and 2018 sisterhood.

Earlier I held an intimate sister circle over the phone for 8 women who have questions about joining my signature program.  

I love these consultation circles. Intimacy is one of my core values and life priorities.

One woman asked (her tone a bit sharp, heart boldly guarded, her approach “all business”):

“Give me the sales pitch on the difference between Mentor Masterclass and IPEC”

I love this question. AND…I love Active Listening (one basic NLP coaching technique we learn in Mentor Masterclass).

Every trained life coach learns the art of active listening. A person’s tone tells you almost everything you need to know to build rapport. Her words will directly influence which coaching models, techniques and strategies you need to use in order to guide her to her highest potential.  

I shared with her that she’s not going to get a sales pitch from me and I’d be happy to tell her the raw truth. With a sharp, bold-hearted, all-business approach, I met her with the answer to her question.

When a woman meets me with an open heart and asks what separates Mentor Masterclass from every other life coach training and why we purposely chose to create our own certification instead of using ICF this is the vision I share:

Every mentor in Mentor Masterclass is a woman each student invests time and energy getting to know. They’re each chosen as a mirror for the many business models that work, so their students learn to be a trailblazers, building the foundation of their businesses with soul alignment.

Because the founder and creator works closely with every woman herself, each year she’s an expert in pinpointing the challenges and trends that each student experiences as she goes through the course.

The workbooks are updated to include new research, changing markets and to meet the needs of each unique circle of women. Every woman fills out an application, which the founder/creator reads, so she can curate circles of like-minded, empowered women. She knows how important it is for each woman to match the vibration and growth edge this sisterhood needs to achieve its greatest potential.

She uses her favorite pink pen to write as she holds you in her heart. Her excitement, love and soul wisdom fills a gold studded card she and her two year old daughter picked out just for you at the local craft store near her home. She slips it into a welcome box handmade for you with magic items and brilliant resources that have supported hundreds of women around the world in becoming financially free and pursuing their soul calling. This box of items directly influenced her own success and mastery as a feminine thought leader.

She knows your name, she meets with you live, voice-to-voice, heart-to-heart every week, every month, through each learning curve and moment of struggle in your first year of building your coaching business. She knows the beliefs and aha’s of your partner and your mom as you deep-dive into the monthly workbooks, apply the coaching tools to yourself and then practice to become a mastery-level coach.  

She sees your home and maybe even waves at your children when you meet on video each month in sister circle to receive spotlight coaching. She holds you accountable when you feel tired, overwhelmed or scared. She celebrates with you when your devotions turn into tangible success, finally achieved. She learns your patterns, guides you to learn receptivity through sisterhood and holds a vision of the woman you’re becoming when you’re sharing your messiest secrets and truths.  

She knows mastery-level technique and business training are important. Almost as important as self-care every day as you discover your unique niche and place in a booming industry.

Because she walks beside you, she’ll reflect back to you your unique zone of genius as a coach. And she’ll guide you to put the puzzle pieces of your multi passionate interests and skills together to craft your unique brand and coaching methods. When it’s time for you to graduate and transition to the next phase of your business, she’ll become a soul sister and friend. You will forever be connected in an expanding VIP network of women who carry the Mentor Masterclass certification and high-level reputation of feminine leadership and coaching mastery.

When I share this vision I remember who I am and why I have devoted my life to sisterhood and coaching mastery. When I relive this vision I remember what I’ve been divinely guided to create to support the next generation of thought leaders. Mentor Masterclass is sacred, it has a soul mission of its own, and it has taught me how to serve women in becoming highly sought-after coaches, speakers, writers, and leaders.

Mentor Masterclass is a high touch training.  You will be seen, you will be heard, you will be coached, you will be connected.  There is no hiding.  The connection, the mentorship and the sisterhood is real.  There are very few high touch, mastery level trainings that include this kind of structure and value.

If you have a question about how to achieve Dream Business Clarity in your life coaching business, I have an answer. Most importantly, I’m devoted to intimate support and I’m here for you.

You are oh-so-warmly invited to join me for an interactive, sisters-only Dream Business Clarity Q&A call. Ask me anything you desire to know about my experience building a multi-six-figure coaching business, my signature training program Mentor Masterclass and how to get clear on YOUR dream business.  

All you have to do is click here to register for the call.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve reviewed so many incredible applications as $6,000 worth of FREE enrollment bonuses comes to a close on January 25th! We’re anticipating a completely full program for 2018, so it’s really important that you create the space to be with me live to feel into whether this year is the perfect time for you to take the training.

If you have thought “maybe I’ll join the program later”, if you don’t apply now, get accepted, join the waitlist and place your enrollment, that may not be an option.  

So if something’s been holding you back from submitting your application and joining us for this year’s amazing Mentor Masterclass, you absolutely must join me for this Q&A call. I’ll be answering questions I’ve read in the applications we’ve been reviewing. I’m also inviting you to ask yours, live on the line!

I’m holding space for you, and all your gifts and greatness on the horizon.

So many amazing things unfold when we choose self-love. Can you feel that magic starting to manifest, in those excited flutters in your heart? I can.

Here are the details for the Dream Business Clarity LIVE Q&A call with me:

When: Sunday, January 21st at 7pm EST

Do This: Click here to register right now for your call info!

There are only 75 spaces for this live call.  So register now.

I’m so excited to jump on the phone with you all – because I know what a heart-centered challenge it can be to take a leap like this, and say YES to your dream life.

I know you’ve got questions. Big questions, like:

* What was your (Coach Jey’s) background? How did you know you would be a life coach? How long did it take you to start seeing true income?

* I would love to know how you came to find your own life calling and what it is that inspires you about the work you are currently doing?

* Would I finish the course with a qualification/ certification?

* Are there payment plans?

* I know there are wild success stories.  But do you have stats on successful or failure of coaching businesses that took your class?  What are stats for class success in gaining a profitable business.  What are stats of less than stellar class clients? I guess I am curious of success rate per class in general.

* Will you teach me more about creating content and how to charge for my work?

*How did you tell your friends and family what you were going to do (life coaching)? How did they take it, and how did you take their reaction?

* When did you start charging?

* I’d be interested to know how other students with full-time jobs and busy lives have got on with Mentor Masterclass?

* Are there any students in the UK or Europe?

* Is there a retreat? If so, when? How do I start?

* Is this a program for building a coaching practice from the ground up?

* How do I get a better sense of how to use my personality and my voice in my coaching? How do I bring who I am on the daily into my style when I speak to clients?

* What is the community and content of Mentor Masterclass really like?

NOTE: If you have any additional questions about Mentor Masterclass that aren’t listed here, feel free to submit ahead of time by emailing Sharon at I’ll be answering questions for as long as time permits.

Here’s the link again to register for the Q&A with me!

I cannot wait to hear what you’ve got to ask!

All my love,


P.S. If you’re thinking about joining Mentor Masterclass this year, there’s still time to take advantage of special holiday challenge bonuses (like my Magic Box!) if you enroll before January 25th! I’ll tell you all about it on the Q&A call – see you there!

If you have a money story that is holding you back from investing in yourself and receiving the support you need to launch your dream business, you can listen to a live workshop I led last week for free here. On the next page you’ll get access to the replay, more information about getting certified as a life coach through Mentor Masterclass and how to apply.

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