terena barajasWho Are You and Who Do You Coach?

My name is Terena Barajas.

I am a half-Greek, half-Colombian Life Coach & EFT Miracle Worker who coaches single men and women who are in a love rut and can’t see their own way out.


Why Did You Join Mentor MasterClass (MM) and When?

I joined MM in May 2013 and it’s the best decision I have made to this day. I was ready to not only learn tools but to be challenged, supported and coached through my own baggage in order to be the best coach I can be.

What is 1 Thing You Love About Mentor MasterClass?

I love that MM goes way beyond teaching us to coach – I believe that working through our own blind spots is part and parcel of being a coach and I can’t imagine it being done better than in MM or in a more supportive and nurturing environment.

What is 1 Thing That Is Special About You?

I have always had an incredible ability to zone in on what’s really going on underneath people’s excuses and BS. Now that I’m a coach, I can actually say so!

How Can People Get In Touch With You?

Website www.terenabarajas.com

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TerenaBarajasLifeCoaching

Twitter @terenabarajas