Mariska AndersonWho Are You and Who Do You Coach?

I’m Mariska Anderson and I live in beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand most of the time, but often I’m in upstate New York.
I help and support badass women and men, who are sick of accepting mediocrity.  Who are ready to take a huge next step, a big leap, a massive risk perhaps, to make their goals and dreams a reality.

Why Did You Join Mentor MasterClass (MM) and When?

I joined MM in March, in order to have coaching support on a massive scale for myself, and to learn amazing tools from Jeannine and the other coaches in order to help my clients the best way I can.

What is 1 Thing You Love About Mentor MasterClass?

I absolutely love the sisterhood of MM.  Each of the amazing women in this group are supportive, caring, strong and whip-smart.  It’s great to be a part of such a brilliant team – any of our clients are ensured the very best, because we all get the very best from each other in terms of support and super-smart advice.

What is 1 Thing That Is Special About You?

I suppose a fairly unique thing about me, is that I won’t be coaching clients all that much in October and November each year, because it’s big game hunting season.  I’m kidding, of course I’ll still make time for my awesome clients!  I do hunt though, with a bow, and can be found freezing in a tree stand during most of these months.

How Can People Get In Touch With You?

You are welcome to find me on
Or you can contact me even more directly using my email address: 
I look forward to meeting as many lion-hearts and explorers as possible!!