Fernanda Lodeiro

Fernanda Lodeiro

Who Are You and Who Do You Coach?

My name is Fernanda Lodeiro.

I’m a PhD, holistic health coach and life coach living in Happy Valley, in Bellefonte, PA.

I coach people that want to live bold and pursue their most deep dreams. I coach them to identify goals, challenges and how to overcome them. I teach them to implement changes aligned with self care and to create meaningful transformation from the inside out.

Why Did You Join Mentor MasterClass (MM) and When?

I joined MMC in February 2014 to further my coaching skills.

What is 1 Thing You Love About Mentor MasterClass?

The holistic, spiritual approach.

What is 1 Thing That Is Special About You?

I’m a mitochondriac. I’m really conscious about caring about our power houses, I start my work targeting the ‘inside’ because if you have energy you can achieve anything! Let’s make the force be with you ; -)

How Can People Get In Touch With You?