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A Young Life Coach Embraces Moving And Fights Off Rabbid Dust Bunnies (Guest Post by Coach Alisha)

August 27th, 2013 | no comments

A Young Life Coach Embraces Moving And Fights Off Rabbid Dust Bunnies (Guest Post by Coach Alisha)


Change can be scary, but when we let go of the old, we clear space for new and amazing things to move in!

It’s Moving Time!

Alright, So let’s get one thing straight. I hate moving. I am a nest-er, I like to put my pictures on the wall, make my apartment feel cozy and welcoming, declare it my sanctuary. I claim my space and then stay as long as possible before I have to move again.

And yet here I am, quickly approaching my two year mark after moving from New York to Los Angeles and I am packing again. Albeit, I am VERY excited to be moving in with my lovely boyfriend that doesn’t change the fact that I am running head first into my hatred for packing and moving.

So what on Earth does this have to do with becoming a young fabulous life coach you ask? Well, for one thing I have realized that while I do still consider myself quite young and spry, I think I have officially reached the age where one of two things needs to happen. Either I need to start obsessively doing Pilates to strengthen my core as fast as humanly possible OR (and this is the more likely option) I need to invest in a back brace for lifting heavy boxes. Sigh. True story. But, I digress.


Back to the young fabulous life coach and embracing moving like a champ!

I had a realization today as I was organizing and packing and listening to the re-play of the Mentor Master Class with Coach Jey. A bit of an “ah-ha! moment” if you will, as I was moving things around and dust bunnies came rolling out from behind my dresser. I started thinking about what movement does in our lives, physical movement and emotional/psychological movement as well.

I tend to be a fairly clean and generally organized person, there is room for improvement of course but I’m no slob. As I was being attacked by dust bunnies and papers and other things that I had let slide I realized, moving is just like life! And those times in life when change is thrust upon you!

We can go through life living as though everything is just fine on the surface until something big comes along and shakes all of those dust bunnies out from under a shelf. It is at these moments that we can choose to organize and deal with those parts of our lives that we have let slide OR we can stuff it all in a box and then push it to the back of our closet, but sooner or later you will have to deal with it.

Just like when you move and you catch yourself thinking “Where did all of this s**t come from??!!” When a major life event happens all of those messy not so pleasant emotions will surface and you may catch yourself thinking “Where did all of this s**t come from??!!


Take a Deep Breath!

It is at times like this, that its super important to take a breath, dig deep down inside ourselves and move forward.

Clean up the dust bunnies, file those pesky papers away, let go of the sweater you haven’t worn in 4 years or let yourself have a good cry, hit a pillow, write a sad poem etc. Whatever the emotional or physical dust bunnies may be it is important to take the time to embrace the change that shook them out of hiding and clean them up.

Life can be messy, and movement and change can mess things up even further. So when your best efforts to keep things clean and tidy fall to the way side it is of the utmost importance to treat yourself with kindness and take small steps to take care of the mess. Because if the movement or change didn’t happen all of that stuff would fester.

Change can be scary, but when we let go of the old we clear space for new and amazing things to move in.

And every once in a while it is a good thing to go to battle with those rabbit dust bunnies because, well, can you imagine how bad it would be if you didn’t?

What is your experience with embracing or running from change and the upheaval that comes with it? Share below, we have a nice tidy little comment section right at the bottom of this page, a dust bunny free zone, I promise.






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