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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to be a Young Life Coach (Guest Post by Coach Jordan Bloom)

August 5th, 2013 | no comments

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to be

a Young Life Coach!

(Guest Post by Coach Jordan Bloom)

Do you feel like you’re being held back because you’re too young?

When starting out as a young life coach you face looks and hear comments and you know exactly what they mean. People say you’re too young, you haven’t lived enough to coach others or you just don’t have the right to be giving advice to clients that may be older than you. This sounds outrageous to me!

This happens in so many job fields because people believe life or work experience is what will make you successful. Yes, experience is definitely a big factor but it’s your heart that really matters and you can make the experience happen!

Keep reading to find out my number one tip for getting experience later in this post!

If you believe you are a strong person who can help others by motivating them and holding them accountable AND you are willing to work hard, then you can do it.

So stop listening to all the haters and check out these 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to be a young life coach.


1. You can help those in the same boat.

Young life coaches can help young clients in a way that an older coach may not be able to. You are or have recently been in the same position and you know what its like.

One of the things I love most about studying at Mentor Masterclass and with Coach Jey is that we are all close in age and we understand and we relate to each other on so many levels.

Everyone goes through the trials and tribulations of being young and finding their true passions, but a HUGE part of these experiences depends on your generation.

Your advice is much needed and will be well received by those who are having similar experiences. So don’t be afraid, there are people out there who need your guidance….no matter how old you are!

2. You get your whole life to do what you love.

Who could disagree that that’s not awesome?! You figured out what you want to do at a young age and that is truly wonderful!

As a young life coach you now have you’re entire life to coach, help others, and become the best coach you can be. You got a head start and you should be proud!


3. Help the haters.

The people out their that tell you you are too young to be a life coach don’t have anything against young coaches, it wouldn’t matter if you were a doctor, a lawyer or a construction worker, they would say you were too young.

It’s not that they think you can’t handle the job, in actuality they see your passion and that you strive to create your own business and don’t think you have earned it yet—but you have.

You earned it by having a dream and by doing everything you can to make it happen. Help these haters stop hating! Offer them a free coaching session to show them how much you really rock at it.

4. Age is just a number in the world of young life coaches.

Your compassion for others and willingness to hold others accountable is something that comes from inside and this is what will make you successful. Age is just a number and keep in mind that there is someone out there twice your age that doesn’t have the drive and love that you have inside of you.

Be proud of yourself that you have chosen a path to help others and spread happiness!


5. You get to grow your own business now!

What a great thing! You get to start out young, create a business you love, work for yourself and make your own business decisions.

You’re not participating in the daily shuffle and grind of all of your peers, you know what you want and you are going after it. You have as long as you need to build your site, practice with clients and become financially successful.


You may be young, but you are awesome!

You know what you want and you are making it happen!


Still wondering how to get the experience to actually be a young life coach? The most important thing I am learning (aside from SO many other cool tools) from studying with Coach Jey and Mentor Masterclass is…..PRACTICE!

And Practice means… work for free!

Send out a message to everyone on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets and let them know you have ten open spots for free sessions.

The experience will begin to flow in naturally and you will be on your way to paying clients no matter how old you are.

Now that you’ve ditched your fears, try my number one tip for getting coaching experience!

Send out a message to everyone on Facebook and Twitter and then come back and let us know how many responses you got. I can’t wait to hear from you!





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