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3 Simple Steps to Getting Out of Your Own Way (Guest Post By Coach Alisha)

September 30th, 2013 | no comments

3 Simple Steps to Getting Out of Your Own Way

(Guest Post By Coach Alisha)


What do you bring to the table when you feel like things in your own life are a bit of a mess?

How can you help someone when it feels like you have little to no direction of your own?

Is it necessary to have everything wrapped up in a nice pretty package with a pretty little bow in order to life coach someone?

These are just a few of the questions that have been playing on repeat in my head as I reach the half way mark of my training with Mentor Master Class.

But lets be honest here, everyone has times of transition, turmoil, and upheaval in their lives and that does not disqualify them from being a person with a good deal to contribute. In fact, it is in those challenging times that I have found that I have learned the most and end up looking back on that difficult times with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

So what next?

What do you do when you have embarked on a new path and you feel a little (or a lot!) unsure about your capability to succeed?



I know I know, this simple concept of drawing attention to your breath seems to be the self help world’s answer to everything, but there is a reason for that!

It’s simple, our breath draws us into the PRESENT moment and most of our drama that we get wrapped up in is not in the present moment. Sometimes our drama brings us into the past, or sometime in the future.

But by simply finding a quiet space and focusing all of your attention on the inhale and exhale you have NO choice but to be in the now.



No, I do not mean this is a good time to quiz your best friend!

What I mean is, if you are caught up in a negative self talk spiral ask yourself this very simple question:

Would I talk this way to my best friend?

If the answer is no then take a moment and think about the advice you would give your best friend. You would never, well I certainly hope that you would never, kick a friend while she is down. You would instead offer her support and kindness and love. That is what I suggest you do for yourself. Replace that self critical thought with a statement of support, one that you would offer to your dearest friend.



When we find ourselves stuck in transition or wondering what we have to contribute, it is most important that we just give something.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, help a friend move, take a foster dog into your home, pick up trash on the sidewalk. Make some sort of a contribution no matter how big or small. And in doing so you will quickly see that you always have something to give. And having it all together is not a prerequisite.


So, here’s the thing.

My life is not perfect. Some parts are pretty much a big old pile of yuck right now. However, other parts are amazing. But that is life!

There are very few times when every single facet of our lives sits in a perfect balance. That is why monks chant for hours on end, why yogis meditate, why the self help section in books stores is so big, why people do any number of things to attain that mysterious mistress named “Balance”.

We are all here and we are all trying our best .

We all have something to give, to teach, to share.

And that is what is so beautiful about life!

To be a life coach or to be of service to another person,the first thing we have to do is to simply be willing. It is that simple.


It is within that willingness to give of yourself that a divine feeling of purpose will start to expose itself to you.

Sometimes it will all seem so crystal clear and other times it will seem as clear as mud! But that is all part of the process.

Living and learning is messy and that is ok. It absolutely does not disqualify you from offering your services or guidance to another person. In fact, I think it makes you MORE qualified! It means that you are out there living your life and taking risks or as Coach Jey says “Playing Full Out.”

So, I encourage you to put yourself out there, to offer whatever you can give and not disqualify yourself from anything because you are not a perfect human being. No one is perfect and honestly… perfection is just plain boring.

When are some times in your life when you have felt a bit like a mess but you stepped outside of yourself and gave anyway? I want to know how it went? What did you learn? Feel free to leave a comment below…you know you want to.




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