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The #1 reason you are probably stuck in your Life Coaching business

September 16th, 2014 | 1 comment

By Guest Blogger: Terena Barajas

Before it ever crossed my mind to set up my own Life Coaching business, I always day-dreamed of being my own boss, and many of those day-dreams were about beautiful websites, business cards and the like.

I am an extremely visual person and so always believed that aesthetics played a huge role in attracting the right kind of attention. I still do. Nothing like a beautiful book cover or website to get me drooling over the product. I confess, I have on occasion made purchases based way too much on that factor alone.

Now in my own Life Coaching business, it’s a very exciting part. Designing DIY cards, when I picked out the colors for my website, watching it all come together.

For a good amount of time I was happy with it all. I kept saying, and still believe that it´s not worth the money to hire someone to do something expensive and fancy when you first go live. That as your business grows you get the really valuable insight that will allow you to then create something much more specific, to invest in something that really represents your values and brand.

When a Life Coaching business grinds to a halt

But then I got stuck. I started to see a wave of really beautiful, simple websites and product pages that were so appealing. That, combined with a product launch that didn’t go as expected had me feeling disappointed and determined that if only my site was better, my newsletter emails had the perfect picture and signature, everything else would fall into place.

And so I started to obsess. It became all about the site.

“When I change my site”

“If my site looked better”

“If I went back to mailchimp and made my emails pretty again”

Bla, bla, bla.

I know I’m not alone in this. I know first-hand how much worry and concern goes into this aspect of anyone´s business.

Getting back to basics

Here´s what I’ve been hearing but not paying enough attention to until now.

It doesn’t matter.

That´s right. Your site does not matter. At least not this much.

All that energy you are spending worrying about it, hiring people you can´t yet afford, channel that into your message.

Because when people really need something its more about the message and not about the package.

Lets do that one more time for extra oomph, because I know you´ve heard it before but you´re still not paying attention (it took me ages to really get this).

It’s about the message, not the packaging.

You can have the most amazing, professional site out there but if people aren’t connecting to what you are saying, it’s not worth a cent and your Life Coaching business will not be able to flourish.

If you are spending more time on the packaging, no matter what your line of business is, you are taking time away from doing what you should be doing, connecting with your clients and creating and fine-tuning products.

If your message is in sync with what your client needs, and you are offering something that can answer their need or problem, you website design and layout do not matter.

Don’t believe me? Check out the sites of some of the successful coaches who aren’t Marie Forleo or Danielle Laporte. Are they all perfection? Nope. That hasn’t stopped them.

So I´m done. No website redesign just now for me. I got majorly side-tracked there, but it`s ok. I get it now. So I’m working on the copy. On writing. And I know that as my business grows, there will be a better time for a makeover. I understand that in order for it to grow I need to spend time making that happen.

What have you been obsessing over that can wait? Share with me in the comments below!

By Guest Blogger: Terena Barajas

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  1. Great Read Terena! I’d say I was caught up in putting myself out there but felt not to because I didn’t have a clear direction of where I was taking people. I had all these great things I wanted to say but felt like a crazy just throwing it out for people to see. I’ve gotten clear about the message, realized that even though I’m in a “niche” I can still discuss and cover a lot , mapped out the next year (again) and now I feel more confident to really be visible in my life and business. Thank you! ❤️

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