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7 Days of Soulful Practices to Help You Become A Successful Life Coach

Theresa Delano

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Theresa Delano

“ I have become more visible to my ideal clients. I get ideal clients signing up to my list daily. “

Signing up to become a member of Mentor Masterclass was a no-brainer for me. I already had quite a bit of basic coaching experience. The biggest obstacle was that I was experiencing a major shift that I needed guidance in. I felt there was no better way to get guidance than entering a community of coaches who were on a similar journey as me. I put my nose in the workbook and started getting clients right away!

I have two training experiences that stand out above the rest. The life purpose exercise has really helped build clarity around what my soul’s purpose is. It has allowed me to align my actions with my purpose.

Another featured that I loved is during one class Jeannine set intentions for each member of the group. We were able to picture each person stepping into his or her own intention. The beauty of Masterclass is that each and every person in the groups wants to see overall success in their classmates lives. We practice the celebration technique on a regular basis and make sure each woman recognizes her strengths.

Each of the coaches in our group are at different stages in the program but each person has something powerful to bring to the table. We have formed a family of coaches who band together in hard times and celebrate in each success. The most delightful thing is that I have a new family to call my own!

1) I have become more visible to my ideal clients. I get ideal clients signing up to my list daily.

2) I have learned to open my listening ears to hear the true problem that people are telling me. I avoid giving excuses and have learned to hold myself accountable in many different areas.

3) I now have a full toolbelt of techniques I can pull out at any time during a coaching session, or even just when helping myself out of a situation.

Anyone who is looking to strengthen her coaching skills, this program is for you! If you are not looking to become a coach but you are looking to do something big in life, this class will give you the tools you need to get yourself out of any rut and expand your horizons. One promise I can make to you is even if you only do 1/4th of the work you will experience a huge shift.

If you are expecting a magic pill this may not be the right class for you. The course provides so much value and to get the best results you have to do some work. I encourage you to make the time to go through each step.

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