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Terena Barajas

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Terena Barajas

“Life Coaching is not just about my clients it’s about loving and taking care of myself (Jeannine includes this in the course assignments) I love that.”

I overcame my confusion about how to become a life coach, my fear of making the wrong decision and feeling like I had to go with a more well-known or “official” training program by trusting my instinct and Jeannine.  I applied, got on a call with Jey and I instantly felt that this program would offer so much more than just coaching tools and techniques. It was absolutely worth the investment not only am I getting trained with Life Coaching skills, I have found a family that understands what I am going through and that offers unconditional support.  This is the only life coach training program I found with a soul.

Jeannine´s intuitive and strong leadership and the group´s support and sense of community has blown me away. I have no other Life Coaches in my life and even though my family is very supportive it can be hard sometimes and to have a group that is there no matter has been the most powerful experience.

1. Jeannine not only teaches us how to use tools for our clients but also for ourselves. I’ve learned Life Coaching is not just about my clients it is about me, loving myself, taking care of myself and Jeannine includes this in the course assignments and I love that.  She holds me accountable for working out, meditating, and all sorts of other things that enable me to be the best coach and person I can be.

2. I have gotten clearer on my vision of the future, aspects of my coaching business and of my life in general. Overall I feel and am much happier.

3. I have seen it is possible to support other people without envy or nasty competitiveness. This group is a testament to that and that has impacted my life and affected my behavior with others.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming a Life Coach for sure. I now look at the other courses I was considering taking on and feel that they have no soul, that I would not be making this kind of change, these connections, living the joy of this kind of community.

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