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Sirena Bernal

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Sirena Bernal

“Your work with Jeannine will empower and equip you to become a first class leader and change-maker within your community.”

Upon hearing Jey’s personal journey and her call into becoming a life coach, I felt deeply inspired and in awe of her accomplishments. I strongly feel that her story and background is one of the reasons why she is such a powerful and effective coach – not only is she able to navigate the emotional realm with grace and beauty, but she has a way of teaching her students how to understand complex ideas and feelings with ease and compassion while also integrating them into their life.

Jey has a remarkable talent of manifesting her desires, and this is something that I have personally worked with her on in developing this skill into my own life and business.

Jey has pushed me to dig deeper, to feel deeper, and to love deeper. She has taught me how to ask the right – clear and specific – questions so that I can get a clear and specific answer. This tool has been invaluable to my personal and spiritual growth.

I find it much easier now to distinguish between my ego and my intuition, something I always struggled with when making important decisions. Jey shared with me a couple of specific techniques that helped me identify between my ego voice and my intuitive voice. Knowing this alone is worth all my time with her.

If you are a coach (or interested in becoming one) with a desire to step into your own spotlight and to have a positive and profound impact on the world, Jey is your girl. Your work with her will empower and equip you to become a first class leader and change-maker within your community.

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