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Leah Grant

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Leah Grant

Enrolling in Mentor Masterclass has taught me so much about my own limiting beliefs and fears, but more importantly, it has given me the tools, strength of self, and confidence to face them. Coach Jey’s ability to bring together amazing individuals that provide encouragement and create a safe environment so that I may share my feelings and trepidations make the class stand out. Being able to work with such powerful and beautiful people, all interested in learning the tools and skills to reach out and help others in their own resolve to discover their life’s purpose, has been so eye opening. You not only get to work with Coach Jey, but receiving touching counsel from people all over the country.

I was initially afraid of the physical distance between everyone but have been blown away by the spiritual connection and energy we share while in class and as a group regardless of our physical locations.

I have benefited greatly by both listening and sharing during class, realizing how similar everyone’s experiences are despite the physical distance and ages differences. The desire to speak freely and openly about life’s challenges and willingness to accept our life’s purpose to serve others has brought us all together. I have become more open to the process of looking back in order to move forward, realizing we can gain knowledge about ourselves from our past experiences in order to make ourselves stand up stronger in the face of future challenges. I now make a practice of regularly evaluating my current position to see if it is inline with my core values. I speak with confidence and clarity when I share my feelings with other, feeling more in tune with their meaning than before. I believe Mentor Masterclass can teach us all to be more patient, peaceful, happy people. Everyone in the world deserves to find peace of mind and that contented feeling of understanding one’s life purpose. Mentor Masterclass offers that to people who seek to find more fulfillment and direction in life. It offers an open and safe environment for participants to dig deeper and ask challenging questions of themselves.

Everyone finds some way of discovering their purpose and connecting in life, whether it be through religion, psychology, family, The Enneagram, a job; but most importantly is that we find something. Working with Coach Jey and studying the RSVP method could be that for you.

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