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Kamari Guthri

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Kamari Guthri

“I am now so much more deeply connected and in tune with who I am and where I stand in my life and purpose.”

I had never before invested in myself, and I didn’t know how to do something for myself – particularly BUY something – that would help me in the long term. I only knew about purchasing for immediate gratification. So, my fear of the unknown was a huge roadblock but I pushed through it and invested in Mentor Masterclass.

I was blown away by the meditations that Coach Jey opens each class with. While I’d always tried to meditate on my own, she enabled me to see how important and impactful it is to truly clear your mind and find the empty place within you — the place where your focus and power lies. Tapping into that place truly helped me connect more closely with my authentic self.

The sisterhood of Mentor Masterclass is certainly delightful! Being surrounded by women who are encouraging, careful, purposeful, respectful and respectable has opened me up to friendships that mean far more than superficial relationships we often find in strangers. It was a breath of fresh air to walk into a “classroom” and feel completely supported and held throughout my journey.

As a result of Mentor Masterclass:

I am now so much more deeply connected and in tune with who I am and where I stand in my life and purpose

I recognize the power of sisterhood now, of being supportive and supported by genuine and powerful women. And I want to continue these types of relationships in my life.

My dedication to a larger purpose has now become clear, and for that I am eternally grateful. This class has been the guide that’s walked me up to the front door of my purpose and given me the courage to open that door. I would have never identified this gift within myself had it not been for the class.

I would absolutely recommend Mentor Masterclass – not only to those pursuing a life coaching career but also to people looking to gain a better understanding of themselves, their challenges, their roadblocks and their perspective. Anyone can benefit from this class if they’re truly seeking to unlock doors that have been locked in their life.

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