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Jessika Baptist

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Jessika Baptist

“The things that we are learning should be taught as early as possible and to as many people as possible.”

I thought that I wouldn’t have enough money or time to attend the class.

I overcame it by working extra and really committing to the belief that I can do this and can be successful if I truly want it to be that way.

It is well worth the investment because of the things we’re learning; these are life skills that desperately need to be expressed in the world. Not to mention the fact that the program is training us to do what we do best while helping others do the same. Everyone wins.

The feature that blows my mind is our ability to connect from different areas of the world, the live Monday Morning classes and our experience coaching each other.

The biggest surprise and heartfelt delight I’ve experienced is realizing that there are other people in this world that want the same things I do and there’s nothing wrong with it. I love knowing that I have a group of coaches by my side, fighting the good fight for good reasons. It’s amazing to be reminded of this each time we interact.

My take on the world has shifted, the way I show up and the way I go about my business has definitely changed. Since taking on the class I’ve realized the need to let go of some of my obstacles once and for all.

I would definitely recommend the class to anyone seeking to gain more fulfillment or a career in self help such as authors, coaches, etc. I would also recommend it to anyone who deals in the service industries such as doctors and honestly, The Board of Education. The things that we are learning should be taught as early as possible and to as many people as possible.

This would only enhance the quality of living for us all.

It’s really a great resource that can be used in your life regardless of where you find yourself. No matter what you do with the training, it will improve you and help you to be the best version of you possible. Don’t sleep on this opportunity if its calling you; it will only haunt you until you sign up.

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