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Cara Viana, Sisterhood Mastermind Testimonial

I was so excited that the Sisterhood Mastermind had such great structure.  What really delighted me was that Coach Jey gave us guided meditations, advice from experts in the field, lessons on goddesses and how to live a feminine life as a professional, and she even gave us business coaching!  It really is everything I needed all in one program! I was expecting to have to work with 3 or more coaches to get everything I need, and here Jey created a program that provides it all and more!

The sisterhood Mastermind was a place to express myself vulnerably with NO judgement. It also helped me create a more feminine way of being and viewing my life which I LOVE.  Lastly, Jey opened my eyes to many powerful principles and teachers that I have also benefited from and I am happy to report that the growth just continues.

I would recommend The Sisterhood Mastermind to inspiring, passionate women who are READY to BENFIT from authentic connection, because a group like SM can really support you in sharing your message with the world.  

I just can’t say enough positive things about this program!


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