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Bailey Heard

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Bailey Heard

“Jeannine was affordable yet the quality of her material was priceless”

I didn’t think I could afford life coach training. Jeannine was affordable yet the quality of her material was priceless. Jeannine helped build my confidence to take my coaching business from a dream to a reality.

Jeannine is such a wealth of knowledge. She is committed to her own self improvement and she shares all the tools and tips she learns generously.

Coach Jey is intuitive and great at getting to the root of the issue. She guides me to a place that creates the truth of the matter and inspires growth and change in my life.

Jeannine has helped build my confidence by pointing out my strengths as a coach, she’s genuine and sincere in telling the class her step by step process of how she turned a hobby into a lucrative career and she shares all of the tools, resources that helped her get started.

I would recommend Coach Jey because she truly cares about her clients growth and progress. Her intuition helped guide me to my true genius as a life coach.  Mentor Masterclass is the real deal.

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