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Ava Adinolfi

December 24th, 2013 | Comments Off on Ava Adinolfi

“I am in love with the community of sisterhood and support that comes with this class.”

I evaluated my self-limiting beliefs and then I looked at my money and came up with a budget so that I could join Mentor Masterclass and it was 100% worth the investment.  It was worth the investment because it was an investment in me.  It was an investment into realizing my dreams and there was no other option than to take the plunge!

Being able to connect with Coach Jey and everyone on the calls is such a heart centering experience.  You are put in the hot seat, which is scary but there is so much compassion from everyone that you can’t help but feel safe at the same time.

I am in love with the community of sisterhood and support that comes with this class.  Even if you can’t join all of the calls there is always this strong sense of belonging and compassion that is felt.

I am more motivated than ever to live my life’s passion and get my business up and running.  Using the pain and pleasure model that Jeannine taught me has really helped facilitate this motivation.

I would recommend Mentor Masterclass to any women feeling called to serve others through life coaching but maybe feel a little hesitant because of fear or even lack of support. Coach Jey really gives you the tools that you need to build your business and you have a great community to be there for you when things get scary.

I want everyone to know that Mentor Masterclass is not just a class that you show up for 3 Mondays a month but that it is happening all the time. Jeannine and the rest of the band are all there for you at any given time and will do what they can to help you succeed!

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