The Sisterhood Mastermind: A Call with Kate Northrup

I’m excited to share this conversation with you sisters.  Enjoy the call and when you are done let’s support Kate and sign up for her upcoming workshop.  Link’s and more info below….

 Click here to listen!

On May 9th, 12th and 15th, Kate will be releasing a 3-part video workshop called The Sustainable Success Workshop to teach women entrepreneurs, who also happen to be mothers, how to create a sustainable and successful business.

It’s a FREE series that will discuss some of the concepts of OriginTM that we talk about in the live call with Kate. This is the support Kate mentions desiring from us in the call as well. Please use this unique link to sign up and share the call so Kate knows that we have all come to support her from Mentor Masterclass and The Sisterhood Mastermind.  

During this powerful FREE Sustainable Success 3-part video workshop you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re perfectly wired to thrive in business as a mother despite what the culture has told you

  • Why time management is ironically a waste of time and what to focus on instead to master your schedule and melt overwhelm (no more burn-out!)

  • How to strategically plan your business and life to reach peak productivity and minimize stress (getting you the results you desire!)

You’ve received a behind the scenes lesson and conversation on some of these topics already, with Kate, so you are ahead of the game. If you want to join a larger group of women in exploring these new concepts, sign up here.